Dr. Avigdor Shachan

Dr. Avigdor Shachan is an educator, author and historian, whose specialty is in the history of the Holocaust. A Jabotinsky Prize laureate, Dr. Shachan served for 20 years as the supervisor of academies in the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture. In order to complete his research into the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, Dr. Shachan traveled for four years to distant countries and far-flung locations all over Asia, where he examined ancient scrolls, delved into hidden documents and crumbling maps, scoured original manuscripts, and investigated the writings of historians of many origins; Greeks and Romans, Arabs and Jews, Chinese and Japanese. Dr. Shachan studied the testimonies of tourists and wanderers, artists, warriors and missionaries in order to reveal and walk in their footsteps and along their pathways. During the process Dr. Shachan discovered amazing facts and much great wonderment. All this he brought to his best-selling book: Across the Sambatyon - A Journey in the Footsteps of the Ten Lost Tribes.
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