The US and the rest of the world have been living in a fantasy world- until now. Jews, historians and realists have known that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State since the time of King David. The fact that ancient Jewish coins depicting Jerusalem have been found -means nothing. The fact that Jerusalem has been mentioned over 700 times in the Old Testament means nothing. The fact that it is never mentioned in the Koran means nothing. The fact that the oldest, modern day capital city in the world is somehow not recognized by other states is truly incredible.

Past presidential candidates have promised to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but once elected declined to come through. Obama campaigned for an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but in no time back pedalled. He later opined that using the term 'undivided' was perhaps not the best word he could have used.


Israel's parliament (Knesset), established in 1949, is located in Jerusalem. Israel's Supreme Court resides there. The office of the Prime Minister resides there. The holiest site for the Jews is the Temple Mount which includes a vestige of our Holy Temple -The Western Wall, is located there. 


In 1948 soon after Israel once again regained its status as the Jewish Nation, it was attacked on all borders by its Arab neighbours. They tried their best to wipe it off the map. It could easily be stated that this was the Jew's defining moment in modern times. The Israelis had no regular army or military weapons. The rag tag group of Jewish defenders were dispersed throughout the country as they had to defend their borders in every direction. At one crucial point they were faced with either defending Jerusalem or defending the rest of the country. Jerusalem, being high up in the Judean hills and kind of isolated from the rest of the country would be hard to defend. But the Israelis knew that without Jerusalem, Israel is nothing. So they managed to defend the western portion of the city. 


While the Jordanians held onto the eastern portion which contained the Jewish holy sites for 19 years they cleaned the area of Jews and made the Western Wall a toilet. Once Israel took back the Western Wall in 1967, Jews were once again allowed to pray at this holy site. Muslims continued to pray at their mosques and the Christians at their churches. Today with some of the best security in the world, people of all faiths pour in by the millions to enjoy the various religious sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. I


It's hard to take a government seriously when their policy is based on fiction. The antisemitic US State Department has from day one attempted to force the White House and other nations to not only ignore Jerusalem, but rewrite history and smother reality. Even though some US leaders disagreed with the State Department on this issue, they always caved in. Their staunchest ally just wasn't that important or maybe Arab oil was more so. 


Finally Mr. Unpredictable killed 3 birds with one stone: 

1. He stood up to the State Department and gave them the finger thus giving the US its credibility back. 

2. He gave notice to the Arabs that if they want peace, they have to acknowledge reality. Hopefully the local Arabs will use this opportunity to throw out their corrupt dictator. 

3. He finally recognized the elephant in the room and kept his promise. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and recognized that it is the right thing to do. 


This is great news, no buts about it. Insanity means repeating the same actions but expecting different results. For over 20 years the White House has held back on moving its embassy to Jerusalem on the grounds that it might inflame the Arabs and ruin any chances of peace. Despite not doing this, we have had no peace and the PA and Hamas have been inflamed. Finally Trump has pushed through his inner circle who were determined to hold him back. Like him or not, you have to recognize that he did the right thing and it took courage and integrity to do it. G-d Bless Trump!

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