6 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines For 2020

If you've been looking for a quality commercial embroidery machine, read on to discover our top 6 picks for 2020.

commercial embroidery machine (photo credit: PR)
commercial embroidery machine
(photo credit: PR)
In the past, embroidery had to be done by hand. Thankfully, modern technology has given us super-efficient machines to complete complex embroidery projects quickly and effortlessly. When shopping for an embroidery machine, some qualities that are important that you should look for include:
  • ⦿ Good memory capacity so that you can store all of the designs you use most often.
  • ⦿ High rate of stitches per minute so that your project is completed quickly.
  • ⦿ Editing capability, so that you can flip, rotate, zoom in and perform other functions on your image.
  • ⦿ Good customer reviews, preferably an average of 4 stars or higher from many people.
  • ⦿ Convenient features such as auto thread cutter, to make the embroidery process as smooth as possible.

The following picks have all these features and more:

1. CAMFive CFSE-DM1501: $8,219.40, Amazon

This embroiderer from CAMFive is one of the best commercial embroidery options for those looking to start a business. Embroidering words is incredibly easy. Simply type a word into the touch-screen panel, select your font, font size, colors and special effects, and you'll have an embroidered garment in no time. Great features include:
  • ⦿ Multitask touch-screen panel
  • ⦿ USB port
  • ⦿ Supports .dsb, .dst and .dsz files
  • ⦿ Use up to 15 needles and 15 colors at once
  • ⦿ Large embroidery field
  • ⦿ Flat, tubular and cap emboidering
  • ⦿ Built-in memory of up to 16 million stitches
  • ⦿ Embroider up to 1,200 stitches per minute
  • ⦿ Automatic thread break sensor
  • ⦿ Tool kit included
  • Financing available
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2. Janome MB-4N: $4,999.00, Amazon

This embroidery machine from Janome works well for commercial and home use. Great for businesses or for passionate hobbyists. Notable features:
  • ⦿ Home or commercial use
  • ⦿ Works with most embroidery formats
  • ⦿ Four needles
  • ⦿ Backlit LCD screen
  • ⦿ Automatic thread cutter
  • ⦿ USB memory key compatible
  • ⦿ ATA PC card port
  • ⦿ Up to 650 stitches per minute
  • ⦿ 100 pre-programmed designs
  • ⦿ 3 fonts
  • ⦿ Drag-and-drop editing
  • ⦿ Resize, flip horizontally and vertically, zoom in and out
  • ⦿ Multi-language menu

3. Janome MB-4S: $4,999.00, Amazon

This other embroiderer from Janome is very versatile. The remote computer screen can be used with other embroidery machines as well. This embroiderer gives you total editing control. Features to know about:
  • ⦿ Remote computer screen
  • ⦿ Total editing control including up to 65,536 colors
  • ⦿ Precise LED lighting
  • ⦿ Automatic thread cutter
  • ⦿ Bobbin winding motor
  • ⦿ 3 MB of memory, which allows you to store up to 100 designs
  • ⦿ 50 pre-set fonts

4. CAMFive CFSE-CT 1502-5D: Amazon (price varies)

Our fourth pick is this embroidery machine from CAMFive, ideal for businesses. This one has lots of features such as:
  • ⦿ Compact, great for limited spaces
  • ⦿ 2 heads to cut production time in half
  • ⦿ LCD color panel with USB port
  • ⦿ Supports .dst, .dsb and .dsz files
  • ⦿ Memory holds 2 million stitches
  • ⦿ Up to 850 stitches per minute
  • ⦿ Automatic thread cutter
  • ⦿ Broken thread detector
  • ⦿ Financing available

5. Brother PE770: $1,199.00, Amazon

The Brother PE770 has a variety of desirable features. It's user friendly and has been reviewed at an average of 4.5 stars by hundreds of people.
  • ⦿ 5- x 7-inch field
  • ⦿ Backlit LCD display screen
  • ⦿ 136 built-in designs
  • ⦿ 6 fonts
  • ⦿ USB port and memory card port
  • ⦿ Extensive editing
  • ⦿ Auto thread cutter
  • ⦿ User-friendly
  • ⦿ 25-year limited warranty

6. SINGER 20U109: $809.50, Amazon

Many who use embroidery machines also use sewing machines. With this commercial-grade sewing machine from Singer, you can create quality garments and more from fabric to then embroider on. Notable features:
  • ⦿ Extra-high speed, almost four times faster than average
  • ⦿ Heavy-duty motor
  • ⦿ Zigzag and straight-stitch
  • ⦿ Commercial-grade
  • ⦿ Tailors, seamstresses, interior designers, fashion designers and more
  • ⦿ Customize your stitches
  • ⦿ Includes accessories

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We think that No. 5, the Brother PE770, is possibly the best choice among these. It comes with more built-in designs than others, has extensive editing capabilities, is user friendly, is very well-reviewed and has a 25-year limited warranty. This model is ideal for virtually anyone who needs an embroidery machine, from business owners to hobbyists. Whoever you are, if you're in need of an embroidery machine, the Brother PE770 is one of your best choices to invest in.

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