Ban on Diwali crackers is secular,

The ban on cow slaughter is communal.

Cow smuggling is secular,

Cow protection is communal.  

Termination of cracker license is secular,

Termination of slaughter license is communal.

Slaughtering of animals on Eid is secular, 

 Bursting of crackers on Diwali is communal.

Slaughtering animals on Eid is religious,

Bursting crackers on Diwali is pollution.

Eid celebrations are secular,

Diwali celebrations, communal.

Sealing of cracker shops is secular,

Sealing of meat shop is communal.

Burqa is secular but vermilion is communal.

Roza is secular but Karwachauth is communal.

Haj Houses are secular; Ram Mandir is communal.

Madrasa education is secular; Gurukul communal.

Urdu is secular: Sanskrit is communal.

Azan noise is secular; kirtan noise is pollution.

Long live secularism; long live justice system.


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