L’Oréal launches team of influencers to combat climate change

 Liran Kohener and Daniela Proski Sion (photo credit: ASAF LEVI)
Liran Kohener and Daniela Proski Sion
(photo credit: ASAF LEVI)

L’Oréal is establishing for the first time in Israel a team of influencers to promote the protection of the planet. The new and long-term venture was launched this week under the name “L’Oréal’s sustainability team for the future.”

L’Oréal Israel recruited a team of about 30 influencers with a worldview that is in line with L’Oréal’s values, to create content on social networks about sustainability in the beauty industry, which will broaden environmental and social awareness among the public.

The team will be led by content creator, model and entrepreneur Liran Kohener, 33, who promotes values of sustainability, environmental protection, health and a balanced diet. Kohener will share her journey as sustainability team leader on her Instagram page, which reaches about 300,000 followers.

Liran Kohener (Credit: Asaf Levi)
Liran Kohener (Credit: Asaf Levi)

“I am happy to know that there are companies in Israel and around the world that promote environmental and social values, under a solid and well-established agenda, such as L’Oréal Israel,” Kohener said. “I consider this no less important than taking care of one’s self.”

The project will be managed on social networks and will include joint meetings of the influencers, in which they will work together for environmental and social goals and create content to increase awareness of sustainability in the beauty industry, such as recycling cosmetics packaging, use of ingredients and more.

The establishment of the influence team is part of L’Oréal’s comprehensive action plan that includes ambitious and measurable goals in the areas of climate, water, biodiversity as well as social goals.

Daniela Prusky-Sion, VP of corporate communications and sustainability at L’Oréal Israel, said: “The team’s goal is to expose L’Oréal’s extensive agenda and work in the field of sustainability to a young, trendy and aware audience, while raising awareness of simple daily activities for the preservation of the environment. The move opens a new channel of dialogue for direct dialogue with consumers on sustainability issues, which are of great interest to consumers today, with an emphasis on young people.”

“We are pleased that Liran Kohener has joined this move as the team leader, and believe that this is only the beginning of a real change on the issue, for a better future.”