A focused artist

Life in Stills - follow this intimate documentary by Heymann Brothers Films showing soon in Tel Aviv.

Heymann Brothers 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Heymann Brothers 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Documentary film director and producer Barak Heymann sits at his office desk, focused on the computer screen in front of him, elevator music playing from a phone set to speaker nearby. “I’ve been on hold for half an hour waiting to yell at the phone company,” he explains. Other items on his to-do list this Tuesday morning include collecting information on Jewish film festivals around the world, cementing details of a private screening of his film Forever Scared about Israeli-Arab writer Sayed Kashua, and contacting famed local singer Daniela Spektor to sing background vocals for his latest television series on divorce. “She just has a nice voice,” he says.
Heymann’s company, Heymann Brothers Films – which he runs with his brother, Tomer – has been producing and creating documentary films and television series since 2003. Their subject matter covers the colorful array of personalities and communities in Israel from the first integrated Arab-Jewish school to beauty competitions to their own family history. Their films are regularly shown in large theaters and private screenings throughout the country (“we do a lot of private screening, after which discussions are held with one of us as the director or producer of the film”) and in film festivals around the world.