8 Best Toys For Children With Special Needs

Here are some wonderful toys specifically designed to bring fun, happiness and joy to children with special needs.

special needs toys  (photo credit: PR)
special needs toys
(photo credit: PR)
In most areas of life, special needs children require procedures and items that cater to their unique lifestyles. Toys are no different, and there are numerous toys available that are well-suited to those with special needs. Such toys go beyond the standard entertainment to aid in development and behavior maintenance.

1. FlagHouse Vibrating Pillow


This vibrating pillow helps provide a sense of calm by vibrating when activated by touch. This is an important part of sensory integration, and it can help relax, stimulate or soothe an agitated child. It is covered in corduroy fabric with a foam filler, and it can be purchased in several colors. It measures 12 x 12 inches and requires two D batteries. It can be used as a seat or to help children fall asleep.
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2. Ecoolbuy Colorful LED Bath Lights

Party in the Tub lights from Ecoolbuy make bathing more like an exciting LED light show, and they offer three different light shows for versatility. The lights are made of sturdy plastic with a watertight and long-lasting LED display. These toys help reduce tantrums by entertaining and distracting children from the monotony of bath time. They are suitable for ages 3 and up and measure 90 x 90 x 45 mm.
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3. FlagHouse Vibrating Tube


Like the vibrating pillow, the tube from FlagHouse is meant to provide sensory stimulation for children with deficiencies or disabilities. The tube has two speeds, and it is meant to wrap around the main parts of the body to stimulate and comfort target areas. Vibration is an essential part of sensory integration, and this flexible tube can be used on the arms, legs, shoulders, neck and back. The product also features a Velcro strap to keep it in place.
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4. Abilitations Integrations SensaRock


The SensaRock contains colorful balls that zoom around to provide sights and sounds that can aid children with autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing issues. In addition to the colors and sounds, children can climb aboard or rock on the device to improve vestibular orientation. It features handles on the top to help with gravitational problems. The SensaRock is made of durable vinyl, and it deflates to be easily stored when not in use.
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5. TFH-UK Swing

TFH-UK specializes in special needs toys, and their child version of the Full Support Swing Seat offers a great way for small children to safely enjoy the outdoors. It has a weight limit of 100 pounds and a hip size of up to 12 inches. Its high-backed seats help support the back, and it also has a pommel and a safety harness. It can be adjusted for height or rake, and it is made of strong but soft plastic. 

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6. Alphaberry from B. Toys


This tool is a letter-learning device that allows children to see and hear letters as buttons are pressed. This helps children commit the visuals and sounds to memory and retain them in order to learn the alphabet. The Alphaberry has adjustable volume to control the sound based on the environment along with automatic shut-off to save battery life.
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7. Tangle Relax Therapy

This twistable device features 8 interconnected pieces that twist and wind to keep busy fingers focused. It works well for those with anxiety as it helps to relieve stress, and it may also improve dexterity. Each piece of the device is covered with soft rubberized material to offer maximum comfort. It also features bumpy nodes to provide stimulation that reduces fidgeting.
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8. Gymnic Hop 55 Ball


The Hop 55 is a soft ball children can use for bounce play. The giant ball is 22 inches in diameter, and it helps promote balance and coordination while also offering the chance for exercise. It is made from durable vinyl, and it features a handgrip for safety. The Hop 55 ball can accommodate 160 pounds.
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Special needs products are made to help motor skills, mobility, sensory processing and communication skills, among other developments. These specialized items can help children enhance their basic abilities while also calming anxiety and improving behavior.

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