It shouldn't surprise anyone that Barack Obama not only allowed the U.N resolution to pass, but he in fact orchestrated the whole thing. This was the long awaited stab in the back we expected. But it wasn't so much in the back, it was right in the front. Less than a month before he hands the presidency over to someone who won on Obamas disastrous foreign policy, just allowed the U.N to tell us our Capitol and our holiest sites don't belong to us. A president who made his distastefulness for Israel pretty clear early in his presidency, has now left zero doubt. There was a time when democrat and republican Jews weren't all that different. Well that has changed. Today we are seeing Jews side with organizations such as j street, BLM, and are defending the anti-Semite Keith Ellison for the DNC chair. There is a difference; when one side is openly calling for the land of our forefathers, our historical homeland that took almost two thousand years and six million Jews murdered to be given back, to be handed over to thugs and terrorists. 

   Any Jew who turns his back on Jerusalem is no Jew to me. The left decided that  Israel, the only country in the Middle East where woman have rights, is the pariah state of the world. As Assad kills thousands of his own citizenry daily, Israel is literally being called worse for building homes for its citizens. No condemnation of Iran, North Korea, China's actions in the South China Sea, nope...only Israel. Knowing Donald Trump takes over shortly only quells the absolute disgust I feel towards my fellow Jews who supported this president twice. Anyhow, I don't want to get into emotions about this, even though this is one of the most deplorable actions Obama has taken against Israel. That medal goes to meddling in its elections...Funny how the same president who meddled in Britains Brexit, Israel's elections and ousting Libyas dictator is chastising Russia for meddling in ours. There's one to talk.

   On a more serious note, action must be taken against the U.N and the phony enterprise it has become. Rich diplomats living it up in NYC making decisions such as these, not anymore. When we spoke of defunding the U.N before, this was a dream. With Donald Trump at the helm, that dream might just become a reality. The U.N, which proved itself a body whose only focus is questioning the sovereignty of the Jewish state, is no longer needed. They aren't tackling the many issues in Africa or Venezuela or the rest of the Middle East. So honestly speaking, what do we need them for? The answer, absolutely nothing. As Israel goes about creating new technologies that only better the world, the world shows only condemnation. 

    We have prostrated, we have reasoned, we have done everything a sovereign nation can to appease a people who want us dead. We will never revert back the the 67 lines, and we will never not refer to Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem as not our land. Not only did they go after our historical homeland, the U.N went after our Capitol Jerusalem as well. And to be more specific they said the western wall was occupied territory. Let me repeat that, the president of the United States allowed the U.N to call our holiest site, occupied territory. I have nothing to say, at a loss for words. But not at all, because I have been saying all along this president was a threat to Israel. But I'm just a lowly blogger who was one of few to publish an article stating Donald Trump would win the rust belt. And he did just that, and did it the way I said it could be done. 

  The Democratic Party is no longer a friend of Israel's, in fact in may be the biggest threat to Israel in the near future. If Donald Trump fails as a republican president, a democrat will hold that position once more. And next time it'll be a lot more serious then a body with no power constantly berating us for building homes.


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