How The Amazing “Loud and Clear” Hearing Hero Made Me Feel Young Again

I Felt Ancient at Age 54 Because I Couldn’t Understand What People Were Saying to Me

Hearing Hero (photo credit: PR)
Hearing Hero
(photo credit: PR)
My friend Ben was showing off. He said to me, "I just got a new prescription hearing aid from my doctor. It cost me $7,000, but it’s state of the art so it’s worth every penny."
"What kind is it?” I asked.
“A quarter to twelve,” replied Ben.
My friend was having the same problem I was having. I’m only 54 years old, but I was starting to go crazy because I couldn’t understand things people were saying to me.
It started off slowly, but gradually I realized I was beginning to have a serious hearing problem. People would talk to me and I would not have a clue what they said.
My life was becoming very frustrating. “Sorry?” “What??” “Say again?” was becoming my entire vocabulary. Not only did people get annoyed at me, but I started to worry that I might lose my job.
My co-workers, and even worse - my boss, would tell me something and I would not have any idea what they had said. I’d have to guess.
When hearing loss starts to happen to you, it affects the entire quality of your life. The symptoms are obvious and painful.
You can hear people talk but you can’t understand what they are saying. Or the volume of what you hear is so low that you have to strain to hear things. You cup your hand around your ears and strain to get the gist of it.
You have to turn the TV up so loud to hear it that it is blasting and annoying other people. You worry about driving because you can’t hear horns beeping or worse.
When my hearing started to decline I became depressed and anxious. I knew my wife and kids were frustrated too, even though most of the time they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. But they had to shout when they they talked to me, or they had to yell right in my ear. Even though I’m still only middle-aged I felt like a hopeless old man.
I went to a few very expensive hearing specialists. These doctors did a bunch of tests but really couldn’t tell me anything concrete. I had the feeling that they were getting commissions from really expensive hearing aid companies because my doctor arranged a one month trial of one super-expensive hearing aid that would cost me (can you believe it) $11,000 after all the fittings and adjustments. My insurance would only pay for a small part of the cost. The co-pay was going to be astronomical.
My experience with the super-expensive prescription hearing aid was poor, to say the least.
First of all, it was extremely uncomfortable to wear. It was supposed to be fitted to my ear, but it kept coming loose and it stopped working when there wasn’t a tight seal. And when it was tight in my ear, my own voice was BOOMING. I sounded like I was shouting and I could never figure out how loud my voice actually was. People thought I was screaming at them.
Not to mention, it was ugly, bulky, and the battery didn’t last too long. I hated the thing. Even worse, the background noise was terrible, I always felt like I had a ringing in my ear. My voice sounded like a bad phone answering machine.
Oh, and one more problem. Forget about using my iPhone with that crummy $11,000 hearing aid. It created some kind of weird electronic loop, and I couldn’t talk on the phone at all. All I could hear was crazy buzzing sounds and painful noises. That is, until the battery died after only a few hours.
So I gave the “Luxury Hearing Aid” back to my doctor and told him to forget it. My doc was disappointed. I guess he was looking forward to his $4,000 commission. Too bad, Doc.
But let me get back to Ben, my friend who had the new $7,000 prescription hearing aid from his doctor.
Surprise, surprise, he also sent it back. It didn’t work for him.
But the next time I met him he was really happy. We had a wonderful conversation. Ben had to shout in my ear for me to hear me, but I spoke in a low, normal voice, and he understood every single word I said!
I didn’t realize until I looked very hard, but Ben was wearing a hearing device that was practically hidden behind his ear. And he told me it worked great. He said it didn’t have any of the problems of his expensive prescription hearing aid. Wow!
He told me that he had uncovered a brand new company called Hearing Hero that was manufacturing top-of-the-line hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of prescription models.
Most expensive prescription hearing aids are made by big, old-school companies who only want to make money by scamming insurance companies (and you!). They create something with uninspired engineering that they know will be approved by Medicare or other insurance, so they can jack up the price and rip you off.
But HEARING HERO was designed and engineered by a group of engineers who worked in the space and aircraft industries . They partnered with factories that are on the cutting edge of super-high-quality miniature electronics. If you’re flying a Boeing 787, an F35 fighter jet or orbiting the planet in a Space X capsule, you HAVE TO HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATIONS. Your headset has to CUT THE NOISE, BE LOUD AND CLEAR, and MAKE EVERY WORD UNDERSTANDABLE.
It’s from this experience that HEARING HERO was created. It’s sold at a price which is a tiny fraction of the $$$ that the rip-off companies are charging. And, get this, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription.

Here’s my experience with HEARING HERO:

  • It is SUPER COMFORTABLE. The earpiece fit my ear, and it fit snugly behind my ear.
  • The sound is LOUD AND CLEAR. From the instant I put it on, I no longer had to strain to hear. No more “eh”, and “what’s that?” I could clearly understand every word that was said to me at a normal volume. That’s because HEARING HERO has a proprietary ASP which means analog signal processing. Analog waves are smooth and continuous. Sounds are amplified and delivered true to sound which makes everything intelligible and loud again!
  • The battery lasted a really long time. I didn’t have to worry about running out of juice. And when the battery did become weak, it didn’t just die. A gentle warning indicator gave me plenty of time to recharge.
  • There was no problem with my iPhone. Nothing sticking out of my ear, no screeches and buzzing. I could use my phone perfectly as normal! That was a big relief.
  • There are plenty of other things if you’re a spec freak. Adjustable, multi-level ASP. Variable high grade audio amp. Microphone noise reduction. Feedback reduction. The highest grade electronic chips and aircraft-grade microphone and speakers.



If you have any kind of hearing problem at all, you owe it to yourself to try the amazing HEARING HERO.
Now I don’t feel old anymore. I’m secure at my job, and I understand everything that anyone says to me. I’m so happy I discovered HEARING HERO.
And when I ask Ben “What kind is it”?” he answers HEARING HERO! ( not a “quarter to twelve”! )