Elad 5-year-old sparks search by taking bus alone

Dozens of patrol cars, K-9 units, helicopters look for missing boy who is eventually discovered 20 kilometers from home.

311_new Jlem buses (photo credit: Sybil Ehrlich)
311_new Jlem buses
(photo credit: Sybil Ehrlich)
A five-year-old from the religious town of Elad sparked panic and a major search on Wednesday morning when he disappeared from his home.
All ended well after the young boy was found on a public bus heading to Bnei Brak, more than 20 kilometers away.
The child’s mother noticed he had gone missing at around 6:30 a.m., Supt. David Harush of the Rosh Ha’ayin police station told The Jerusalem Post.
“From what we understand, he headed toward Bnei Brak using public transportation, alone. A bus driver spotted him and contacted a local police station.
All stations had been put on alert by us beforehand,” Harush said.
The child was placed under the care of the Ezer Mizion health support organization in Bnei Brak, where a cellphone image of him had been sent to police, and the missing child was identified. Police picked him up shortly afterward.
Before the boy was found, dozens of patrol cars from the police’s Central District, accompanied by K-9 units, officers on horseback, police helicopters and volunteers, took part in the search.
Central District head Cmdr. Bentsi Sao praised all of the participants in the search for their efforts.