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October 18: HOT: Retain CNN
Through watching CNN a community here can preserve a strong relationship with its former country while staying in touch with what's happening in the world.
HOT: Retain CNN Sir, - Re "HOT Television prepares to pull the plug on CNN" (October 17): This would do a great injustice to the Anglo community in Israel. Since making aliya from Boston, I and many others of my community have stayed dedicated viewers of CNN, the largest news network in the world. Through watching CNN a community here in Israel can preserve a strong relationship with its former country while staying in touch with what's happening in the US and the world. We don't consider any other channel a real alternative to CNN, and I urge HOT to rethink. SHIRY MAYER Ra'anana Sir, - Because of its reception problems most people's attention has been drawn to YES ("With rumors of spy ships swirling, gov't helps halt satellite TV troubles," October 11). There is a lot of bitterness on the part of YES's consumers, and HOT is using this to its own advantage, planning moves that would be foolish and even dangerous for it at any other time - such as canceling CNN at the beginning of November. HOT does not hide that this is for financial reasons only; it proclaims it proudly. Well, why not? No one has tried to stop it; no one says a word. CNN is the most popular and most important worldwide news channel. The only countries that do not broadcast CNN are Iran, Burma and North Korea. We'll soon be in good company. OREN NOY Jerusalem Sir, - I immigrated to Israel two years ago from San Francisco to study in one of the local universities. I'm a good Israeli. I study in Hebrew, I work in Hebrew, I eat felafel and I curse on the road. My only real connection with my former home and language is through CNN. By watching CNN I feel a little more connected to what's going on in my land of origin. Any other alternative would be an insult and only indicate HOT's ignorance. AMOS KENAN Jerusalem Striking, scandalous Sir, - The reply to David Graniewitz's "We're striking - does anyone care?" (October 16) is a decisive NO. Unless the average Israeli is directly affected, he or she is not interested; but it is incredible that parents with school-age children and the education authorities allowed such a scandalous situation to arise, knowing the dire consequences such a formidable strike would have. Why were there no demonstrations or any outcry for immediate and full government interference after negotiations with the education and finance ministries failed? The most important part of a child's life is being adversely affected by our rotten education system, which is a hothouse for these destructive strikes. And they will go on occurring yearly until our teachers are paid decent salaries and parents and students learn to respect these hard-working professionals. M.U. MILUNSKY Netanya Anti-Zionist stance Sir, - The Bnei Menashe have already been recognized for their Jewish ties by Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and are more than willing to undergo reconversion in accordance with current halachic procedures. There is no justification whatsoever for their continued exclusion from Israel. Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit should be relieved of his ministry for his anti-Zionist stance ("Minister Sheetrit: Let our people into the Promised Land," October 17). HAIM M. LERNER Ganei Tikva Chosen & equal Sir, - Menahem Ben-Sasson should have no fears about using the word "equality" in the preamble to the proposed constitution - but only if the chosenness of the Jewish people is understood as being functional, not qualitatively hierarchical. If this is made clear in the document, equality is fully compatible with individuality and self-determination of individuals and peoples. The specialness of the Jewish people comes from the historical fact of their great contributions to Western civilization, and from their self-chosenness to work for creative advances in human relationships, for themselves and the world. ("Ben-Sasson drafts constitution - 'Jewish,' but not 'equal,'" October 16). JOSEPH DAVID Jerusalem Judaism's for Jews Sir, - I really hope Shmuley Boteach was joking when he wrote "Offer Judaism" (October 15). As Jews, we have something really special, and growing up in a Christian-dominated country, I can honestly say that one of the only reasons I've stuck with Judaism is because Christianity has become so commercialized. The humble, community-based nature of the Jew is a very admirable trait, and it will be completely lost if we start proselytizing or even allowing non-Jews into our religious circles. The vast majority of Jews would abandon their roots if Judaism became just part of the American way of life because they would figure that we are the same as everyone else. I cannot believe that Rabbi Boteach would suggest that we dilute our rich culture so much. We Jews need to be concerned with Jews and nobody else; only Jews will be there for us in the end. I am sorry to say that our existence is a battle for survival, and if we follow the Boteach plan, we will lose the battle. Our motives are pure Sir, - My wife and I visited your wonderful land during the Feast of Tabernacles this year with a group of 50 from the Irish branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. Those rabbis who put out warning leaflets about missionaries need to visit the embassy in Jerusalem and ask them what our motives are. I very much enjoyed talking with Jewish people in the streets and at the march. In every case, I referred to your Scriptures, from Abraham to the Prophets, and never once mentioned the Christian New Testament. I was able to tell them that the Jews are and always will be God's chosen, and that we believing gentiles have been given the privilege of being joined with them. It doesn't work the other way round. We are doing our best to spread this word among other Christians. I've just completed a book on the subject, which I will not plug here. Bless you all. TONY GIBSON Newbridge, Ireland Center-stage, again Sir, - Your editorial "Moderate those Hizbullah hopes" (October 17) bewails the media's excessive prattle about Hizbullah, which aggrandizes its "chief Hassan Nasrallah and plays directly into his hands. He is again accorded center-stage..." But in the same edition the Post gives Nasrallah a 7-column, page 1 headline, complete with large photo of him with arms outstretched. AVIGDOR BONCHEK Jerusalem Unforgiving winds Sir, - Mickey Goldstein's October 16 cartoon showed model Bar Refaeli summarily stripped of her bikini by unfriendly gusts, and Liat Collins's "All dressed up, and..." (same date) commented on our legislators' overriding concern to be impeccably dressed in their workplace while displaying negligence regarding the urgent problems facing the state. The unforgiving winds of public opinion only have to decide that "the Emperors have no clothes" to prove how flimsy - in fact, just like a bikini - is the protection of the three-piece-suit, the button-down shirt, and even the most nattily-knotted necktie. MIRIAM L. GAVARIN Jerusalem
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