Goldstone’s regrets are too little, too late

The judge cannot be released from his personal responsibility for a totally wrong and vicious description of what really happened in Gaza. His vague statement is a poor attempt to cleanse his conscience.

Judge Richard Goldstone (photo credit: Reuters)
Judge Richard Goldstone
(photo credit: Reuters)
Recent events in Gaza, where dozens of long-range missiles have beenlaunched at our cities, hit innocent civilians and prevented ourcitizens from continuing with their routine activities, cannot betolerated. The State of Israel cannot but take the necessary measuresin order to bring this to an immediate end.
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ThePalestinian terror organizations’ pattern of behavior is a repetitionof what happened toward the end of December 2008, when they launched acomprehensive attack, of over 60 missiles daily, on the Israelicivilian population in the southern part of the country.
As the prime minister of Israel, I had no choice but to take decisiveaction against the terror organizations in Gaza in order to put an endto the attacks against our civilians. This was an inevitablemanifestation of the responsibility of my government. I am sure thatthe current government faces the same dilemma and will reach a similarconclusion.
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