Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics For Chat & Phone Readings

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Life experiences are unpredictable for many of us. You cannot predetermine what will happen or what circumstances life may throw at you. Think about the many times you ask yourself questions about why or how something happened. These are the moments you just want to gain clarity and better understand things.

As an ordinary human, you only end up getting more disappointed due to the lack of answers. However, psychics can help you get a better grasp of things. These individuals have inherent powers that make them get insights and provide solutions that an ordinary human being may not have. Psychics can help you understand your past and present life, and they can also give you psychic predictions about your future.

Well, this is just a summary of what psychic reading can do. Let’s dive into more details below.

Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Sites

  • Mysticsense - Best platform for user-friendliness , 5 minutes free for the first session
  • Kasamba - Best platform for psychic reading varieties free first 3 minutes + 50% off for new customers
  • Purple Garden - Best platform for time and price-specific readings , 10$ bonus for the first session
  • Keen - Best platform for psychic knowledge , first 3 minutes are free
  • AskNow - Best platform for linguistic diversity, 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 minutes for free

Mysticsense - Best platform for user-friendliness

Mysticsense may be somewhat new compared to some of the platforms on our list. However, they have had time to build a name for themselves. The platform has a wide variety of renowned legit psychics and millions of users.

How Mysticsense Operates

After signing up on Mysticsense, you are granted free five minutes for a reading. That is your chance to pop up a free psychic question. Once the five minutes are over, your consultation is charged.

When looking for a Mysticsense psychic, you can begin by looking at their profile to know their specialty. You can find various advisor categories, which you can filter according to price, strengths, ratings, expertise, and tone- compassionate and direct are some of the tones you will find. With the Unique Search feature, you can give particular specifications to narrow the advisors further.

Your privacy is taken care of on Mysticsense as they guarantee 100% confidentiality. If you feel your session didn’t go right, you can use the time credits provided on the site to try another advisor.

The Mysticsense website is easy to navigate and receives a lot of praise from users. Its general design, fonts, and colors will help you feel welcome and relaxed.

Specialties and services

Mysticsense has experienced and trusted psychics who provide psychic sessions for astrology, mediumship, tarot card reading, love and relationships, dream analysis, pet reading, and financial and career matters. You can also get spiritual readings.

Contacts methods

You can find free phone psychics, free psychic chat, and most gifted psychics who can communicate with you via live video sessions. Your job is to choose the method you feel suits you best.

Kasamba - Best platform for psychic reading varieties

Kasamba has been in operation for decades and still continues to be a top site in the psychic world. The platform was started in 1999, and it has a base of more than three million users. Having been in operation for such a long time and still going strong, you can be sure to obtain a good psychic reading.

How Kasamba operates

Kasamba offers users free three-minute readings, and there are also applicable discounts for those accessing for the first time. These promotions allow you to test various advisors. They will usually be your chance to get a trial session and see what an actual session on the platform may look like if you somehow feel hesitant.

The famous psychics on Kasamba have exceptional skills, and you can get more information on their profiles. Another thing we like about Kasamba is the anonymity guarantee. Your details are not revealed to anyone.

Users can see reviews, and to even better your chances of getting the best psychic, you can go to the Top Psychics session.

The platform has a money-back guarantee for sessions that don’t feel satisfactory. But you must discuss the same with their customer care support team.

Specialties and services

You can be sure to get any kind of reading that comes to mind on Kasamba. Their varieties include spiritual readings, tarot cards, astrology psychic reading, horoscope, and free medium readings. You can also be helped with dream interpretation, fortune telling, career forecasting, readings on past life, and financial matters.

Contact methods

Kasamba has the interests of its clients in mind. They provide different contact methods for user convenience and comfortability. You can get in touch with an expert via psychic chat or phone or obtain an email or free live psychic reading. The platform also has an app for mobile devices- Android and iOS.

Purple Garden - Best platform for time and price-specific readings

Purple Garden is another site you can check out if you want to come to terms with your past, current life, or prepare for the future. You will find gifted advisors to give you the help you need.

How Purple Garden operates

Like most of the sites on our list, you need to create an account to use Purple Garden’s services. Your only requirements for account creation are a device to access the platform, an email address, and a password.

You will get skilled advisors on Purple Garden since they go through a screening process whereby they avail their information and details about operations. Specific criteria guide the process.

Even though you can use Purple Garden on your desktop, the platform has been primarily customized for mobile use.

Reaching out to cheap psychics is easy on Purple Garden. When you are ready for a real free psychic reading over the phone call, you must indicate how much time you will be needing with a psychic readings and prices on Purple Garden work under the principle of time.

The shortest reading session you can get is five minutes, while the longest one you can get is up to an hour. The prices are indicated against the available time duration so that you can get help depending on your available time and money.

If you don’t exhaust the time you had paid for initially, your money is transferred to your account for use during a different session.

Specialties and services

On Purple Garden, you can get psychic mediums and various readings that include; palmistry, energy healing, astrology, dream interpretations, and horoscope readings. The experts also focus on tarot card readings and oracle guidance.

Contact methods

Accessing the services on Purple Garden is convenient as you are presented with several options. You can pick up your phone for a free chat psychic reading or get a video call reading. We also recommend using the Purple Garden mobile app.

Keen - Best platform for psychic knowledge

Keen offers some of the cheapest forms of online readings with more than a thousand love psychics.  The platform has also received various respectable publications.

How Keen operates

Keen offers detailed explanations relevant to the psychic world on their information center. This is a significant step and an efficient guide for those just stepping into the psychic world and not having much information.

To contact a psychic, all you need is to book a session and set the time for the session. The provision for advance bookings is beneficial for you to prepare yourself accordingly for the session. You can narrow down Keen’s best psychics according to price.

You can view the profiles of Keen psychics to see how experienced they are and what areas/skills they are best at. These advisors undergo a thorough screening procedure before they can start engaging with clients.

Keen is a transparent platform, and you can view past customers' reviews about their experiences.

Keen’s “Get Matched” search feature has made your work easier. You are helped to find a perfect reader through their algorithm. The way the feature works is by asking you some questions about what you are looking for and how you are feeling about the session. The feature then makes several recommendations based on your replies.

Specialties and services

You can get numerous readings on Keen, such as dream interpretations, crystal gazing, spiritual readings, tarot card readings, aura, and numerology readings. If you are worried about life experiences like career matters, love, and relationships, or you need financial advice, you can also get them on Keen.

Contact methods

Keen has various ways to help you connect with their authentic psychics. You can communicate via the phone, chat, email, or book a live session. Keen has a mobile app if you need to have a cheap psychic reading session on your phone.

AskNow - Best platform for linguistic diversity

AskNow is another platform with a reputation for having excellent psychic services. The platform has been in operation since 2005, and it has many experts, with some having been in the field for decades.

How AskNow operates

If you are looking for readings with different languages, AskNow has you sorted. They provide English and Spanish readings. This by itself is a way to reach a wider audience.

Once you are on the AskNow website, you need first to register your account for you to proceed. You can choose an advisor based on price, expertise, or specialty on the AskNow homepage. Assuming you are not ready for a complete reading, AskNow provides a free one psychic question service. Some of the life coach psychics on AskNow have been in operation for over thirty years with excellent reviews. You can be sure they are well experienced. To avoid straining your wallet, AskNow offers free sessions for five minutes and has discounts for its first-time users.

The starting minutes for a session on AskNow are some of the most affordable in the market.

The true psychics on AskNow undergo a screening test before they can begin to work on the platform. They are tested for their qualifications, and that is a way to help users trust that they can find a skilled reader.

Specialties and services

AskNow is home to some of the highly-rated psychics. You can find astrologers, numerologists, mediums, and tarot card readers. AskNow also has horoscope, spiritual, and love advisors.

Contact methods

AskNow has made communication and connection for users easy and at any time. You can receive a live or free phone psychic reading session, and you can also chat or write an email to an psychic expert.

Our Ranking Method. How We Chose These 5 Free Psychic Sites

Nobody in any industry will say they are not the best, even though we know that’s not the reality. The same goes for the psychic world and especially the online platforms. Once you pick up your device and search the web for “psychics near me,” you will be amazed at how many options pop up. It can get overwhelming and confusing, and we understand that. That is why we have done the work for you.

We have curated a list of the best five sites/online platforms we know will help you immensely.

We looked at various popular options to curate the list and narrowed it down to five. We have highlighted aspects that set each site apart and followed specific criteria as follows;

Time of operation

The sites we have enlisted have had substantial periods of operation. We felt that they are excellent fits for satisfaction guarantee with more time in the field.

Hiring procedures

Our list contains the platforms that follow strict hiring procedures for their experts. These platforms apply stringent employment procedures to get the most experienced psychics.

Service variety

Our recommended sites also have a wide variety to choose from for those who want more. We understand that you will not need the exact readings every time you go for a session.

Vetting the readers

We have mentioned how you can vet a specific reader and look into their work, whether you want to use client reviews and testimonials or the readers’ profiles.

Contact methods

The sites we recommend have various communication channels for your convenience and for you to choose what you are most comfortable with.

Special offers and pricing metrics

A psychic reading session's cost can vary and may not always be in line with your budget. Due to that, we have recommendations for sites with varying price points. Furthermore, we have taken into consideration the offers available on the sites like free minutes and the availability of discounts if you are looking for a cheap psychic reading by text.

Paid vs. Free Psychic Reading

The bottom line is that psychic readers get paid. Be ready to pay any local psychic. However, the approach is different for online platforms. You can get yourself free psychics there.

You need to know that the 100% free psychic readings online are only done for a limited time, usually for a few minutes, depending on the site. After exhausting the minutes, you are charged for the session if you decide that you need to hear more of what the reader has to say.

The free psychic readings are usually a way to beat the competition for the sites. The free sessions also shed some light on what a user can expect during an entire session.

You should never think that you can get an entire reading for free. Even on the online platforms, most readers use inherent powers, but they also work as professionals.

Comparing Local & Online Psychics

Since the earlier days, we have always known psychics as those within our locality or the ones we could pay a visit to and get a reading face to face. However, times have considerably changed. In today’s internet era, you can get in touch with free online psychics by doing a simple online search- psychic reading near me.

Convenience - Generally, reaching out to a psychic online will conveniently get you a reading. For one, you do not need to make a trip and see them as you would with a local psychic. That is a way to save on resources like time and money.

Online psychic platforms also try to avail their services around the clock. That is not what you can expect from a local psychic.

Even if an online psychic is not available at a particular time, you can get platforms that will notify you when they are online. With local psychics, you mostly have to figure out when they are available or try your luck.

Variety - Within your locality, you may only get one or a couple of popular psychics. However, online psychic platforms are many, and some have thousands of true psychics. Obviously, they present more variety: the more the variety, the more exhaustive the available readings.

Competition - Because of the wide variety of accurate psychics available online, the competition also tends to be stiffer than for local clairvoyant psychics. Due to that, every online platform will try to do its best to entice its customers. They create different offers like discounts and sessions for free readings, which local psychics may not give.

Cost - The cost of local and online psychics may vary based on different factors. Online psychics may charge for their sessions individually or as guided by the platform’s regulations. They may also adjust their prices as determined by their competitors. On the other hand, local affordable psychics tend to be few. They may set their prices relatively high or cheap depending on the business.

When looking for a psychic, whether online or locally, the most crucial thing is to settle on one who meets your needs. The choice of a local or online psychic is really up to you. Go by what you prefer. Once you find the right expert, they can offer you accurate psychic readings for free.

Essential Considerations and Details to Know Before a Free Online Psychic Reading Session

Set your intentions right - Before you go for the accurate psychic reading for free, you need to ensure you know what you are looking for. Understand that free psychics are different, and they have varying specialties. Some will help you with matters about career, others will look into relationships and love, and others will do dream analysis, mediumship, or offer financial advice. Just to name a few.

If you know what you are looking for, you establish what you want out of your session before attendance. As a result, you become more apparent on how to guide the psychic reader.

Research - Research aids when taking different actions, and it is the same for $1 psychic readings. You want to gather extensive knowledge about the psychic you will be dealing with. If they are online, you should try to analyze their reviews from previous clients. If it is a psychic within your area, gather information from locals, family, and friends.

By combining different experiences, you can get answers about how satisfying the experience may turn out to be or if your questions will be answered satisfactorily.

Prepare a list of questions - Once you have settled on the kind of free love psychic reading online you want, you can write down a list of questions to ask during your session. Having a list of questions is beneficial for you and the psychic. You get to obtain more detailed answers, and the psychic gets more precise guidance.

Let the session be a discussion - For any psychic session, you should avoid keeping quiet and instead talk to a psychic for free. As you discuss issues with the reader, you allow them to read the energies and vibrations coming from you, and as a result, they can gain more insights. Your prominent role during the session is usually the validation of what the psychic is saying.

Attend the session with an open mind - To help yourself get the best psychic reading, do not set any specific agendas in your mind or go looking for something particular. Spiritual psychics communicate information based on the vibrations they are getting, which is typically an uncontrollable process.

They will usually help you understand the things they get answers to. Sometimes, this can be random, and the information they give you may not be pleasing to your ears or what you look forward to being told. Therefore, be open to receiving the information you need. Having a particular agenda may get you disappointed.

The psychic is in charge - Even though we highly recommend that you keep the discussion open, there is one crucial thing to do. You must trust the psychic’s intuition and allow the expert to guide the session. Remember, they are professionals. Yes, you may want to obtain answers to several things, but you need to do so in moderation.

Bombarding a professional psychic with very many questions can be demoralizing, while providing a fraud many questions may make them take advantage of you and cause you to overshare.

Trust your instincts - There are times you may feel that your session or reader sounds a little bit off. If there is something you can’t seem to make out, ask for clarification or for the psychic to expound. If the session doesn’t feel right, feel free to end it.

Merits of Psychic Reading

Attaining clarity and a calmer mind - Reputable psychics help you gain more clarity about different matters. From a session, you can get to connect the dots to why certain things have happened or why they keep happening. Their interventions are crucial for helping you get answers to something you would otherwise not effectively handle alone. As you get the answers, you get to calm your mind from chaotic and challenging situations.

Decision verification - When you can’t decide the action to take because of conflicting situations like career and relationship issues, try going for a free psychic reading by phone for first time callers. These abled humans may just be the help you need to take the necessary step. They can help you settle on a decision because they can offer insights about the upcoming change.

Such bold changes require courage, and a psychic can motivate and inspire you to act and take on the step or decide confidently.

Obtaining closure - Specific life experiences like death and ended relationships can cause a toll on you. But you can get help from a psychic session. If you have a session with a medium, you can connect with a loved one who has passed to obtain closure. A psychic can also shed more light on your love life to bring closure from a traumatic love experience.

Driving your purpose - We are born knowing that we need to serve a particular purpose. But not many of us know what our real purpose is. As a psychic communicates different things about your past, present, or future, they can help you set your mind right to begin a journey of fulfilling your purpose. They also provide you with the push you need.

Contentment - Because a psychic can help you better understand different things happening in your life, you can begin to be in control of what you can. Once you can take care of the situations you can handle, you become a happier human being. When you are happy, you become more content with your circumstances. Not to mention how you can avoid stress-related conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I trust? An online psychic or local psychic?

The issue of who to trust will usually be a personal choice. If you find a legit local or free online psychic, both can be helpful for your situation.

You may be at a greater risk of getting fraud online than locally. Still, you can always take different measures and precautions to avoid being tricked.

How do the works of free psychics and mediums vary?

A psychic mainly helps you get general insights about your life- past, present, or future. On the other hand, a free psychic medium is more specialized in establishing a connection between the living and the dead. Best psychic mediums have a remarkable ability to channel the spirits to give you the help you need. Psychics cannot connect with the deceased.

Every medium is psychic, but not every psychic is a medium.

What approach should I use when asking free psychic reading questions?

As we mentioned earlier, you can prepare several questions to ask. The best way to prepare them is by analyzing details of what constantly worries you, what you wonder about, and what you need clarity on.

The best questions to ask are those with an open-ended approach. Avoid yes or no answer questions. Open-ended questions give the reader a more extensive avenue to cover more ground and offer more details. Yes or no answers are limiting.

What is psychic amnesia, and how can I deal with it?

Psychic amnesia is an interesting phenomenon that typically occurs when connecting with the spiritual world, what we call free psychic medium reading. Free medium readings require all three parties (spirit, medium, and recipient) to communicate in cooperation. When you forget about specific details of your loved one for some time as the recipient, you get into psychic amnesia.

To prevent it, you need to actively be in the communication process and avoid anything that may block the communication. Keep an open mind, relax, and release the fears you may hold while trusting a higher power.

Before you can go for the session, give yourself ample time to grieve to get rid of any feelings of denial or anger. You can also take notes or record your free psychic reading with no credit card. Some of the information passed may likely make sense at a later date or in the near future. You can reference it then.

How can I avoid psychic frauds?

The psychic world also has cons, but there are different steps you can take to avoid them. Watch out for psychics who ask you to pay extra or hidden fees and those who ask you to buy regular merchandise.

Doing research can also play a significant role in helping you identify real psychics. If you feel that your session is more of a manipulative act, just end it. Fake psychics will also tend to foretell tragic events and may even predict death.

Final Thoughts

A free online psychic reading session can significantly impact your life and, more importantly, positively. If you are looking for online platforms for help, you can check out our top recommendations and see which one best suits your needs. If you fancy local psychics, you can still visit them. The ultimate goal is to get help and better guidance to navigate life.

Practical and effective psychic sessions are those with collaborative parties and those that offer an avenue for free communication flow. Therefore, play your part and let the psychic play theirs too. By the end of it all, you will both be happy.

This is a sponsored article. The article should not be considered as advice.