6 Best Adjustable Standing Desks Reviewed for 2017

It gets old sitting all of the time just to get work done. This is why standing desks have become more popular and helped many people get more work done.

adjustable standing desks  (photo credit: PR)
adjustable standing desks
(photo credit: PR)
From increased focus to being able to burn extra calories, many people who work on computers have added a standing desk to their life. After all, it does get old to have to sit all of the time, and it does end up hurting our overall productivity.
Keeping this in mind, we sought out to find only the best standing desks that exist. Our findings are revealed throughout the following standing desk reviews. See which one provides you with the best option and start experiencing the life-changing experience many have already embraced.

1. iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Laptop Computer Desk Portable Bed Tray Book Stand Multifuctional & Ergonomics Design Dual Layer Tabletop (Black): $35, Amazon

For those who work on a laptop, this is one of the most affordable solutions. It features built-in fans (they're silent, don't worry) to help cool your laptop while you're working on it. Its compact design suits more than just standing too, which is great when working in bed.
When you need to put it up, its design ensures that it doesn't take up too much room. If you're on a budget and only need something that allows you to work on your laptop, this is definitely one of the better options.

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2. Rocelco Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser - ADR 32" wide - Black Finish: $192.24, Amazon

In comparison to product similar that have enough room for 2 monitors, this is one of the more economical options. It features adjustable height and a slide-out keyboard tray that could even support a laptop if you needed it to.
For those who demand plenty of room to work, this is the best choice. You'll not only save money in comparison to competing products, but you'll be able to put it to work right out of the box without having to take time to build it.

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3. The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk - Converts Your Desk to Stand up Desk, Adjustable Height (Black): $139.99, Amazon

If you only need to work from one monitor, this is an ideal solution. Its surface is smaller than others, but it's great for those who just need a simple solution. Its price point also helps consumers protect their finances since it's on the lower end.Keep in mind that adjusting the height does take a little more work. The locking system is on the legs instead of like other products, which are easier to adjust. This is about the only drawback, though, so it's not too bad!

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4. LUXOR Standup-CF48-DW Stand Up Desk, Crank Adjustable, 48": $356.99, Amazon

This is a spacious workspace that you can easily move using its attached wheels. You can raise it or lower it with a crank making it easier than some standing desks. Its spacious design ensures even the most demanding will have room for their monitors and other additions to their desk.
This is on the higher end of the price scale, but its design makes it worth every dime. It's one of the only ones that doesn't use your actual desk as a surface to sit on. It's just like buying a complete desk, without having to sit at it all of the time.

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5. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk - VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 – Black: $395, Amazon

You've probably seen one of the commercials for these recently and wondered if it would be a good addition to your office. The ability to have a deck solely for your keyboard and mouse, as well as an upper platform that has room for more than one monitor, are just some of the things that makes this option stand out from the rest.
Sure, it is a little bit more expensive, but if you like jumping on trends, this is one you should jump on. If you can't quite stretch your budget to $400, you may seek out one of the more affordable solutions that were featured here.
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6. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk for Cubicles - VARIDESK Cube Corner 48 – Black: $495, Amazon

Want to make the most out of your cubicle? This is one of the only standing desks that is designed to fit right into the corner of cubicles. If you hate sitting all of the time to work on the computer, this is one option you should embrace if you work in a cubicle.
The price is on the upper end of standing desks, but its unique cubicle design truly makes it priceless. You won't find another quite like this one.

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Are you ready to change the way you work?

Just pick one of the standing desks above and start changing your life as you know it. The links provided in each section will take you to the best pricing possible. After your first day of using a standing desk, you're surely not going to be sitting all of the time to work like you used to.

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