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The best online tarot cards reading sites, ranked by their accuracy, are offering Free love tarot cards reading By tarot readers experts.

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At times when you are feeling uncertain or when you are seeking answers about your past, present or future, it is a common practice to seek guidance through tarot card reading. What makes tarot card reading so popular is the fact the readings are really versatile. You can get answers related to your financial problems, career, personal problems, love life and even get valuable insights into the future.

The next question that needs to be dealt with is where to go for an accurate tarot card reading. Every place in the world does not have reliable tarot card reading, which is why most people turn towards online tarot card reading sites. However, the problem of finding a reliable tarot card reader remains the same. Most online tarot card reading sites lure you with the promise of free readings or heavy discount codes, but most of it is simply fluff. Those sites use these catchy offers to get more traffic and later scam the customers.

When going for a tarot reading session online, you must check out how much the site can be trusted before sharing any personal details or card details. Even among the many scams going on online, there are still several sites that offer genuine insights and accurate tarot card readings. These are the sights that you need to look for when you are feeling down or seek guidance related to important decisions for your life.

The importance of a reliable online tarot card reading cannot be ignored. When you are looking for answers, you shouldn’t have to deal with this significant question, “Is the site I am using reliable”. Well, we can’t answer if you will find the love of your life soon, but can surely tell you where you can get reliable love tarot card readings and similar sites for all your answers.

Online tarot card reading can guide you through times of change, difficulty and everyday questions. Choose an adviser who truly gets you - and find peace, today.

Get personal advice on life’s important questions, from the everyday to relationships, financial or spiritual.

Some of the top choices for reliable free online tarot reading are mentioned below. The list has been made keeping factors like cost of readings, accuracy, and freebies in mind.

Trusted Online Tarot Cards Reading Sites by Experts:

kasamba – Best For Accurate Love Tarot Reading by Experienced Psychics (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)

Keen – Cheapest Accurate Online Tarot Card Readings By Phone Call Or Video Chat (10 Minutes For Just $1.99!)

Psychic Source – The Most Accurate Live Tarot Readers By Phone Or Video Chat (Only $0.66 per minute + 3 first minutes free)

Oranum – Best Spiritual Tarot Card Readers Angel Cards and Cartomancy (Special Offer - 10 minutes free trial)



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Who doesn’t love freebies and when it comes to freebies from a reliable online tarot card reading site, it is wise to take all that you get. Kasamba, a reliable and accurate website, provides the first time customers with three minutes of free readings and a 50% discount on their reading. While you can get readings through a phone call, Kasamba, however, is well known for their exceptionally accurate readings via chat or email. If you are someone seeking answers for your love life, Kasamba is the place to go for you. They not only offer online tarot readings but are also well known for other kinds of psychic reading services like angel card reading, astrology and numerology etc.

The site also displays detailed information about the psychics available along with their customer ratings and a piece of personalized information about them, so that you can get a better understanding of who they are. With more than 100 psychics having excellent customer ratings, Kasamba offers you the best tarot card reading service available online.

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Keen Psychic


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When it comes to the list of the best online sites for tarot card reading, it would be an injustice to leave out Keen Psychic from our list. As one of the largest networks of psychic readers, Keen Psychic has established itself as the prime choice for all those who seek answers about their past, present or future. What makes Keen the most popular online site for psychic readings is that it is not only accurate but it is also the most affordable website. For $1.99 only, you can get 10 whole minutes of online tarot card reading to find the answers that you are looking for. The site also offers genuine freebie offers like 3 minutes free for the first time customers. What makes it even better that you can always find something within your budget. Depending on the reader, most of the consults are between $1- $4 per minute, so you can find a reader as per your convenient budget. Keen surely understands that people need to feel connected with their psychics in order to be open about what they are looking for. At Keen, if you do not feel well connected with your psychic, you can easily get a reimbursement up to $25 in the form of online website credits.

With over 1700+ psychics available and several online private chat and email consults, Keen psychic is definitely going to be your favorite tarot card reading service once you join them.

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Psychic Source


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If you are wondering where your soulmate is, or why you are having troubles with your partner, the Psychic Source is where your journey to seek these answers will come to an end. As a company with a few decades of experience under their belt and to be one of the longest-running ones, they are simply the best. Psychic source understands that when people try something for the first time they aren't really willing to put in a lot of money. This is especially true for people who are already struggling and seek spiritual help to guide them. Psychic source gets it and is generous for its first-time customers. Users get consults at $0.66 per minute and 3 whole minutes consults for free. There are no additional conditions with this offer. Users get to use it with any reader from any specialty.

The website offers reliable reading services over chat, telephone calls and even live video sessions. With Psychic Source, you can easily get the answers to questions related to your love life, career and even understand the meaning of your dreams.

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Oranum is another similar website that offers spiritual growth through psychic reading consults. The website offers a free registration when you join and provides you with a free website credit of $9.99. This again is to help the hesitant seekers understand the services at first without having to invest heavily. Users can use these credit points and get 10 mins free with a psychic of their choice. The website offers accurate readings to customers in a variety of specialties like tarot reading, angel card and even spiritual growth and healing through chakra healing services. The website also has on-page blogs free to all the customers so that they can get a better understanding of the various psychic specialties offered. With over hundreds of psychics to choose from, Oranum provides you with a spiritually safe place and clarity regarding a variety of subjects like love, finances, work, career, family and home.

Before going for a tarot card reading consult to get answers for your problems, it is essential to understand the answers related to the art of tarot online reading.

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What is a tarot reading? How do tarot cards help predict the future?

As one of the most common forms of cartomancy, tarot reading is used by experts to help you get insights into your past, present and future. It is done by dealing with the Tarot card deck and arranging it in a tarot spread. The cards in the spread signify different things. Experts read the tarot spread to divine your fortune. There are different ways to interpret the cards, some experts choose to go by the literal meaning of the cards, while others prefer to use them only as a medium to organize their thoughts. Similarly, some customers believe in the magic of the cards while others firmly believe in the importance of a skilled reader for accurate predictions.

Why choose online tarot card reading?

Convenience is one of the most important factors that most people look for before selecting a service. Be it shopping for groceries or pampering ourselves, as customers, we all seek ease and comfort. This human nature makes online tarot reading consults the most convenient of all. With hundreds of physics to connect with and several specialties covered, the online website offers you all the divine answers from the comfort of your home.

Also, the thousands of customer ratings for various psychics mean that you can choose the best readers to help you on the spiritual path.

Are online tarot predictions true?

Apart from the benefit of a huge number of readers and experts from across the world accessible to you, straight from the comforts of your home, there isn't much difference in the online and offline tarot consults. It all depends on who you can trust and what works for you. For online predictions, as long as you are seeking your answers on trusted sites like the ones mentioned above, there is rarely any chance for those predictions to be false. We can obviously not guarantee the same credibility for the less popular or relatively newer websites.

What are Tarot cards?

Before diving into the process of seeking the answers by tarot reading it is crucial to understand the role played by the tarot deck. A tarot deck consists of two kinds of cards: the major arcana and the minor arcana. Daily life events like our day to day life are predicted by the minor arcana. Although they may sound boring, however, the reality of these is far from that. The reading of these is subject to spontaneous effects depending upon the circumstances. The major arcana deal with the major life decisions like career, love, family etc.

Things to consider before getting a tarot card reading

While most people may have the misconception that the divine art of tarot online card reading is all about the skills of the readers and the deck. It is however only partially true. Your predictions depend upon you. As essential as it is to keep yourself at the focus of the reading, it is also crucial for you to drop any preconceived notions that you have about your life or future. Even though tarot cards or any psychic specialty for that matter does not have the ability to provide definite answers or predictions, however, keeping your mind open to possibilities helps you get the most accurate predictions.

Online or offline readings: which is better?

The dispute between online and offline services isn't something new. However, when it comes to the face-off between online psych consults versus offline ones, online consults take the crown. While some people may strongly believe that meeting someone in person is better to get that spiritual connection, the same can be said about the online consults as well. The spiritual connection between the reader and clients isn't dependent on being physically present. Offline consults are also limited to seeking the guidance of experts around you only. With online websites, you have access to various specialties and experts from across the world to help you with your dilemmas.

Accuracy of live tarot readings

It is 100%  justified to doubt the presence of personal touch through online or live consults via phone or video calls. However, these are again nothing but preconceived notions. The accuracy and the connection depend on the skills of the reader and their connection with their deck. Whether you watch them make predictions about you in person or through a screen is not a significant factor.

Accuracy of free predictions

Another genuine question that most of the first time users of online psych consults raise is about the accuracy of the free productions offered by websites. The online world is full of scams. While there are several people out there ready to make money by scamming people, there are others who are providing genuinely honest services for free in the form of free consults or trial packs. The only solution is to check the credibility from different sources before sharing any personal or financial information with the website.

Love tarot readings

One of the most popular predictions that people seek is the answers to their love life. They mainly deal with the romantic aspect of relationships and predict the future or help you resolve the conflicts of the present. Love tarot readings are not only exclusive for those in a relationship. Even those people who are currently single and may or may not be looking for a life partner can also get their readings to gain insights into the future of their romantic relationships.


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