'I smell Madrid all over again'

Did America really think we could go to Babylon and not get bitten?

king abdullah (photo credit: AP)
king abdullah
(photo credit: AP)
President George W. Bush is scheduled to attend Jordan's summit on Iraq along with Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. His host, King Abdullah, seems to have already articulated Arab demands, warning that the Middle East is facing a crisis with Palestine territories, Lebanon, and Iraq at the brink of civil war. "We could possibly imagine going into 2007 and having three civil wars on our hands," Abdullah said on ABC's "This Week" program Sunday. "I keep saying Palestine is the core. It is linked to the extent of what's going on in Iraq." Abdullah said restating the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is his top priority because the "emotional impact" of the problem "can be translated to the insecurity and frustrations throughout the Middle East and the Arab world." Moderate Abdullah revealed the core problem, an ideological war in which an Arab world hates Israel and really believes that Jews are the root of all problems. But even more revealing is that Israel is the Little Satan in their eyes, and America, the crusaders, is the Great Satan. It appears the turkey carving is going to be extended beyond Thanksgiving. Once again, Israel will be forced to pay the appeasement bill for Arab rage with more land. Don't distort the reality of the global jihadist, because everyone knows that a Zionist crusader conspiracy is behind all Arab problems, anyway. In October 1991, Israel was dragged kicking and screaming to the Middle East peace conference in Madrid. It was their reward for not retaliating as Saddam's 39 Scuds rained down upon the Bible land during the first Persian Gulf War; and, the US froze the $10-billion loan guarantee, which was money to help absorb Russian Jewish refuges. Having covered the summit and being the first journalist to address secretary of state James Baker, I smell Madrid all over again. Do I not recall a similar summit in Jordan after the last Persian Gulf War to launch the road map for peace? Iraq is indeed a mess, but then why should anyone be surprised? Iraq was established as the central 911 front on the war on terror. (Oh I forgot; it's not a world-war against Islamic fascists.) Terrorism must be fought in Iraq without chaos. (I did it again; terrorists are militia and insurgents, words that were coined by Daniel Webster to define America revolutionary fighters like George Washington, Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.) We don't want to offend Muslims by admitting that Muslims are killing us. When I said on 9-11 that it was Islamic al-Qaida terrorist in the planes, the network station said, "You cannot say that." so I said, "Okay, maybe it is Pygmies, Eskimos, and Tahitians. JIMMY CARTER paid $7.9 billion to get the hostages back, but not until Iran was certain they had achieved their political objective…444 days of humiliation, and then, releasing the hostages the day of the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. If they were willing to gamble the farm on a California cowboy, you can be sure they will do their best to give us a two-year ride on the back of the protracted terror tiger in Iraq, at least until Hillary takes the oath of office. Let's not forget it's all about stalling for time until they can make the grand announcement, "We have the Bomb." Syria and Iran have been the jihadist traffic controllers in and out of Iraq, so you can be sure they will have seats of honor at the appeasement party. To give the terrorist cartel an invitation to the VIP summit to help with stability and democracy in Iraq is the theater of the absurd. Why should anyone be shocked at chaos? The US gave Syria one billion dollars for showing support at the first Persian Gulf War. You can be sure the prize will be much higher to slow down the tide of body bags in Iraq. Israel was never allowed to fight a war against terror with the P.A. Every time they tried, the US ran to the rescue of the billionaire Noble Peace Prize winner and godfather of World Terror, Yasser Arafat. Texas "T" ruled the day, not moral clarity. It all began when Israel was forced out of Lebanon by US liberals. What's wrong with killing terrorists in Iraq, no matter, if they were wearing a police or a military uniform? Do you think the families of 9-11 gave their loved ones so Iraq can have a democracy? Why not get over it and fight the war like the greatest generation did with Iraq as the central front? The US needs to get the innocent Iraqi refuges out of the country. That would be a great reason to have a summit. And, why not establish a base in Israel and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital? That would end the "drive the Jews into the sea ideology" once and for all. I asked secretary Baker to do that in Madrid; his response was, "You will not engage me in fruitless dialogue." Iran and its death cults are on a fast track to wipe the Little Satan (Israel) off the map with an atomic bomb. Robert Gates, President Bush's nominee for Secretary of Defense, wants to talk with Iran and Syria. Why not let the 22,000-plus American families who have a wounded son or daughter talk with Iran, especially since 85 percent of all IEDs in Iraq are from Iran, according to former IDF Chief of Staff General Moshe Ya'alon? Why not let the American families of the dead Marines killed in Lebanon in 1983, or the thousands of families who have a wounded or dead loved one in Israel? Why not talk to Syria since Syria has armed Hizbullah, Hamas and the PLO for decades, and is presently turning Lebanon into the killing fields? Did America really think we could go to Babylon and not get bitten? It's a shame that George Bush's 80-year-old childhood Sunday school teacher could not have advised him. She could have read him Revelations 18:2, "Babylon the great is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird…" Now the issue is: Will we fight a world war on terror in Iraq or fight in our back- yard? You can be sure if we run, they will be coming to a theater near you. The writer is author of Showdown with Nuclear Iran, Beyond Iraq: The Next Move and The American Prophecies. He is currently working on a sequel entitled, Beyond Iraq: The Final Move.