Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics At Your Disposal

Free psychic reading online from gifted psychics can transform your life. Find free psychics online through these reliable platforms, Learn more.

Free Psychic Readings Online  (photo credit: IG)
Free Psychic Readings Online
(photo credit: IG)

Psychic readings played a pivotal role in Lord of the Rings. Many events on middle earth were foretold in folklores, visions, and prophecies by wizards, magicians, and powerful supernatural beings.

What has that got to do with your life? Everything and nothing at all, depending on what you think about psychic mediums and spiritual guides. For instance, you might think that you’re on the right path even if it seems like you’ve been stuck in the same old mundane routine for years. We do no doubt that you’ll eventually get out of the rut you’re in these days, be it a toxic relationship, bad boss, or financial woes.

However, there’s no harm in using alternative methods to find your way. 

This is where free psychic readings online and live psychics enter your life. Your past, present, and future appear like an open book to truly gifted souls. You can benefit from their inherent abilities by seeking advice about matters of love, life, and more.

The good news is that you won’t have to embark on a long-winded journey to meet your spiritual guide. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a trustworthy platform to approach your mystic.

This article gives you a rundown of the best psychic websites, how it works, and the many advantages of using psychic readings to prepare for your future.

Let’s have a look.

The Terrific Trio: Best Sites for Free Psychic Reading by Phone and Chat
Free Psychic Readings
Free Psychic Readings

Let’s get one thing straight. Not all online psychic readings go well. You might encounter a con artist that’s only in it for the money.

The good news is that there are tips and tricks to avoid fake psychics. You can begin by looking for credible online psychic hotlines that can connect you to genuine practitioners. Remember that reliable mystics and spiritual healers do exist.

So instead of searching for ‘’the best psychic near me,” you should opt for resources that connect you to a global community of advisors. Our team members have looked high and low to find trustworthy websites for psychics. We shortlisted three terrific sources that can change your life for the better.

Lo and behold the holy trinity of free psychic readings online:

1. Kasamba — Enjoy 3 Free Minutes and  50% Off for Your First Psychic Reading

Kasamba rules the mystic world with its top-rated psychics and exceptional deals. They specialize in love psychics and free psychic readings by the phone. Clients claim that almost all their sessions have led to 100% accurate predictions.

Due to this, they take center stage in all industry rankings.

2. Keen Psychics — Secure Your Future with Insights from the Best Psychics Online  If you’re interested in asking lots of questions, then look no further than Keen Psychics. Unlike other platforms, their introductory sessions cost only $1.99, and they last for ten whole minutes. This allows you to have a meaningful interaction during your almost free psychic reading online.

After that, you can sign up for budget-friendly packages to dig deeper into your future.

3. Psychic Source —The Meeting Ground for Spiritual Guides & Mystic Advisors  Psychic Source has been in the business for decades. This has allowed them to perfect the art of psychic readings by phone and chat. They are equally skilled in tarot readings, career forecasts, and guidance in financial decisions. You can get on board with the best psychics free 3-minutes long trial reading and an additional 75% off discount deal for continued consultation. The following section highlights the key features and advantages of using each website so that you can make the most of this mystic experience.


The Reviews: Are Free Psychic Readings Online Worth It?

On the surface, all three websites are an excellent pick for your first conversation with a clairvoyant. Yet, you might want to dig a little deeper to find out if they are the right match for your current circumstances and life questions.

After all, you want to ensure that you’ve got the right second-sighted expert on your side when you find your way across the unseen. We nudge you in the right direction with our comprehensive reviews.

Here’s what you need to know before you book your first psychic reading:

#1: Kasamba: The Perfect Place for Tarot Readings & Love Psychics 


Whether you’re finding your soul mate or steering away from a financial crisis, Kasamba can help. They have built an A-team of free psychics online through cautious screening practices and careful assessments of each applicant. Plus, having worked in the industry since 1999 has definitely worked in their favor.

Kasamba knows all the tricks in the mystic book and has a knack for filtering fake psychics out of its talent pool. These efforts have led to a successful run in the psychic world with 100% accurate psychic readings by phone and chat.

In addition to this, they do their due diligence when it comes to safeguarding their clients’ confidential details. You will be satisfied with the steps they take to ensure that your clandestine conversations stay anonymous throughout the process. That means no third parties get involved during or after registration. Nor can your designated advisor get your personal contact information without your consent.

They achieve this high level of security with password-guarded accounts and encrypted registration details. Adding to this are confidential chat psychic features that keep all interactions secure. The latter allows you to opt for a private chat session with your physic advisor away from prying eyes.

Best of all, free psychic readings online are available to a global audience. Kasamba welcomes local and international clients without any bias. Alternatively, the team makes sure to uphold inclusive recruitment strategies during the hiring process. As a result, this virtual platform for free psychics has built a big community of gifted spiritualists, energy healers, psychics, and more.

Moreover, being one of the oldest interactive psychic directories has helped them garner a huge fan following. They have served more than 3 million clients and thousands of families in the past and continue to keep the momentum alive with each session.

Current customer feedback and positive reviews are a testimony of these statements. You can use these client stories to get more clarity on how psychic readings work and which psychic medium will work for you.

The Deal Breaker: How Much Do Psychic Readings Online Cost?

As a top-rated free psychic reading provider, Kasamba comes with all the bells and whistles. It has managed to rope in real psychic experts to accommodate all specialties and niches found within the industry. Its network of mystic advisors currently specializes in tarot readings, dream analysis, career forecasts, financial advice, astrology, numerology, and many other forms of psychic mediums.

You can scroll through online psychic profiles to book a consultation with the best candidate. Always consider their experience, specialty, and skills to find the appropriate match.

If you have doubts about choosing the right psychic advisor, you can seek assurance from their ‘best psychic match’ policy. This offer enables you to sign up for free psychic reading online with multiple mystic advisors and experts. Each introductory session covers three free minutes. Once the time is up, you can choose to pay for the remaining consultation or end your trial.

Ending the trial allows you to restart the process as you receive three more free minutes in your account credit. The only condition is that you can’t approach the same psychic twice. Instead, you can schedule a meeting with a new psychic to see if they are a better fit for you.

Later on, you can sign up for monthly packages and related psychic services. All new customers get 50% off for their first full session with live psychics. Other price plans and deals are just as rewarding.

The Takeaway: What Makes Kasamba Great?

 It has been in business since 1999 Connect with the best psychic experts, astrologists, and spiritualists online● Get free trial minutes for every new psychic you pick (max time: 3 minutes)  A 24-hour virtual psychic consultation service for every need  100% secure with confidential chat psychic reading options  Secure payment and transactions with protected passwords  Reliable service with a wide variety of options for tarot reading, live psychics, love compatibility tests, career forecasts, and more  Budget-friendly psychic services with low starting rates (only $1 per minute) Exclusive deals for new clients (like 50% off for the first complete session)  It comes with a money-back guarantee  Download the Kasamba app for daily horoscopes and updates (Compatible with iOs and Android devices) 

Long story short, Kasamba has a genuine interest in turning your life around. They have been in this business for decades and continue to cater to their audience with personable, affordable, and secure psychic solutions. Choose their services to receive authentic psychic readings in real-time.

Click Here to Change Your Destiny in 3 Minutes via Kasamba


#2: Keen Psychics: The Best Value Pick for Free Psychic Readings Online


Keen Psychics wins you over with their user-friendly interface and a top-tier team of psychic experts. The virtual platform strikes a good balance in keeping up with tech-driven trends without compromising the authenticity of real psychic readings.

In other words, it ensures that your free psychic readings online don’t lose the charm and enigmatic aura of traditional techniques. All of this is made possible with the assistance of their experienced mystic advisors and customer support team.

Like the previous platform, Keen Psychics went live in 1999. They have an equally mesmerizing trajectory and success rates with local and global clients. Its exemplary customer service and attention to detail are a few reasons for its continuous growth. The team takes great pride in maintaining high accuracy records and retaining its quality in the last two decades.

Having accredited psychic experts and gifted mystics available for live chats around the clock can be one of the reasons for its claim to fame. Keen Psychics maximizes the value their team brings by running thorough background checks on each applicant. In turn, this ensures that only experienced and skilled psychics make the cut during induction.

Their level of professionalism and dedication translates into numbers. For instance, it has allowed them to connect with over 35 million happy customers. This high number goes to show how much value and respect they give to each client that walks through its virtual doors.

What’s more?

Keen Psychics take significant steps in creating safe and secure pathways to protect their clients. They do this through timely website updates, encrypted login authentication, and reliable payment methods.

Besides this, you can choose confidential chat sessions to keep your identity under wraps throughout your mystic journey. That way, you can receive non-judgmental psychic readings that use basic details, astrological facts, and your aura to foretell your future.

The Deal Breaker: Can You Afford a Session with Keen Psychics? 

Yes, you can.

Keen Psychics provides clients with excellent insights into their past, present, and future without breaking their bank. All users get to enjoy some phenomenal deals and affordable psychic service packages throughout the year. For instance, newcomers can sign up for free psychic readings online for a short 3-minute introductory consultation. You can move things forward by having a longer conversation that costs only $1.99 for another 10 minutes. The extended period allows you to ask all your burning questions without the fear of running out of time.

Additionally, a longer introductory session gives you a better idea about your chosen psychic expert and their capabilities.

In the end, choosing free psychics for virtual consultations requires a thorough comparative analysis of your individual needs. Feel free to browse through psychic profiles to check if their skills and field-based expertise align with your goals and aspirations.

At present, Keen Psychics offers a diverse range of psychic reading styles and modes of communication. Popular choices include free psychic love reading, career forecast, financial predictions, numerology, and tarot readings. Each of these has the power to change your life if you place your faith in psychics. 

The Takeaway: What Makes Keen Psychics Great?

 20+ years of excellent service as an online psychic service provider  It gives you access to a wide network of certified psychic experts and mediums  It provides you with an always-on hotline for real-time psychic queries  A credible source for free psychic love readings, relationship advice, tarot readings, financial forecasts, dream analysis, and more  100% accuracy rates in psychic readings online  Well-vetted recruiting system for psychics  Get the first 3 minutes free for every new trial (available for all types of psychic inquiries) Upgrade your introductory session in $1.99 for another 10 minutes  Choose protected payment routes for all financial transactions  It’s the best platform for free psychic readings by phone and chat


Lastly, Keen Psychics has a stellar customer support team and self-help FAQ page that keep users well-informed about the latest upgrades. Consequently, these virtual features ensure that nobody gets lost in the mesmerizing world of mysticism.

Visit Keen Psychics to Talk to Top Mystic Advisors, Healers, and Experts for Only $1.99!  


#3: Psychic Source—A Thriving Community of the Best Psychics Online 

Psychic Source
Psychic Source

Psychic Source began its mystical enterprise in 1989. Their initial objective was to provide a 24/7 psychic hotline for curious minds, mystic believers, wandering souls, and despondent clients. The evolution of the internet and client interest led to its imminent transformation into a full-fledged online platform for tarot readings, love readings, astrology, numerology, and other online psychic services.

In addition to this, they’ve got angel card readings, dream interpretations, financial gurus, and career forecasts. These sessions are conducted online via phone, chat, or video conferences. Tarot cards and crystal balls often make an appearance during your scheduled meeting.

The company considers ‘humanizing psychic consultations’ as their ultimate mission. They accomplish this goal by providing real-time customer support to their clientele. So that a friendly operator gets in touch with you whenever you message or call their hotline. These dedicated customer reps make the registration process effortless. They also stick around to tackle technical glitches, verification issues, and other mishaps that might disrupt your psychic readings online.

These interactions are followed by well-meaning and enlightening conversations with experienced mystic advisors, energy healers, and spiritualists. You can preview updated profiles, read rank reports, and customer feedback to choose from thousands of available free psychics online.

Each candidate undergoes a tedious recruitment cycle to reach this position. The strict screening process allows Psychic Source to eliminate unreliable practitioners and sketchy seers. These steps are backed by a well-protected security server that monitors log-ins and secures online transactions.

Apart from this, all users can activate an anonymous mode when they are in conversation with their designated psychic expert.

The combination of these secure customer-centric services and techniques makes Psychic Source one of the best websites for free psychics online. Incidentally, these specs are the reason why it’s rated amongst the top websites for psychic readings.

The Deal Breaker: Is Psychic Source the Right Option for You?

Psychic Source strives to use an interactive user-interface and advanced tools to simplify its registration process. These elements allow it to stand apart from websites that have an overwhelming amount of information and non-functional features.

For instance, you can use an innovative Psychic Match Tool to streamline your search for a compatible psychic advisor. The process revolves around a quick Q and A session where you will share a general idea of what you expect from this online consultation.

The system uses these details to pull out the names of three candidates that match your answers. You can then move onto their professional profiles to learn more about their experience, work ethics, and skills.

After this, your free psychic reading is only a few clicks away.

As far as price plans are concerned, Psychic Source happens to be way ahead of the competition. The company offers three free minutes for the introductory session with each new expert. The remaining consultation is charged at $0.66 per minute.

Moreover, every new client gets a 75% discount during their first subscription. Old clients can look forward to seasonal deals, exclusive offers, and rewards for loyal customers.


The Takeaway: What Makes Psychic Source Great?

 3 decades of psychic expertise hundreds of mystic advisors at your fingertips  24/7 psychic helpline for all types of queries  5-star reviews and top-rated psychic advisors  Enjoy online psychic readings by phone, chat or video recordings  Receive unconditional support and spiritual guidance from accredited professionals Ask life questions to sort out relationships, professional challenges, emotional distress, mental health, and life-altering decisions  ● Get real life lessons and mentors that remain a part of your life  It features an advanced psychic reading compatibility tool for streamlined searches  It provides psychic readings online with tarot cards, crystal balls, numerology, angel cards, and other psychic mediums  Budget-friendly psychic services with free three minute psychic consultations with experts 75% discount deal for new clients


On the whole, Psychic Source showcases all the qualities of a reliable psychic service provider. Use it to interact with the best psychics online for tarot readings, love psychics, live psychics and more.


Take Control of Your Destiny and Uncover Your Future At Psychic Source.


Why Should You Give Free Psychic Readings a Try?

Free Psychics
Free Psychics

Are you still skeptical about this proposition? Do you need more clarity on how psychic readings work? Want to know how to spot a fake psychic website?

Disclosing personal details about your life, discussing traumatic events, and sharing secret aspirations can feel intimidating for many people. Free psychic readings online break through some barriers by giving you more control over the narrative.

That means you get to choose: A virtual space for secure interactions  The schedule of your psychic consultations  The mode of communication (i.e. psychic readings by phone, chat or video)  The duration of your consultations  Budget and payment policies

More importantly, you get to choose your psychic expert after free trials and introductory meetings. That means, you get to share those deep dark thoughts and hopeful inquiries with a person you can trust.

Here are some other factors that make online psychic readings worthwhile:

Q1. What Are The Benefits of Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings allow you to think the impossible and make connections beyond the physical realm. You can achieve greatness with a reliable expert guiding you along the way.

Here are some of the amazing ways psychic consultations change lives:

1.    It’s the first step towards self-discovery and self-awareness.

Spiritual guides use crystal healing, energy healing and other cleansing techniques to align your chakras. Your conversations with them can allow you to unlock your true potential by keeping negative thoughts at bay.

2.    You can get lucky in love.

People often become guarded and reserved after experiencing heartbreaks. You can get lucky in love again by seeking advice from gifted psychics. Experts can help you find your soulmate through zodiac compatibility tests, tarot card readings, and free psychic love readings. You can use their tips to build better interpersonal relationships and choose life partners that are compatible with you.

3.    You can take the next big step with confidence.

Life is a gamble, or so it seems, when you weigh the pros and cons of your decision. For instance, switching careers could be the wrong move if you are unprepared. Likewise, investing in the stock exchange market can make or break your finances. Buying a house and moving cities seem equally precarious when you consider the uncertainties surrounding each change.

Psychic experts can give you the push you need to let go of your inhibitions. Their intuitive advice and accurate predictions can set the course for a bigger and brighter future.

4.    You get closure and a chance to heal from a traumatic experience.

Many unfortunate life events leave mental and emotional scars in our lives. Death of a loved one, divorce, an unexpected change in financial status, breakups, and near-death accidents are all experiences that shake you to the core.

Gifted psychics have the power to see the unseen and converse with spirits. Their spiritual knowledge and foresight help you find meaning in these events. Additionally, you can use their assistance to tackle your emotions and uplift your spirit.

5.    They heal your body, mind, and soul.

Spiritual guides, mystic advisors, and energy healers have mastered the art of holistic healing. You can use their guidance to adopt a more mindful and relaxed lifestyle. Subsequently, you can use these new habits to unwind, de-stress and silence anxiety-ridden thoughts.

On the other hand, live psychics help you overcome roadblocks and cultivate meaningful relationships. You also learn how to make intuitive decisions in your personal and professional life, along with regaining your confidence and boosting your self-worth. These collective changes have a significant impact on your worldview.

As a result, you become more content in your life and learn to live it to the fullest.


Q2. The Checklist: What Type of Questions Should You Ask Your Psychic Online?

Most free psychic readings come with a time limit. Asking several questions within this duration leads you nowhere. That’s why you should focus on a single question and specific issue instead of bombarding your consultant with multiple inquiries.

Here are the most common questions people ask during their psychic reading:

1.    Will I ever find love? / is my current partner ‘the one’?

2.    Has my (insert name/relationship of the dearly departed person) crossed over?

3.    Is it the right time to switch careers?

4.    What type of energy is surrounding me now?

5.    What steps should I take to secure my future?

6.    Why do I feel so burned out?

7.    What did I do in my past life?

8.    How can I improve my relationships?

9.    Will I get rich from xyz investment?

10.  Is it the right time to get married?

You can fine-tune your questions by wording them as open-ended questions. That way, your psychic will not get away with a one-word answer. Besides this, you should have a clear objective in mind to ensure that your mystic advisor receives the right energy from you. Otherwise, you risk disrupting their channeled thoughts with your frenzied aura.

Q3. Chat Psychics, Phone Psychics Or Video Calls: What Should You Choose?

Free psychic readings online are available in several different formats. You can talk to your psychic over a phone, send them a text, or seek consultation via video call. The decision often lies in your hands, so choose wisely.

Here are some pros and cons of each format:

     Phone Psychics

Psychic readings by phone are an excellent way to have in-depth conversations with a mystic advisor. Conversations flow freely and you can pick up hints from the tone and speaking style of your psychic expert. You can ask follow up questions as well, giving you better insight into their predictions.

They benefit from this style of conversation for the same reasons.

However, talking to a stranger over the phone can be challenging for many people. If you can relate to this feeling, then chat psychic readings are a good alternative for online consultations.

      Text-Based Chat Psychic Readings

Text chats serve as a neutral medium for psychic readings. They enable you to maintain anonymity through clear-cut questions and answers. Additionally, you can hold onto written conversations longer by maintaining a record. Unlike phone psychic consultations, it allows you to return to the transcript and remember your psychic’s advice better.

The only trouble is that chat psychic readings can often be challenging to interpret due to the lack of human connection.


      Video Calls

Video calls have seen an uptick in usage after the pandemic. People prefer it over other types of psychic readings online because it’s the closest way to have a face-to-face conversation. You can also analyze verbal cues and read the other person’s body language. These tiny details add another layer of complexity and nuance to this private consultation session.

Moreover, some service providers can allow you to record video sessions. You can use this feature to go back to these spiritual conversations weeks later for reference.


Nevertheless, introverts and people who are camera shy can feel uncomfortable during these sessions. You also lose the anonymity maintained during phone and chat readings.


In the end, each type of psychic reading has its advantages and disadvantages. You should choose a mode of consultation that makes you feel at ease. 

Parting Words

Overall, free psychic readings online can have a significant impact on your life. You can use these consultations to steer clear of negative people, places, and proposals. They can help you make some positive changes in life as well.

Moreover, online psychic readings multiply these benefits by providing you with security and protection that in-person settings never did. That’s why we suggest that you use our shortlisted sources to give mystic guidance a chance.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to change your life with a psychic guide leading the way.

Finding free psychics is simple, thanks to online platforms. Think about your specific needs and budget when looking for a psychic on one of these sites. While paying a premium for a quality read may be worthwhile, there are various ways to save your reading costs. Also, make certain that the psychic you hire can provide you with a reliable and accurate reading.

The majority of our best options include free readings with the best online psychics, enabling you to get a feel for the platform before investing any money. In addition, new customers may frequently take advantage of reducedpricing and free trial psychic readings for their first reading session with the service.

This is a sponsored article. The article should not be considered as advice.