8 Best-Reviewed Dog Treadmills on the Market Today

Exercising your dog can be difficult when you just don’t have the time to play. Adverse weather may also prevent you from going out for a walk on the day you planned.

treadmill  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
 A dog treadmill can solve these problems by providing an exercise outlet for your dog. Employing the same technology as a human treadmill, a treadmill for dogs utilizes a conveyer belt to keep your dog moving in place without the hassle of having to take them over large terrain. After years of research, developers have created motivational features such as treat baskets to start your dog running and keep them moving. All these features will be based in the comfort of your own home. Let’s go over the eight best reviewed dog treadmills on the market today.

1. MiniPacer Treadmill - $535

This treadmill is perfect for smaller dogs up to 55 lbs. It sits at a 45 degree angle and has a compact design that is foldable for easy storage. Customers on Amazon have stated that they enjoy the treadmill's timing features as well as its suitability for their smaller dogs. Users rave about the convenience of having a MiniPacer in areas such as apartments and studios. The MiniPacer has an adequate yet compact running area at 42” X 21”.
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2. PetZen DogTread - $789

This model is specially designed to mirror your dog’s mind. It employs a treat basket at the front of the belt in order to keep your dog working to reach their goal. Customers appreciate the DogTread's minimum assembly requirements and its suitability for medium dogs (up to 50 lbs). It has a running area of 47” X 17”.View on Amazon

3. Gopet EPPR720F - $907

This treadmill has adjustable incline and speed. It can exercise dogs up to 132 lbs and it also has a low running platform for safety. Users most enjoyed its auto fold feature, which utilizes air cylinders to automatically fold the device for storage. It has a running area slightly longer than a standard dog treadmill at about 52” X 16”.
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4. GoPet Treadwheel - $533

This unique treadmill is actually a wheel. It works similarly to hamster wheels by offering a constant running platform for your pet. Reviewers have pointed out that its most notable feature is the fact that it is powered by your dog. Therefore, your dog is able to exercise at its own pace. The Treadwheel is also easy to clean as it does not utilize belts or interior surfaces that are hard to reach. It has a diameter of 40” and a width of 12”.
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5. PetRun Pr700 - $674

The PetRun Pr700 is suitable for dogs up to 44 lbs with a running area of 28” X 36”. It features a silent driving system for a quiet operation compared to its competitors as well as a manual adjustment for speed settings. Users have incorporated their own unique fitness plans for their dogs and appreciate its specific focus on overweight and hyperactive dogs.
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6. DogTread Medium - $896

This treadmill is similar to previous DogTread models except for the fact that it is suitable for even larger dogs, or dogs up to 60 lbs. With a running area of 47” X 17”, it’s the perfect choice for owners of larger dogs who want to utilize a larger machine while still incorporating a small frame. The DogTread Medium features collapsible side panels for easy storage.
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7. DogPacer Mini - $648

This is another model perfect for smaller dogs weighing up to 44 lbs. It features a running surface of 36.6" X 16" which is ideal for dogs with a smaller frame. Owners of the DogPacer enjoy its smaller speed increments (0.1 mph) which allow for more specific speed settings. The DogPacer also employs extra-large side panels to ensure that your dog doesn’t go running off over the sides of the machine.
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8. PetRun PR725 - $1559


This treadmill is designed for larger dogs weighing up to 175 lbs. Reviewers have enjoyed its extra-long running platform, coming in at 71” X 16”. As that size indicates, the PetRun is ideal for longer pets that may go over the length of shorter treadmills. Incline is adjustable and the treadmill features a gated metal panel on each side to ensure maximum safety for heavier dogs.
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As you can see, the best reviewed dog treadmills offer a variety of features which you can control with your fingertips. These treadmills are sure to meet your dog’s energetic needs. They will also meet your needs and the requirements of your living space.