100% Free Psychic Readings Online By Phone, Chat, or Live Video

If you're interested in getting a free psychic reading by phone, chat, or video, then you're in luck.

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Several prominent online psychic networks have announced special introductory packages that include free minutes and heavily discounted rates to help customers get through these challenging times.

You can take advantage of these free psychic readings to get answers to your most burning questions about love, career, relationships, destiny, money, or your future.

Once the free trial is over, you'll have the opportunity to continue the psychic reading if you want more detailed information, end the session, or try again with another psychic reader. 

If you’re ready for an amazing one-on-one psychic experience without spending a fortune, here are the best psychic services that offer free minutes and cheap readings by phone, online chat, or video.


The Best Sites To Get A Free Psychic Reading

Psychic Source - Best For Love Readings (3 Free Minutes + Low Rates)
- Best For Career and Money Questions (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)
- Best For Guidance on Big Life Decisions (10 Minutes For Just $1.99!)



Psychic Source: Best For Love Readings


When a company has been in business for 30 years, you know they’re doing something right! Psychic Source is a veteran in the psychic space, and has a reputation for being the most respected in the industry. That’s why Psychic Source made the top of our list!

If you’re just getting your feet wet with online psychic readings, you’ll love Psychic Source because they have a free tool you can use to match you with the perfect reader for you. Just answer a few questions about the topic you’d like guidance on, what tools you’d like them to use (if any), and whether you prefer a video, chat, or phone reading. Then the Psychic source algorithm will match you with a few psychics that they think you’ll like.

What’s especially helpful about this matching service is that it takes the overwhelm out of finding the right free psychic. Once you narrow down your choices, you can also review each psychic’s bio to see how many years of experience they have, what their specialties are, and whether their testimonials are positive or negative.

Get started with 3 free minutes and then pay as low as $0.66 per minute during your psychic chat going forward.

Key Features

• Available 24 Hours A Day By Phone, Chat, or Video Reading
• Hundreds of psychics available
• Psychics are rigorously tested for authenticity
• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Android and iOS apps available for psychic readings on the go
• Low rates after your free 3-minute reading (as low as $0.66 per minute)

Click Here To Visit The Official Psychic Source Website


Keen : Best For Online Psychic Chat


Another veteran in the psychic readings space is Keen. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary, and during that time, they’ve managed to build a stable of top rated psychics.

Keen allows you to choose from over 1,700 psychic readers, many with decades of experience.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, Keen has a useful filtering feature that allows you to find a psychic advisor based on your area of interest, your preferred communication style (chat or phone), and your budget.

Once you have a list of appropriate psychics to choose from, you can then look at their profiles to learn more about their skills, background, and reading style. We found that the user testimonials at Keen are more transparent than most. They don’t hide negative reviews, so you’ll be able to get an accurate picture of what each psychic does right during their readings and where they might need to improve.

Key Features

• Filtering options help save time when choosing a psychic
• Several contact options including phone readings and chat readings
• Over 1,700 psychics to choose from
• Energy Healing, Dream Interpretation, Relationship Advice, Horoscopes, and More
• Convenient iOS and Android mobile app available for on-the-go readings
• Choose from a wide variety of specialties, including tarot readings
• First 3 minutes are absolutely free
• Currently offering 10 minutes for only $1.99 (cheapest deal online!)

Click Here To Visit The Keen Website


Kasamba: Best For Tarot Readings


Like the other two favorites on our list, Kasamba also offers a 3 minute free psychic reading online via phone, chat, or email. Their user interface isn’t quite as clean and easy to navigate as Psychic Source and Keen, but Kasamba does offer something that the other two don’t – email readings.

An email reading can be especially valuable because you’ll have documentation of the reading that you can archive and reference later to see if it came true in your life!

You can also spend time digesting and working to understand what’s in the reading instead of feeling like you have to rush the conversation to get your money’s worth. This style of reading allows you to control the pace and also keep an eye on your budget.

Another feature we love about Kasamba is that they have a number of Spanish-speaking psychics, so if your first language isn’t English or you prefer to speak Spanish on a daily basis, then you can still get a quality medium reading, ask questions, or experience tarot cards without having to sacrifice choice.

Key Features

• Psychic readings via online chat, phone, and email
• Variety of specialties available, including tarot cards, astrology readings, and life purpose
• Get 3 free minutes with each new psychic you try (try them all!)
• Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
• Currently offering a new member special of 70% off
• Convenient payment methods including debit card, credit, and Paypal

Click Here to Visit The Kasamba Website


The “Catch” with Free Psychic Readings


Whenever something is offered for free, it’s human instinct to say, “what’s the catch?”

In the case of the three companies we’ve shared, there is no catch, per-se, but there is something to be aware of.

The free minute promotions are a way to attract new clients, and the number of minutes is fairly limited. You might be able to get a pressing question answered, but you’re not going to get a full reading.

Once the free time has expired, you will have to pay the psychic’s standard rate. However, most online psychics have special discounts for new clients, which makes continuing pretty affordable.


The 3 Types of Free Readings


When it comes to free psychic readings, you do have options. We’ve identified the top 3:


Free Trials


The types of free psychic readings we’ve discussed so far fall under the category of free trials. This is when you get to chat with real psychics and tarot readers free. Before you get started, you will have to enter your credit card information, but you won’t be charged unless you go over the minutes included with your trial.

Even then, you’ll get an alert telling you that your time is almost up, so you can end your chat session before you get charged.


100% Free with No Credit Card Required


If you’re reluctant to give your credit card information, but you want a taste of the psychic experience, you could do a 100% free reading. Keep in mind that these readings aren’t done by live psychics.

Instead, a software program generates the reading for you, often using a free tarot card program. Still, if you're interested in a free tarot reading, you might get the exact insight you were looking for!


Psychic Apps


There are a variety of fun and free apps that generate readings for you in topics ranging from your love life, to relationships, to career advice and more. Again, you won’t be in touch with a real psychic through the app, but you can still have a fun experience.


Why Should You Get a Psychic Reading Online?


The act of visiting a local psychic near me can be fun, but in our opinion, nothing beats the online psychic reading experience. After all, you can connect with a real psychic from the comfort of your home, all while wearing your pajamas and sipping a cup of coffee!

The convenience isn’t the only attraction, however. One of the best things about the Internet is that it makes distance irrelevant. When you visit a local medium or search the internet for psychics near me, your choice is limited by what’s nearby. When you go online, you have thousands of psychics to choose from. You can shop around and find someone that’s the best fit for your budget and goals. There's no limit to the number of readers, tarot included.

And, let’s not forget how much easier it is to be open and honest when you’re separated by a computer screen or telephone. Being face-to-face with someone might make you feel more inhibited, which can compromise the quality of your reading. By keeping the relationship with your psychic in the online realm, you might find that you can express yourself more freely.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to get a psychic reading online is because of the satisfaction guarantee. If you’ve ever been to an in-person psychic, then you probably know that there are no refunds. If you don’t like your reading, you’re out of luck. However, with an online reading, you can often get your money back, especially if you choose one of the online psychics we recommended.

Here are the different types of psychic readings online that you can receive:

• Horoscope readings
• Angel cards
• Tarot card reading
• Fortune telling
• Mediumship
• Numerology
• Love readings
• Astrology
• Dream Analysis


Why Do Psychics Offer Free Readings?


You’ve heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but that doesn’t necessarily apply to a psychic reader.

There are a variety of reasons why a psychic would offer a free reading to a new customer, and some might surprise you:

1. They want to attract new clients. This reason is obvious. It’s like when you get a free spoonful of ice cream before buying the full scoop. Free samples often attract buyers and steady customers.
2. They have to compete. A lot of psychics are offering free readings. To compete, most savvy ones will also offer the same.
3. It adds legitimacy. There are unscrupulous people in any profession, including psychics. To help ease your fear and show that you’re chatting with the real deal, legitimate psychics are happy to offer a free reading to prove that they’re skilled at their craft.


Are Free Psychics as Good as Paid Ones?


The short answer is no. It’s true that you get what you pay for.

A free psychic reading as a sample can indeed be very high quality, but don’t expect a 30-minute reading or tarot card session for free.

Further, a free reading from an app or website where you’re not talking to a real-life psychic won’t be specific or as applicable as a paid reading. The good news is that you can try before you buy and get a low introductory rate. Once you find an online psychic you like, you can become a regular and get guidance on-demand.


What Type of Questions Can You Ask During a Psychic Reading Over the Phone?


You can ask anything you want when you meet with a psychic reader. Many people ask about loved ones or pets, but there are even more common questions that fall into these four categories (and we’ve provided examples to get your imagination working):

Love and Relationships

• When will I find my one true love?
• How can I improve my love life?
• How old will I be when I get married?


• When will I get promoted?
• What is the best career path for me?
• What can I do at work to get recognized for my talents?


• When or how will I get out of debt?
• How secure will my financial future be?
• How difficult will it be to achieve financial security?

Life Questions

• What’s holding me back from being truly happy?
• What city is the best place for me to live?
• Should I go back to school? If so, what should I study?


Things to Know Before You Chat with a Free Psychic Medium


Being prepared for a chat with a psychic medium can help increase the chances of a successful and satisfying reading.

It can be tempting to try to take control of the session, ask your question, and then get out before your bill becomes expensive, but it’s smarter to let your psychic control the pace and flow of the conversation. After all, you wouldn’t like it if a customer came to your work and started telling you how to do your job!

Try not to have too specific of an agenda, though it is definitely okay (and recommended) to be prepared with your questions in advance.

Avoid asking simple “yes” or “no” questions, as that can lead the conversation to a dead end. Instead, ask more open-ended questions that allow the psychic to elaborate and give you meaningful advice.

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