7 Best Stress Relief Techniques You Can Do At Home

Stress Relief Techniques (photo credit: PR)
Stress Relief Techniques
(photo credit: PR)
 Top 5 Recommended ways to relief stress fast:
1. Take Deep Breaths
It has been scientifically proven that breathing deeper will improve your health.   When you breathe deep you are supplying more oxygen to your entire body.  This will provide more energy and help lower stress.   There are also many other health benefits to breathing deep.  It has been said that deep breaths can also decrease inflammation and improve digestion. 
So with all the benefits of breathing deep why doesn’t everyone do it?  First breathing deep takes concentration and in the busy world we live in it is much easier to just breathe fast and shallow.  Here is a quick way to help you breathe deeper.
The first thing you need to do is slow down and loosen up your schedule.  Set aside at least 10 minutes each day to practice breathing deep. 
-   Make sure you are sitting in a very relaxed, upright position.  Let your arms completely relax and close your eyes to really focus.
-   Next learn to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  To do this you want to breath in slowly till your lungs are completely full of air.  Then count to 5 or 10 and then exhale slowly deflating like a balloon.
Take a Break from Electronics
Too much exposure to television, computers or phones can have a negative impact on the amount of sleep you are able to get.  The reason is the brain becomes exposed to over stimuli and is unable to properly slow down prior to bed.  To put it better this is a quote straight from WebMD:
“As your brain revs up, its electrical activity increases and neurons start to race -- the exact opposite of what should be happening before sleep.”
Try to not have any exposure to any electronics at least 1 hour prior to going to bed.  This will help give your brain time to slow down and get into the state necessary to get good quality sleep.
2. Listen to Classical Music

There have been many studies conducted on the effects of classical music on the brain.  Here is an excerpt from one of those studies. “Listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion.”  For those that do not know about dopamine it is basically the feel good molecule in our bodies.  It is easy to see that an increase in dopamine will have a positive impact on your overall mood and lower your stress levels.
3. Go for A Nice Long Walk (preferably in nature)

This one is actually a two for one stress relief technique.  First, there are many health benefits to walking.  Some of the main benefits are low blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, burning calories, and of course putting you in a better mood. 
Second, if you choose to walk in nature you are actually getting fresh air at the same time which will help you get pure oxygen into your system. To see the best benefits of walking try to walk for 45 minutes at a time at least 3 times a week. 
Here is another bonus to walking, you can often kill two birds with one stone.  You can spend time with your children and/or pets, or you can get some errands done while also getting a nice walk in.
4. Find a Hobby

A hobby is something that everyone should have and if you don’t it this is a great reason to find one.  A hobby will be something that will allow you to focus all of your attention on something you enjoy doing.  If you are busy doing something you love it is extremely difficult to be stressed at the same time.
If you don’t have a hobby start trying new things every day.   Get out of your usual routine and do something different.  Watch a different channel than you normally watch, or take a walk in a different part of town.  Also another way to find a hobby is to ask others about their hobbies, you are bound to hear something that interests you.
5. Meditate

Meditation has so many benefits for your mind.  It will help you gain clarity and increase your mood.  Here are some techniques to get the most out of meditation.
-          Have good posture – Posture is very important to help you breathe deep and keep focus.  You want to sit in a comfortable position where you can have great posture.
-          Focus on one thought at a time – As you get a thought gently release it and keep focusing on just the main thought.  You want to focus on something that makes you happy.
-          Take deep breaths – This has been discussed earlier in this article.  Make sure you focus on taking nice deep breaths.
-          Pay attention to your mood – You want to stay in a positive frame of mind.  If you feel yourself slipping into a negative state, simply regain your focus.
-          Get in a quite environment – A quite environment will help you keep focus because you will not be distracted by every little sound.  This is absolutely essential to proper meditation.
-          Do at least 15 minutes – This is more of a soft rule but one that should be follow nonetheless, 15 minutes is a good amount of time to get some benefits out of meditation.
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