8 Best Himalayan Salt Plate/Block Reviewed For 2018

Himalayan salt blocks, or salt plates, provide a natural, high-quality salt for the discerning chef. This review of the best Himalayan salt blocks can determine the best option for you.

8 Best Himalayan Salt Plate/Block Reviewed For 2016 (photo credit: PR)
8 Best Himalayan Salt Plate/Block Reviewed For 2016
(photo credit: PR)
These blocks are mined from the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan and sliced into small plates. The blocks can be heated to sear foods that cook quickly, or they can be chilled to serve foods like cold fruit and sushi. Salt blocks are pink in color, all-natural, and provide what is considered to be the cleanest salt in the world. They can also be used for baking and curing foods or presenting an attractive meal. They are available in a variety of sizes, from that of a small plate to a larger slab that can be used for the presentation of a meal.

1. Charcoal Companion CC6064 Himalayan Salt Plate and Holder Set: $44.99, Amazon

This salt plate and holder set includes 8-inch by 12-inch salt plate and porcelain-coated steel salt plate holder. With a total of 107 customer reviews averaging a decent 3.5 stars on Amazon, this option is moderately positive. The negative reviews for this option are mostly related to the salt block either having arrived broken or breaking shortly thereafter. More than one reviewer reported that the block exploded when used. However, this could be due to misuse, such as heating the salt block up too quickly. The company responded to these reviews by offering to replace the salt blocks free of charge.
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2. HemingWeigh Himalayan All Natural Crystal Salt Cooking Tile: $22.95, Amazon

The HemingWeigh Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile is regularly priced at $59.99, making its current price of $22.99 a decent discount. This salt plate measures at 8-by-6 inches and 2 inches thick, and has an average of 4 out of 5 stars from 254 customer reviews, which is a good sign. Shipping is free with a Prime Membership and most reviewers described the versatility of this salt block.
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3.Charcoal Companion CC3526 Salt Plate Holder: $10.62, Amazon

This item is the salt plate holder only and does not include the salt block itself. It is made out of porcelain-coated steel and provides protection for an 8-by-12 inch salt block when it is being carried from one surface to another. Based on the fragility of salt blocks, reviewers report that this salt plate holder is beneficial to extending the life of a salt plate. 
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4. Himalayan Salt Slab for Grilling- FDA Approved Seasoning Block for Cooking and Serving: $24.95, Amazon

This salt slab is described as a grilling tool, but it can also be used for cooking. It measures 8-by-8 inches and 1.5 inches thick. The reviews for this product were highly favorable with more than 4.5 stars and very few negative reviews. There were less comments about the salt block breaking easily than found with other salt blocks mentioned in this review. The biggest difference in this particular block is that it has been approved by the FDA.
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5. Ellahi Trading Company Himalayan Large Salt Block: $20.00, Amazon

The Himalayan Large Salt Block weighs 12 pounds and its dimensions are 12-by-8 inches, 1.5 inches thick. The product only has 2 reviews so far, at 4.5 and 5 stars. The biggest downfall of this piece is the shipping cost, which makes the price much higher overall at $7 per pound. 
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6. IndusClassic Himalayan Salt Block, Plate, Slab for Cooking, Grilling, Seasoning, And Serving (12 X 8 X 1.5 (Set of 2): $54.95, Amazon


This set of two salt slabs from Indus Classic weigh 20 pounds and have an attractive, marbled look. These blocks are quite thick, allowing for even heat distribution. The Indus Classic salt block earned 3.5 stars from 35 reviews with most negative reviews focusing on the condition of the block after shipping. More than one reviewer reported receiving the salt blocks in multiple broken pieces. 
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7. Himalayan Salt Block (8"x12"x2"), by Himalita: $34.95, Amazon

This salt block by Himalita comes in a range of sizes: 4 x 8 x 1 inches, 8-inch round diameter, and 8 x 8 x 12 inches. The variety of sizes available sets this product apart from the others, as does the unique option of a circular block. This salt block only has three reviews, though all three are positive. 
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8. Set of 2 Ionic Himalayan Crystal Salt Foot Detox Blocks with Instructions: $23.95, Amazon

These salt blocks are specifically for detoxing feet and measure 4-by-8 inches with a weight of 5 pounds each. They have a 4-star average based on 23 customer reviews. Reviewers report these blocks hold heat well and the salt blocks are described as comfortable and soothing on the feet. 
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Based on the reviews of these Himalayan salt blocks, there appear to be several good options for someone looking to use salt blocks for cooking, serving, or even detoxing their skin. Overall, the highest-rated salt block on this list is the HemingWeigh Himalayan All Natural Crystal Salt Cooking Tile at $22.95, which includes free shipping with an Amazon Prime membership. Also receiving a high rating is the Himalayan Salt Slab for Grilling-FDA Approved Seasoning Block for Cooking and Serving which is priced at $24.95. Customers reported that both of these items were better in quality and had fewer issues with shipping damage than some of the other salt blocks. 
In addition, the Charcoal Companion Salt Plate Holder is a useful item to help keep your salt block from breaking or being damaged. 

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