A Free Tarot Reading Can Change Your Life

Whether you are the reason why psychics in your area can pay their bills or you are a total sceptic, one thing is for sure, you have heard about tarot cards.

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A lot of fortune tellers use these cards as a tool for their readings. It is said that tarot cards originate from ancient Egypt. These famously recognisable decks have 78 cards and each of them has a specific meaning. Out of those 78, 22 cards are considered the Major Arcana while the others are called Minor Arcana. 

While the Major Arcana portrays essential events in one’s life, the Minor Arcana illustrates small details. Some people are completely hooked on tarot readings and they draw the card of the day to manage their daily decisions. 

If you are interested in this practice, you can always get a free tarot reading and see what all the fuss is about. Or you can continue to read this article and find out exciting facts about tarot cards and tarot readings.

What is a tarot card reading?

In the beginning, tarot cards were used for playing games. However, nowadays most psychics use them as a tool during their readings. If you have questions about your love life, health, job, or something else important to you, you can get a tarot reading and receive the answers you are looking for. 

Today, there are thousands of fortune tellers around the world who know how to read these cards. Tarot has changed over time and nowadays psychics are much more creative when it comes to interpreting their meanings.

Yes/no tarot reading

Although most answers are a little more complicated than that, you can always ask yes-no questions if you are looking for a quick answer. A lot of mediums offer this service, although they claim that everything cannot be so black and white.

Is there a difference between online tarot and face-to-face reading?

A lot of people do not feel comfortable with going to see a psychic but they still wish to receive some guidance and a nudge in the right direction. If you don’t want to leave your home in order to receive a reading, that is perfectly fine. 

Thanks to the development of technology, a lot of mediums have modernized the way that they provide their distinctive services, and today you can receive a reading online. 

If you are worried that you cannot get a good reading over a video chat, we have some good news. A Zoom call can easily replace a face-to-face meeting, while the reading will be just as accurate as if you were sitting at the same table as your medium.   

A good psychic can read energy from thousands of miles away, so there is no reason to avoid online readings. However, online chats are a little bit more complicated since the reader has to shuffle the cards, and type.

Shuffling and spreading tarot cards

At the beginning of the reading, you will most likely need to shuffle the tarot deck. Afterward, you will need to pick several cards and put them on the table. Keep in mind that every tarot reader is different and they have their own reading strategies. Therefore, don’t be confused if different mediums ask you to arrange your cards in a different way. 

With that said, you should know that the most popular spread is the three-card spread where the first card represents your past, the second one your present, and the third one your future. In some cases, the cards represent the mind, body, and spirit. The cards are spread horizontally on the table. 

Another popular tarot spread is the Celtic Cross. It can be found in both ancient and modern tarot. Its 11 positions can provide a lot of details about love, career and family which is why it has been so popular for hundreds of years.

Predicting the future

If you wish to know whether you will end up marrying the next guy you meet or will you get that promotion tomorrow, you are barking up the wrong tree. Tarot cards cannot tell you exactly what will happen in the future. 

They can suggest that you will receive some news about your job, but not precisely which or when. There are so many things happening on a daily basis, it is impossible to predict them with accuracy. Therefore, if you are looking for names, dates or places, you will waste your time on readings. Also, bear in mind that your future is not set in stone, and you can always change it.

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Mutual effort

When you start your reading, your psychic will ask you whether there are some areas in your life they should concentrate on, such as your love life, health or career. When you have established what is most important to you at that moment, you will shuffle the deck, pick the cards and you and the medium will work together to decipher how they might apply to your life situation. 

They won’t start lecturing you about the meaning of the card, but instead, they will try to understand what that card might signify for you. To figure this out, they will ask you questions about your career, relationship status, and so on.

Cards with bad reputation

There are so many movie scenes involving tarot cards, and in most of them (especially when it comes to horror movies) the main character draws the Death card. 

This is the tarot card with the worst reputation since those who pick it immediately think that they are going to die, or at least someone close to them is. However, the Death card rarely implies literal death. Actually, it predicts major changes in your life, usually for the better. 

If you are getting a new job, moving to a new place, having a baby, or experiencing some other huge change in your life, this card might appear in the reading.  

On the other hand, a card called The Tower predicts destruction, loss, and collapse of some sort. Nevertheless, even though it is a really negative card, you shouldn’t see it as your enemy. It can help you prepare for the upcoming events and prove yourself in hard times.

Understanding the reading

Tarot readings are complicated since they rely on symbolism. During the reading you will probably have a deep conversation with your psychic and end up feeling overwhelmed. Keep in mind that you will receive a lot of information, so it is better to write things down, or even record the reading if allowed. 

Without these notes, you will miss out on useful details. During the reading you will hear a lot of things that may not make sense at that precise moment, only to discover their true meaning after some time. 

For example, you could hear that a father figure will provide support and assistance, which can be confusing if your father has passed away. However, after a while, you may realize that your much older colleague is helping you get a promotion. This is why it is important to record those readings. You can easily forget some details that might be really important in the following weeks. 

Is a free tarot reading accurate?

Just because it comes with no cost, it doesn’t mean it is not accurate. Some fortune tellers do not want to charge for their services, and yet they have an amazing gift to perfectly interpret those cards. Also, online you can find a lot of free tarot readings. However, the most reputable sites start charging the readings after a couple of minutes. 

For example, Kasamba offers 3-minute free phone tarot reading, as does Keen. These platforms are home to many amazing psychic readers who meet strict quality guidelines and offer chat readings via live chat, email, and phone.

Don’t live by the psychic’s words

Maybe your reading will be correct, maybe it won’t. However, one thing you should never do is focus on replicating what is said in a reading. After the session, live your life as you normally would and if those predicted things happen you will have an “ah-huh” moment. 

Do not be obsessed with what your medium said because you will change the course of your life and that reading will subsequently be irrelevant. 

Final Thoughts

If you have found yourself at a crossroads in life, you need to get a little perspective, you wish to create a plan that is in alignment with the universe, you need some cosmic confirmation or you feel like life just pulled the rug from under you, consider getting a free tarot reading.  

Look at it this way – it won’t cause you any harm, it can be fun and at the end of the day, you may find some answers you were looking for.


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