BarxBuddy Reviews: Is Barx Buddy WORTH Buying?

BarxBuddy device stops annoying dog barking in seconds! innovative pet trainer helps correct bad behavior.

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Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and your dog is barking and barking nonstop. You don’t want to get out of bed and try to get your dog to stop, but the barking is annoying you and keeping you from going back to sleep. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to stop the barking and not have to go outside to see your dog?
This is just one scenario where a long range barking cessation product would come in useful, and you can probably think of plenty more instances as well. If you are a dog owner, you have likely been annoyed by your dog’s barking on more than one occasion and have thought about getting some way to control the barking. That’s what BarxBuddy is supposed to do. Does it work as a barking cessation device, though? Is it safe for your dog and for other animals? Is it the decent option for barking control? These and other questions are all going to be answered here in our BarxBuddy review.
We Explain BarxBuddy
So what is a BarxBuddy, you might be wondering. It’s an anti-barking device that you can use with your dog, and it  doesn’t require you to buy any other equipment or attach anything on your dog. It doesn’t need a collar or an electric fence to work.
Instead, the Barxbuddy is a device that emits a sound that only dogs can hear. It is inaudible to humans, so you don’t need to worry about the noise waking up your neighbors or making your family members annoyed. They won’t even hear the sound, since it is emitted at a frequency that is so high that it has to be picked up by canine ears. As you know, dogs can hear things that humans can’t, and they can hear the Barx Buddy and will respond to it.
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What BarxBuddy Has to Offer
One of the best features of the Barx Buddy is that it is completely safe. It doesn’t hurt dogs at all, and likewise, it will not hurt cats or humans with its sound. Now, the sound is loud enough for dogs that it gets their attention and will make them quit their barking. It’s an effective device for anyone wondering how to make dog stop barking.
Not only is it safe, but it is also economical- priced affordably so that most people can get one who would be interested in finding a way to stop dog barking and get their dog under control. The BarxBuddy price is competitive when compared to other barking cessation products, like invisible fences, shock collars and other methods. It’s also far more humane than any of those, as it causes irritation but not physical pain.
Another great feature of this product is that it works as an LED light and a high pitched noise. It can emit either one, and it can also emit two different levels of sound, with a couple different frequencies to get your dog’s attention or to stop it from barking. You can use the lower level of sound for training purposes and the higher level to stop bad behavior, even in other dogs.
The LED light is useful for getting your dog to pay attention to you, as your dog can see the light easily and will follow it to look at you and pay attention to whatever commands you are issuing. This is a great training tool that people will use to get their dog to obey them better.
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How You Can Use BarxBuddy
There are lots of uses for BarxBuddy. As we mentioned, you can use it to get your dog to stop its barking or to get the dog’s attention for training. This is a good option for teaching dogs obedience and to get them to come when called. You can use it to train your dog to sit and stay, to wait to eat their food until you command, to stop bothering other pets, and to stop being aggressive toward neighbors and family members.
Did you know that this device can be useful even for people who don’t own a dog? That’s right- if you are bothered by stranger’s dogs or neighbors’ dogs, you can get them to stop being aggressive toward you and stop them from barking at you. You can even use Barx Buddy to stop a dog from trying to attack you. Just press the highest frequency button to cause a high-pitched sound to come out that only the dog will hear. This can stop a dog from acting aggressively toward you and stop their barking so that you can pass safely.
That is ideal for people who like to go running or walking and for those who take their dog to the dog park for a walk. If dogs are being aggressive toward your dog, you can get them to back down using this device.
The BarxBuddy Specs
What kind of technical specifications does this device have? Well, it’s very small- so small it can fit in your pocket. And it is lightweight too, and you will hardly even know that it is there. The tiny device can fit in your pocket, handbag, purse or anywhere else. The dimensions are 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm and it weighs just 18.1 grams.
Barx Buddy comes in either black or yellow and it offers three different settings- training, stop barking , and LED light.
This device has a range of up to 10 meters, and it requires a single 9-volt battery, which is not included in the purchase.
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Barx Buddy Pros and Cons
As with any kind of product, there are some advantages and disadvantages, and we want you to know all about these.
 Great at stopping barking
 Works with almost any kind of dog
 Not harmful at all and yet very effective
 Very inexpensive- nothing extra to buy
 So simple- you activate it with a single button press
 You can only buy this product through the online store- not available at retail

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Is There a Barxbuddy Scam?
Now, a question we come across every now and then is whether there is a Barx Buddy scam. You may see some reviews say that the product doesn’t work and customer questions across the internet asking if the device really causes dogs to stop barking or if it only works sometimes.
You might be wondering if the makers of Barx Buddy are trying to take advantage of you, and the answer is that there is no BarxBuddy scam. This product really works, as many BarxBuddy reviews will attest. So many people have used this product and said that it works great for them. Some of them have even been using BarxBuddy for years now and have been very satisfied with the results.
If you use Barxbuddy as it is intended and keep the battery powered and stay within the range of the device, then there should not be any issue. It should work with practically any dog that is within 10 meters of you.
The issue that some people have with the product tends to be when they use it incorrectly. Dogs won’t respond if they are too far away or of the battery is missing or dead. If you make sure everything is working properly and you are using it properly, then the dog will respond quickly and the device works effectively.
What Customers Are Saying about BarxBuddy

There are lots of customer reviews across the internet for BarxBuddy. Some are positive and some are negative, but our research has found that the majority of them have good things to say about this device.
With an overwhelmingly positive review consensus, we think it is safe to say that the Barxbuddy is popular and well loved. The criticism we found within some Barx Buddy reviews is that the device doesn’t work properly, which like we said is often due to the user being too far away from the dog or not having a working battery installed.
What are the positive reviews saying? You will find a lot of customers love how effective BarxBuddy is for them and how the device is so simple to use and so good at getting their dog and other dogs to stop barking. They also say that the Barx Buddy device is so safe, and they love that it doesn’t cause any health issues with their pet and does not injure their neighbors’ dogs.
Where Should You Purchase BarxBuddy?
You can get this device from the original manufacturers or from some smaller vendors elsewhere. For the best BarxBuddy price, you should be buying from the manufacturers. You will cut out the middleman and keep costs low for yourself that way.
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BarxBuddy FAQ
Is Barxbuddy safe?
It doesn’t hurt dogs, humans, or animals of any kind. It is perfectly safe for your pet and causes no side effects. Barx Buddy has been extensively tested on numerous animals to ensure its safety and harmlessness.
Does it work on cats and other animals?
No, the Barxbuddy is designed to only be heard by dogs; so, only their sensitive ears will pick up the sounds it emits.
Do I need to buy anything else?
No, everything you need to use the BarxBuddy is included in the package, except for the battery. There is no fencing, collar, or other equipment necessary to make it work. This is one of the simplest barking cessation devices you will find.
Will it work on all kinds of dogs?
Yes, the Barx Buddy should be effective on any kind of dog, including small, medium-sized, and large dogs. It works on most any breed of dog as well, since they all have similar hearing abilities. The size of the dog is not what matters when considering whether or not the device works. The important thing is that they can hear the sound it is emitting.
Will it work on dogs I don’t own?
Yes, the BarxBuddy doesn’t require any training for it to be effective. Now, the LED light and training-level sound may not be as effective against a dog that isn’t familiar to you or that is not your own dog, but the higher pitched, louder “stop barking” function should work on any dog.
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The Final Word on BarxBuddy
Barx Buddy is a stop barking device that we can stand behind and earnestly recommend. We are impressed with how effective it is and how safe it is. Other baking cessation methods can be hard on dogs, shocking them with electricity or damaging them in other ways, and if you want to be more humane, then consider the BarxBuddy instead.
The price is right for what this gadget offers too. You can get one for about $39, with savings available for those who want to buy more than one at once. The low Barx Buddy cost makes it an attractive option for someone wanting an affordable way to stop their dog from barking. Compare it to other options that can easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your dog under control and you will see why we say that this is a good choice.
We also recommend it because of how well it works. Other methods may be only effective sometimes, but this one has both an LED light and a high-pitched emission to get your dog’s attention. One way or the other, you should be able to get your dog to stop what it is doing and look at you instead of continuing with the barking.
If you are tired of hearing your dog barking all the time or you want better control over your dog, then consider trying the Barx Buddy. We think it will impress you with how well it works and how quickly your dog responds. Remember that you can use this on other dogs too, snapping them out of their aggressive mood and allowing yourself to pass by them safely. It’s an all-purpose barking cessation tool that should come in very handy for most people.
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