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Israeli cartoon warns - Iran is worse than ISIS‏.(Photo by: PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE)
WATCH: Israeli cartoon warns - 'Iran is like ISIS, just much bigger'
"Imagine Islamic State building atomic bombs," the cartoon says. "Well, maybe it’s not that hard to imagine."
Israel’s public relations campaign against Iran continued with full force on Tuesday.

The government released an animated video clip comparing Islamic State to Iran - a short film designed to warn the international community of whom Israel views as the bigger danger.

“Imagine how dangerous Islamic State would be if it had armored divisions, fighter jets, and ballistic missiles,” the narrator says, describing the cartoon which depicts gun-toting Islamist terrorists riding around on trucks and killing people while its military arsenal grows.

“Imagine Islamic State building atomic bombs,” the cartoon says. “Well, maybe it’s not that hard to imagine.”

“The Islamic State of Iran - like ISIS, just much bigger,” the narrator says.

Israeli diplomatic staff and public relations officials appear to be enamored with the use of animated clips to make their point.

Earlier this month, the Foreign Ministry removed a satirical animated video on how Gaza is presented abroad following withering criticism from the foreign press that it was mocking them.

The short featured a foreign correspondent painting a rosy picture of life in Gaza, with the terrorist tunnels portrayed as a “fascinating attempt by Hamas to build a subway system,” and people in Gaza just trying to “live quiet lives” in a Palestinian society that is “liberal and pluralistic.”

The reporter is blind to terrorists carrying and firing missiles. It ends with the statement, “Open your eyes, terror rules Gaza.”
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