November 6: Psychlogical shift

For Israel to go back to the 1967 borders would be suicidal. We saw what happend when we left Lebanon.

letters good 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters good 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Psychological shift Sir, - Tony Blair feels Israel needs a "psychological shift" in dealing with the Palestinians. Yet it is the Palestinians who do not want to show that they would like to live in peace with their Jewish neighbor. It is they who do the demanding, feeling they have the right to flood Israel with millions of people who are not even genuine refugees. For Israel to go back to the 1967 borders would be suicidal. We saw what happened when we left Lebanon: a terrorist army, backed by Iran, took control of the area. We have not yet got over last summer's war with these terrorists. We saw what happened when we disengaged from Gaza. A terrorist entity, also backed by Iran, took control there. Rockets and mortars are continually fired into Israeli population centers and terrorist attacks are attempted every day. To come out of Judea and Samaria would be ludicrous, as we would be inviting a terrorist entity to take control there as well. It too would be backed by Iran, and we would witness rockets and mortars fired on all our major cities and towns. Tony Blair needs a psychological shift, along with George Bush. Both are on an ego trip, eager to get their names in the history books as peacemakers ("Blair urges Israel to make 'psychological shift,' but is not certain Abbas can deliver," November 5). STEPHANIE TAYLOR Ginot Shomron Olmert's 'bride' Sir, - In his speech to the Saban Forum, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said: "Under the existing circumstances, we have a partner." This is exactly what Frankenstein says in the comic film Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein's Bride. Only here in Israel we do not think of our lives and the future of the country as a farce ("Olmert hopes for peace breakthrough before Bush steps down," November 5). YONATAN SILVERMAN Beit Shemesh Sir, - Zion and Jerusalem are for the Jews. Mecca and Medina are for the Muslims. This is God's will. Don't divide Jerusalem or give away God's land to anyone! STUART MINSKY Tampa, Florida Sir, - The Palestinian Authority wants the contemplated peace conference to produce a timeline. Not a bad idea. Might I suggest the following: 1. One day after the conference ends, all terrorist activities against Israel cease. 2. Two weeks after the conference ends, all Israeli soldiers held prisoner by the Arabs are returned safely. 3. One month after the conference ends, all negative propaganda against Israel is eliminated from the Arab educational system and media. If the PA agrees to this timeline, maybe we can listen to the timeline they have in mind. MENACHEM RAAB Jerusalem Let me correct you Sir, - John Lalor of Dublin shows abysmal ignorance ("Feting criminals," Letters, November 5). He asks, "Indeed, is it not Leftists who often fete and romanticize murderers and violent criminals, granting them early release and privileges? The answer to this is NO. Leftists did not make a hero of the murderer Baruch Goldstein, and Leftists did not call for the murderer Yigal Amir's sentence to be reduced. Rightists did. John Lalor is invited to examine the facts. RUTH RIGBI Israel Association of University Women Jerusalem Anti-gloom protection Sir, - I was appalled to read your headline about gas-masks "Most Israelis to remain unprotected until end of decade" (November 1). I am old enough to remember the Battle of Britain and the supreme importance of civilian morale. The journalists of that period decided, of their own free will, not to publish information which could have a negative influence and give encouragement to the enemy. As a result of this responsible behavior morale remained high. Had the papers adopted a policy of publishing every item of news available, the battle would have been lost. It is no use arguing that war conditions prevailed then, and we are now at peace. Everyone with discernment can see that the peace is superficial and we must consider ourselves as being at war. It is a psychological war with a clearly defined enemy, and should be treated as such. CYRIL DOMB Jerusalem It's about experience Sir, - Having read the article on four-year-old Marla Olmstead, I have to reply ("Scrutinizing a child prodigy," November 5). If the child in fact did produce the works mentioned, what was left out was that these are, in essence, "self-indulgent" works. The painters mentioned in the article, Rothko, Pollock and, of course, the "New York school," came from their experience. The key word here is experience - who they were, where they had been, and in what direction they were choosing to take their art. As an artist of over 45 years, I can tell you that "No, your kid could not paint that." Abstract art, and especially abstract expressionism, has been maligned for many years. I am an abstract expressionist painter, and I chose to do that after many years of representational painting. It was an direct outgrowth of my experience (that word again). Perhaps Ms. Olmstead has talent. Let us see some drawings, then. If not, "let the buyer beware." MICHAEL PATCHEN Netanya Narrow world of the Israeli viewer Sir, - HOT consumers can't watch CNN anymore ("HOT cuts ties with CNN - ahead of schedule," November 2), and the general lack of interest in this matter really disturbs me. HOT president David Kaminitz believes that he can get up in the morning and cancel channels and, on the other hand, demand extra fees without considering his consumers. Well, it seems HOT is right. It knows why it continues with its monopolistic conduct. The Israeli consumer hears and sees everything, but wags his tail like an obedient dog in response to whatever his media provider gives him. This, together with the ignorant approach of many Israelis - that CNN broadcasting should be stopped because it's a "leftist channel" - leads consumers to a situation of total helplessness against HOT. None of the consumer organizations, which are supposed to fight these kinds of issues when the public can't, have taken action, nor published any comment. They have chosen an apathetic and cowardly approach and justified it by saying this is a business conflict they have no intention of interfering in. This issue has exposed the narrow cultural world of the Israeli consumer, and we have to take responsibility for what our television has become. GIDEON LANIR Ramat Efal Lost in transition Sir, - Re "Rare bird is sighted in Jerusalem" (November 5): First of all, thanks for the article. But, please, my name is Shai and not Shay, as you wrote, and in the fall birds migrate south to the warmth and not north to the cold. The thrush was flying south from Asian Russia to the Indian subcontinent, not the other way around, and lost its way. SHAI AGMON Jerusalem Bird Observatory Jerusalem Sir, - I'm very happy with the sighting of a rare bird in Jerusalem, but I would be much happier with the spotting of a true-peace dove. M.M. VAN ZUIDEN Jerusalem