A world premiere in Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018, a story of generations apart ‘meet’ under circumstances, not that unusual today but having a teaching moment.

Trapped At Tea Time, a one act contemporary play, with Heidi Mendez as Yolanda, Mark Anthony as Omar and E.P. Evans as Ramiro, written and produced by Marcos Cohen, co-produced by Baila Romm and directed by Linda Alznauer, takes place in the apartment of Yolanda, 80-year-old Holocaust survivor into which Omar breaks in order to rob.

 L-to-R-Omar, Yolanda and Ramiro

 From L-to-R-Linda Alznauer director, Omar, Ramiro, Baila Romm co-producer, Marcos Cohen writer & co-producer, Yolanda

Through humor and suspense the actors tell their personal stories, reveal emotions and share personal experiences.

As the play progresses, as the cup of tea’s water boils to its crescendo, Omar, the robber, shifts his ill intent to humane values, receiving a lesson in what crime against humanity is all about, rather than petty thieving, and the ability to take his own reflection on life.

One hour of a flowing story carried out by fine acting, is one hour worthwhile spending with the cast of Trapped At Tea Time.  

From the play:
 'Trapped At Tea Time’ Yolanda and Omar in play scene
 Trapped At Tea Time’ Yolanda and Ramiro  in play scene
 'Trapped At Tea Time’ Yolanda-and Omar in play scene
 'Trapped At Tea Time’ Yolanda-and Omar in play scene

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