10 Best Lego Train Sets For Sale On Amazon

Lego train sets are a great buy whether you are a train enthusiast, an avid Lego lover or a disciplined collector.

lego train sets  (photo credit: PR)
lego train sets
(photo credit: PR)
Out of all the products that you will find stashed on the market, these 10 are the best Lego train sets that you can get your hands on at this point. They are beyond fun to play with, and putting them together is a snap because instructions come included. When it comes to their overall design and quality, everything is top-notch and up to par. If you have ever wanted to feel what life is like as a conductor or an engineer, you will get your chance with the use of a Lego train set like the ones below.

1. LEGO Creator Maersk Train 10219 - $323.95, Amazon

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With this set, you are definitely going to get your money's worth. There are about 1,237 pieces available, including two wagons, three containers, a shunter truck and a trailer. While no motor comes included in this set, the train can easily be fitted with an engine that will enhance its functions. Furthermore, because the details are exceptionally elaborate, the train with all of its components serves as a replica of the real Maersk diesel-electric freight train.
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2. Lego City Heavy-haul Train 60098 - $196.90, Amazon

If you love trains and Lego, then you cannot go wrong with this set. All of the parts look great, and they are extremely easy to assemble. The freight train features a classic European style. To make things more interesting, this set comes with five mini-figure workers. One of them is a female, so you should not have any difficulty with coming up with story lines. You can add lights if you like because the engine has enough power to support them and propel the train at high speeds.
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3. Lego Train 9V Cargo Railway 4559 - $749.95, Amazon

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If you are looking for something that is a bit different from the typical Lego train set, you will be happy with this one. Its color scheme looks amazing, and there are seven mini-figures in this set; a track-side ramp, an oval-shaped track and a speed controller, so you will always be in full control. While the engine unit is somewhat small, it produces the right amount of propulsion power to get the train from point A to point B.

4. LEGO Make & Create Holiday Train - $785.00, Amazon

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This set is one of the most complete sets available as it was developed based on consumers' requests, Lego designers and train buffs. The locomotive features a pleasant-looking holiday theme, and it can be motorized. There are seven mini-figures available for you to play around with. You get two engineers, one railroad worker and four passengers. In total, you will have 965 pieces to create your story lines. The motor, speed regulator and tracks are not included in this set.
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5. LEGO Trains: Cargo Train Set - $853.57, Amazon

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This train set is definitely a good value. Because it has approximately 544 pieces, you will be able to build an amazing station and test your creative power. Included are three durable freight cars, 20 rails, an engine, a nine-volt speed regulator, three mini-figures and a pack of cool accessories. Truly, this set is designed to complement your Lego collection, and if it is for your child, they will be able to recreate unique cargo trains again and again.
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6. Lego Metroliner Train Set - $749.90, Amazon

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Deluxe is the term that best describes this set, and it is clear to see that the manufacturers really got creative when they were designing it. One of the coolest things about the train is that it has realistic details and lights that turn on when it is in motion. Other components include a working engine, a railway platform, 11 passengers, steering wagons, an oval track, a luggage cart and two bikes.
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7. LEGO Creator Emerald Night 10194 - $734.39, Amazon

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As of late, this happens to be one of the most sought-after sets on the market. Many fans would say that this steam train is second to none in terms of quality. For hours on end, you and your child can create new train adventures and enjoy playing around with the train's features. There are three mini-figures, a dining car and a tender that you can use in your story lines.
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8. Game Power Lego City Passenger Train 7938 - $1,244.77, Amazon

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This set is a collector's dream gift. If you appreciate quality, you will consider its high price tag to be accurate and fair. The manufacturers went a step further with this one by incorporating two engines and including a passenger car with an opening roof, plenty of tracks, a battery box, a motor and a seven-speed remote controller. The train runs without a hitch once properly set up on the tracks.
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9. Vintage Lego Airport Shuttle Monorail - $2,388.98, Amazon

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This is a prized collectible item. It has been around for over 20 years, and its setup really does a fine job at capturing the past. Despite how old this set is, it is in mint condition. The smart red train, the curved platform and the gas station are the main components that really stand out. The quality of the train matches and surpasses that of some modern Lego trains.
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10. LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 - $124.99, Amazon

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In this cool set, things get a bit more interesting. There are three mini-figures at your disposal. You get a train driver, a traveler and a cyclist. You also get a full circular track, a way station and a seven-speed remote controller. The middle passenger car has a removable roof, tables and seats. Furthermore, this train is stylish and built to zoom around the track at top speeds.
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Overall, it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with any one of the sets listed above. They all offer a unique experience and more than enough pieces to build something amazing. Whether you are a long-established collector or a rookie in the collecting world, in our opinion, your collection will not be complete if you do not own any of these.

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