7 Best Commercial Deep Fryers Review For 2020

A commercial deep fryer is a necessary element of any professional kitchen, and even amateur cooks can benefit from having one in their home. Here are seven of the best.

Commercial Deep Fryers (photo credit: PR)
Commercial Deep Fryers
(photo credit: PR)
Commercial deep fryers can be used for far more than french fries. From elegant tempura desserts to deep fried chicken or turkey, and even to snacks like fried pickles or cauliflower, the possibilities are almost endless. No matter what ethnicity or style of food being served, a deep fryer is an essential part of a fully stocked restaurant kitchen. Even prolific home chefs can find use for this handy appliance. There are more options on the market than ever, so research is an important step towards finding the right fryer. Below are seven of the top units being sold today. 

1. Commercial 20L Electric Dual Deep Fryer with Timer and Drain Stainless Steel French Fry: $233.95, Amazon 

Fryer 1Fryer 1

This stainless steel commercial deep fryer is ideal for both restaurant or home use due to its flexibility. Each of the two tanks has its own plug and can hold about 2.5 gallons of oil. This gives cooks the ability to use only one tank for small orders, or to fry multiple foods at once. Restaurants with a vegetarian option can also designate one fryer for this purpose, avoiding any cross contamination. When not in use the oil can be easily drained from each tank via spouts on the front of the unit. Baskets and lids are included.
This deep fryer can be purchased on Amazon

2. Commercial Professional Electric 10L Deep Fryer Timer and Drain Stainless Steel French Fry Restaurant Kitchen: $137.14, Amazon


Fryer 2Fryer 2

This single tank deep fryer is perfect for home use or for lighter commercial use, such as a bar or small restaurant. A front drain makes emptying and cleaning the unit easy, while a large 10 liter tank is spacious enough for even large orders. This hardworking stainless steel fryer holds its temperature well and has a timer for increased ease of use. Its only flaw is that a small number of units have been found to have minor electrical problems that can keep oil from properly heating.
It can be purchased from Amazon

3. Generic 5000W 12 Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer Dual Tank 6 Commercial Restaurant: $114.95, Amazon

Fryer 3Fryer 3

Another fryer with a dual tank, this unit is small enough for home use while still being large and sturdy enough for commercial use. Each tank can be plugged in and used separately, and the stainless steel baskets are included. It heats quickly and maintains a steady temperature, so food can be made to order without the need to keep the fryer on when not in use. The high temperature ensures crisp rather than soggy food. Lids are included with the purchase, but they do not have a slot for the basket handle, limiting their utility.
This well priced unit can be purchased from Amazon.

4. 2500W 6 Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer Tank Basket Commercial Restaurant: $69.95, Amazon

Fryer 4Fryer 4

The low price and sturdy construction are two big selling points for this small commercial fryer. Other benefits include a high maximum temperature and a large tank. The lack of a fill line for the oil, as well as some sharp edges, makes this unit a little less user-friendly than others on the list. A basket and lid are included, though the lid lacks a slot for the basket handle, another small negative. However, for the price and quality it can't be beat.
This 6 liter fryer can be purchased from Amazon

5. Kenley 2500W Countertop Electric Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer - 6 Liter Tank: $81.90, Amazon

Fryer 5Fryer 5

For those looking for a compact fryer which is still sturdy enough for heavy use, this Kenley unit may be the answer. While the dial on the machine is labeled in Celsius, there is a handy conversion chart printed next to it which also suggests ideal cooking temperatures for various foods. The lid has a convenient slot for the basket handle, and the basket itself can be easily hunt from a rack over the oil, allowing it to drain. Additionally, this small fryer is able to heat the oil quickly, allowing for a short prep time before cooking.
It can be purchased from Amazon

6. T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter Fry Basket Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer, 2.6-Pound, Silver: $129.88, Amazon

Fryer 6Fryer 6

Possibly the most elegantly designed fryer on the list, this T-Fal model is packed with features. The lid not only has a sturdy handle and slot for the basket, it also has a small window on it, making it easy to monitor food without any risk of oil splatter. Old oil can be drained through a filter into a drawer on the bottom of the unit, making it easy to store and recycle oil. Safety features prevent this happening while the machine is in use. It is also easy to disassemble and wash, and most of the parts are dishwasher safe. The only negative aspect of this particular unit is its relatively small size.
It can be purchased from Amazon

7. OrangeA Deep Fryer Commercial Deep Fryer Electric Countertop 20L Dual Tank Restaurant Grade Stainless Steel: $131, Amazon

Fryer 7Fryer 7

Another dual tank unit, this OrangeA fryer is large enough for use in a restaurant or bar, while still being compact enough for home use. Each tank can be plugged in and heated individually, and dual timers help to prevent overcooked food. The unit comes complete with well designed lids and stainless steel baskets, which can be hung over the oil to drain. This is a no nonsense and utilitarian unit that will do exactly what is required.
This well priced model can be purchased on Amazon

While every unit on this list has some admirable features, each cook's requirements will dictate which fryer is right for them. There are some clear winners, however. Due to price and size, the OrangeA Dual Tank model is the best value, while the smaller T-fal unit should be a favorite with home cooks.

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