November 23: Anchors away

The core question is not who the new anchors for Israel Television are, it is why have anchors altogether?

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Anchors away Sir, - The core question is not who the new anchors for Israel Television are, it is why have anchors altogether? The "news" parts of TV news broadcasts should not be marketed by a permanent host, but, rather, presented by matter-of-fact, anonymous background voices clarifying relevant video news images. Not seeing a regular anchor would reduce the "selling" of the news by news "celebrities." In contrast, unlike the news presenters, news commentators or analysts, whose function is to express a professional assessment - i.e., opinion - should be both seen and heard. When opinions are expressed on a TV news broadcast, a red "caveat" dot should flash at the top of the screen to warn the viewer that he is being exposed to opinion and not news reporting. ("The changing face(s) of Israeli TV news," Calev Ben-David, November 16.) REUBEN FREEMAN Tekoa Trekking & helping Sir, - Re "Everyone needs a challenge" (UpFront, Saul Singer, November 9): The Alyn riders have been a spur to other outdoor folk, whose physical efforts provide for many fine causes. Next week we shall be out in the Ramon Crater on our fourth annual walkathon in aid of Melabev. Trekking some easy and other more challenging hiking trails, all of our hikers will thrill to the supreme, majestic winter landscape of the Negev. Melabev has nine day centers providing professionally supervised and innovative therapies for the elderly with Alzheimer's symptoms. On average they are well into their 80s and one-third of them are Holocaust survivors. Melabev also operates a home care program for those who cannot attend the centers - including a unique home hospice, with the support of the UJA-Federation of New York; in all, Melabev serves over 350 families each year. The family caregivers, who carry the brunt of Alzheimer's disease when it strikes a loved one, are offered guidance, counseling and support groups in Hebrew or English. The goal is to forestall institutionalization, and a study conducted by the National Insurance Institute a few years ago confirmed the beneficial results. The "Don't Forget Us" Walkathon is the largest fundraising event of the year organized by the Friends of Melabev to help special projects for the impaired elderly. The 4th Annual Walk will take place Tuesday-Thursday, November 27-29. A supplementary mini-Walk was held in Beit El last week, and a Treadmill Walkathon took place this week. Some 100 men and women are participating in these Walkathons this year. Like the Alyn riders, they will be taking steps that benefit their own health, enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds, and, at the same time, helping a local charity fund that depends on private support. HARVEY CHESTERMAN BONNIE SEGEL Co-Chairmen Melabev Walkathon Jerusalem