Welcome Everyone to Opposite Land

Welcome everyone to Opposite Land - a mystical place where the reverse happens - compared to what people expect.  Magically, no one here ever seems to take responsibility for anything.  Its characteristics are similar in a way to a black hole or to the Bermuda Triangle (where money and stuff disappears) but here in Opposite Land, the stuff reappears in the hands of ISIS and other enemies

In Opposite Land, leaders direct people to look one way (inward) toward their appealing assistant (socialism) while on other side of the planet (behind the curtain) they quickly saw Earth in-half.  While the people are being told a nice fairy tale, the real battle raging between good and evil is being kept from the public.  The truth has already stopped being reported from American newspapers. No US news agencies at all covered President Putin’s Bodyguard being assassinated (he was purposely rammed by another car at high speed); and on October 26th 2016, Fox News brought out a 24 day old headline that read something like 40 million Russians go in underground bunkers in Russia to practice for nuclear war with the USA. The only problem with that story was that news broke on about October 2nd, 2016, a full 24 days earlier.  Feeding the people old news (as if it was new) and not reporting news at all is deception at its best.  Remember: this is Opposite Land; things will appear to be for the good of the people - but in fact – they may be for the exact opposite.

As this year finally winds down, the recurring nightmares this current American Administration and their minions have seemingly prearranged for this author are becoming less frequent.  To be fair, turning Americans against themselves, unravelling the fibers of the world, turning America’s allies into enemies and enemies into new travel destinations, creating the Syria refugee crisis, and the destruction of America’s health care system must have been difficult, strenuous work (especially during all the golfing while nations were being overthrown).  The size 12 boot out-the-door given by the American people to the current Administration’s policies of destruction and division will be a nice change from the stench of rotting flesh.  Some will now have the chance to unwind and recuperate, while others will immediately return to the abyss to formulate a better (slingshot powered, coyote style) updated, evil, world-domination plan.

As a fitting tribute to the recent extinction event without the meteor and to the unemployed crybabies (who did not get their way), and to the best Thanksgiving’s Day America and the world will ever have, a very brief stroll down Opposite Land’s memory lane should remind us not to vote for people who have changed their names; nor, for the wives of people who have already been impeached.  Since there are no more real Democrats left on Earth (just closet Socialists and admitted socialists) future socialist candidates and voters are no longer able to hide in their dark alleyways.  When evil has nowhere to hide it leaves - like all those lying “so-called movie stars” that said they would leave America – were still waiting…   Congratulations are also in order to all those who brought a lifetime of evil into the light so it could leave, and to the leaders of the world who had the patience of a saint with America’s people during this global nightmare.  Term limits are 20 years past due – and are the only real way to sift through the muck.

Memory Lane

Recently, an article wanted to know how and why a terrorist nation was driving around in American tanks.  Stories and papers have also questioned how ISIS came across all their American equipment and tanks.  Another time, it was read that America was destroying an excess of 105mm White Phosphorus shells (American chemical weapons of mass destruction) that they were not using. Amazingly they wound up again in the hands of terrorists trying to steal Syria away from its people.  Here the recurring pattern for this author’s work emerges: no one is responsible, everyone hopes this is all soon forgotten, and quickly redirect attention elsewhere.  Should not the exact Opposite be happening? 

The poor of America do not have extra property to leave lying around but Generals and Commander in Chief of the military seem to like to leave taxpayer funded equipment lying around for terrorists to take.  Actual concern for one’s Nation and the security of the world would have warranted the destruction of any unwanted equipment where it stood - so no foreign nation could get secrets or advantages – or terrorize the world – but who cares about pesky little secrets when we have an open borders and our Presidential candidate’s Emails get hacked into on a daily basis right?

Remember when Attorney General Lynch said illegals have the right to work but partially born babies have no right to life?  This author remembers it well.  This appalling woman met Bill Clinton in the middle of an airport runway to discuss burying Hillary’s criminal investigations.  The man responsible for letting Loretta lynch take office is Senate leader Mitch McConnell.  He is responsible for this ride through Opposite Land.  He needs to be removed from the swamp.

Another example would be the spying done on the people of the world and on Americans in general.  Our phones want to know our location, and our laptops now know when we will be out of town and not home – so a burglar can do their work in a quick, unimpeded, non-confrontational fashion.  This is opposite to what is supposed to happen.  Citizens are to be actually protected and Terrorists and bad people are not supposed to be freed from prisons.

          Awareness is this author’s intention.  As an initial writing, a few examples of things that have happened (that should not have) were given.  This world has plenty of Opposite Land material to bring to light and each day under its spell makes it harder for many lovely people to awaken from its hypnosis.  The following passage is from Psalm 81: My people did not listen to My voice, And did not obey Me. "So I gave them over to the stubbornness of their heart, To walk in their own devices.  This will be a weekly endeavor for this author to try to keep everyone updated on living in Opposite Land.  Expect as much news as possible from one short paper.  In closing, Isaiah 5 vs 20 says it all

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

See You All Next Week in Opposite Land.

Vincent Cimato

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