7 Best Dry Ice Makers for 2017 You Can Buy Right Now

Quality dry ice machines make efficiently converting LC02 into snow, flake, or blocks of dry ice simple and easy.

dry ice makers (photo credit: PR)
dry ice makers
(photo credit: PR)
Whether you're interested in packing and preserving goods at low temperatures, or simply want to perform unique science experiments, a high-quality dry ice maker is an excellent choice. Anyone can safely and quickly make large volumes of dry ice with a quality machine, as they are able to efficiently convert liquid CO2 gas into a variety of dry ice formats. With standard threads on couplers, making dry ice is as simple as opening the valve and letting the dry ice maker work its magic. Flake and snow forms of dry ice are outstanding for packing irregularly-shaped items while cylinders and blocks are perfect for more straightforward shipping needs.

Scilogex 300001 DILVAC Portable Dry-Ice Maker: $1,099, Amazon

Made by the renowned firm Scientific Equipment of Houston, the Scilogex 300001 DILVAC is a powerful dry ice maker. Able to convert a standard 75-lb gas cylinder into dry ice blocks in just minutes, the Scilogex 300001 DILVAC is fast and efficient. The Scilogex 300001 DILVAC comes with a standard connecting hose for simple operation and is engineered to be lightweight for added portability and convenience. 
  • Able to make 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of dry ice in 60 seconds
  • Does not require electrical power to operate
  • Comes with a hose for connecting to standard CGA-320 gas valve
  • Instruction book included
  • Yields 5-6 blocks from a 75-lb liquid cylinder

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Bel-Art Scienceware 388760002 European Model Economy Frigimat Dry Ice Maker: $897.15, Amazon

With an included relief valve and built-in pressure gauge, the Bel-Art Scienceware 388760002 offers ultra-safe operation. Able to efficiently convert a 50-lb gas cylinder into eight 1-lb blocks of ice in minutes, the Bel-Art Scienceware 388760002 offers ultra-fast dry ice creation. The advanced polyethylene ice chamber is designed for minimum chemical reaction, yielding high amounts of dry ice from liquid CO2. This quality dry ice maker comes with European threads for easy connection to standard liquid CO2 tanks.
  • A rugged, low-density polyethylene chamber
  • This European model has matching threads for simple connection to liquid CO2 tanks
  • Can make a 1-lb block of ice in 2 minutes or less
  • Metal clamp secures ice chamber for added stability
  • Diffusion plate vents excess gas

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Bel-Art Scienceware 388860003 Japanese Model Frigimat Junior Dry Ice Maker: $159.64, Amazon

One of the most portable dry ice makers on the market today, the Bel-Art Scienceware 388860003 is able to quickly and easily convert liquid CO2 into a blizzard of dry ice. Able to produce both standard snow and ice flakes, the Bel-Art Scienceware 388860003 is optimal for creating dry ice for packing purposes. The brass nozzle adds improved connectivity reliability, and the Japanese threads match any standard liquid CO2 cylinder.
  • Can produce dry ice in your choice of flake or snow format
  • Comes with matching threads for Japanese rated liquid CO2 tanks
  • Brass nozzle for improved reliability
  • Designed for maximum portability and ease of use
  • Attractive two-tone blue design

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Bel-Art Frigimat Cub Dry Ice Maker: $352.41, Amazon

One of the most advanced dry ice makers available today, the Bel-Art Frigimat Cub comes with a no-clamp design for easy extraction of the dry ice block. Able to efficiently churn out 10-16 blocks of dry ice from a standard 50-lb gas cylinder, the Bel-Art Frigimat Cub is simple and easy to use. The special translucent housing will never bond to the dry ice, making it easy and safe to transport. Includes lengthy 6-foot connecting tube with standard CGA 320 coupler.
  • Attractive translucent blue design
  • Can attach to any liquid CO2 cylinder with a dip tube
  • Takes just minutes to make a 300-gram block of dry ice
  • No clamps or screws makes extracting dry ice blocks simple and easy
  • Includes 6-foot connecting tube

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Bel-Art Dry Ice Maker 30X17X13CM: $1,609.00, Amazon

From one of the leading manufacturers of dry ice machines, the Bel-Art Dry Ice Maker 30X17X13CM is designed for convenience and power. Able to quickly produce blocks of dry ice in just minutes, the Bel-Art Dry Ice Maker 30X17X13CM is efficient and simple to use. Designed for maximum portability, the Bel-Art Dry Ice Maker 30X17X13CM can easily be carried in one hand.
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Comes with connecting hose with standard coupler threads
  • Attractive dark blue design
  • Reliable and efficient

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Frigimat Cub Dry Ice Maker: $422.00, Amazon

The Frigimat Cub is one of the most portable and convenient dry ice makers on the market today. Safe and simple to use, the Frigimat Cub rapidly produces 1-lb cylinders of dry ice with ease. The special translucent blue housing never bonds to the dry ice, and the no-clamp design makes extraction easy. Designed for simple one-hand operation, the Frigimat Cub goes wherever the need for dry ice is, making the preparation of large volumes easy and convenient.
  • Makes 250-350 gram cylinders of dry ice
  • Attractive transparent blue design
  • Comes with standard connectors for most liquid CO2 tanks
  • Small size makes it portable enough to use anywhere
  • Special clamp-free housing makes extraction of dry ice cylinders easy

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ThermoSafe 311 Storage and Transport Chest Dry Ice Keeper with Fiberboard Case: $43.87, Amazon

Transporting dry ice requires careful consideration, and the ThermoSafe 311 offers outstanding protection for safe transportation of the ice. The spring-loaded handles fold down when the ThermoSafe 311 is not in use, and the handy carrying strap makes transporting dry ice safe and easy. Special rounded corners on the interior make clean-up a cinch, and the bright white design makes the ThermoSafe 311 an attractive and stylish way to transport dry ice.
  • Attractive white box design
  • Generous 0.6 cubic feet carrying capacity
  • Measures 12.125 by 15.125 by 13.625 inches
  • Comes with handy carrying strap and spring-loaded handles
  • Made from rugged polyethylene for minimum bonding

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Final Verdict

Whether you're transporting dry ice or want to efficiently produce blocks or cylinders of dry ice, several advanced models will do the job quickly and easily. Some models are able to convert liquid CO2 into a blizzard of snow or flake, making packing oddly-shaped items simple. Other models come with a special resistant housing to aid in the easy removal of the finished blocks of dry ice. Most models come with standard threads for simple and leak-proof connection to most liquid CO2 cylinders. With so many options to choose from, finding an outstanding dry ice maker is now easier and more affordable than ever.
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