8 Best PC Gaming Keyboards for 2019

The best gaming keyboards have a distinct advantage from average keyboards, and while any user would likely notice the difference, gamers will get the most out of them!

Best PC Gaming Keyboards (photo credit: PR)
Best PC Gaming Keyboards
(photo credit: PR)
The best gaming PC keyboards have a smooth, responsive feel, quick reaction time, and satisfying key press sound and action. After a few days with one of the best gaming keyboards available, you or the gamer in your life will wonder how you ever did without it. Let's take a look at some of the top gaming keyboards 2016 has to offer.

Logitech G15

Users love the G15's backlit keys, programmable G keys, folding LCD panel, and backlit LCD display; this keyboard's features extend far beyond what a typical keyboard can offer. They also describe how the programmable keys can be used not only for gaming, but also for other productivity and practicality oriented tasks and automations.

Logitech G19s

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The G19s goes a step beyond the features of the G15 by offering the same style of backlit keys, programmable G keys, and highly responsive key feel as the G15--but with the addition of a full color LCD display panel, which can help add more information to your game display, and custom-color backlighting. Powerful and versatile, the G19s bills itself as being "the ultimate arsenal" of a keyboard.

Bloody B740A Keyboard

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This bright and colorful mechanical keyboard offers a lower price than the Logitechs listed above but comes with highly durable keys, a spill-resistant design, color-coded LED backlights, and more. There is a lot to recommend this highly responsive and well-designed mechanical keyboard.

Logitech G110

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A powerful workhorse of a gaming keyboard, the G110 offers fast, responsive action, programmable G keys, and LED backlighting. It manages to do so at an even lower price than the previous keyboards - if you're looking for a great place to start you gaming keyboard experience, this may be the perfect device for you.


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With its ergonomical, retro design and powerful key detection capabilities, the STRIKE TE (TE stands for "Tournament Edition") can detect up to 30 keystrokes at once, encouraging lightning-fast gameplay in action-oriented games like Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, and more. This is one of the best choices around for the RTS or MOBA gamer, with its action and responsiveness specifically geared toward those genres.

Logitech G510s

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If you're looking for the power and flexibility of Logitech's G series on a budget, this may be the perfect keyboard for you. With its excellent design and construction, programmable G keys, and responsive feel, the G510s packs quite a punch into its just-above-$100 frame. Consider this as a candidate for the perfect starter gaming keyboard as well.

Corsair Vengeance K70


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The K70 is another entry into the budget line of gaming keyboards, but reviewers say it certainly doesn't feel like one. With backlit keys and responsive mechanical action, the K70 puts gameplay power into the user's hands for just around $130 from Amazon, making it an excellent investment for a gamer's enjoyment.

Razer BlackWidow



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The Razer BlackWidow offers some of the best styling we've seen on mechanical keyboards, and with that styling comes incredibly fast response times and a very reasonable price. On Amazon, $150 gets you the mechanical action, backlit keys, and ergonomic design of this unique gaming keyboard, making it an excellent middle of the road keyboard in terms of price and features. Users also love the sound of the keys, which is quiet for a mechanical keyboard--and since noise is one of the main drawbacks of owning a mechanical keyboard, this alone makes the BlackWidow worth a serious look.

Which Gaming Keyboard is Right For Me?

The answer to that question depends on your budget and gaming needs! If you're an RTS or MOBA player, you may want to consider the Mad Catz STRIKE, but if you're looking for a cheap workhorse of a powerful gaming computer, a Logitech G510s may be perfect for you. Consider your neighbors and family as well--the quiet mechanical action of the BlackWidow helps it stand out from its peers. Whatever your choice, gaming becomes an entirely different experience when playing with the top gaming keyboards 2016 has to offer. Enjoy, and happy gaming!

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