How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

For some of us flat abs are something we only dream about and never seem to be able to obtain, no matter how hard we try.. Here is how to do it naturally:

Lose Belly Fat Quickly  (photo credit: PR)
Lose Belly Fat Quickly
(photo credit: PR)
Like me, I am sure you have scoured the internet for something that works, and works fast (since most of us don’t really want to put in 1-2 hours each day of rigorous cardio and strength training to get those rock hard abs).
Thanks to that hormone estrogen, women naturally store more fat than men to prepare our bodies for pregnancy. On average, women have anywhere between six and eleven percent more body fat than men (thank you hormones). This is why men seem to be able to lose more weight faster because their bodies don’t naturally hold on to the fat like women’s bodies do.
I’ve put together some of the best ways women, just like you, have been able to shed those stubborn extra pounds and start packing their bags with little string bikinis. Let’s take a look:

Give Up The Long Runs

Let’s face it, most of us hate running. Especially when we know we have to run for hours to burn enough calories to really make it worth it, right? Well good news! If you really want to scorch those calories and shred up those abs, you need to throw out the long consistent workouts for shorter bursts of exercise known as Interval Training. These are short bursts of high intensity workouts followed by short breaks of about 30 seconds.

Just a Dash of Olive Oil

I know it sounds weird consuming oil when we are trying to lose belly fat, so you’ll just have to trust me. According to, olive oil actually gives you a sense of fullness, resulting in lower amounts of calories consumed. Try adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your salad or use it with some multi grain bread before digging in to your next meal. It could save you some extra time at the gym.

Greens, Greens, and More Greens!

Did I say you should eat lots of greens? Dark green vegetables like kale and broccoli have very few calories in them, but are packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants essential for boosting energy naturally. They also are very filling, which may distract you from wanting to indulge in some pudge-friendly food later on.
There is one fat-burning ninja food that I just had to look into. Now, I am sure all of you have heard of this, but have you put it to the test? It’s knows for reducing appetite and inhibits the fat-making process in our bodies. What is it? This amazing fruit is called Garcinia Cambogia.
Although, it’s not the fruit its self that actually helps reduce fat and suppress appetite, it’s the extract within Garcinia Cambogia called HCA.

How does it work?

The super extract being used in weight loss supplements is called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it works in two ways to burn fat quickly and naturally.
First, it suppresses your appetite by increasing serotonin levels. Low levels of serotonin have been knows to increase depression and anxiety, driving many of us to over eat due to emotional stress. So, as your serotonin levels increase, your mood is improved and reduces the desire to reach for that half gallon of ice cream when you are feeling a little blue.
Second, HCA stops the fat-making process in your body by inhibiting a key enzyme called citrate lyase that your body needs to make fat from carbohydrates. It also may help lower LDL or "bad" cholesterol.

Does it really work?

Obviously, taking an HCA supplement alone won't scorch the extra pounds by itself, but in when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the results seem promising. In fact, participants in a recent study prove that HCA actually contributes to increased weight loss.
The tricky part is finding the right supplement to take. After all, there are hundreds of weight loss supplements available claiming that they contain HCA, but do they measure up?

What should I look for in a quality supplement?

Look for a garcinia cambogia supplement with at least 50 percent HCA. Take 500 to 1000mg before each meal, and make sure to take no more than 3000mg total per day.

So, what do I recommend?

Here is one supplement that I’ve found to help burn belly fat quickly:
The Benefits of Metabo Matrix
Exciting new breakthrough in in natural weight loss is an ingredient that lets you lose weight without having to go on extreme diets and workout routines.
HCA extract is an acid known for many of its benefits. With the increased serotonin levels, it helps those who eat emotionally get better sleep and increase their moods, resulting in no more eating when you’re not hungry. HCA also acts as an appetite suppressant.
Metabo Matrix helps fat from being made and moves towards glycogen, an energy source that helps increase fat burn. As the fat is blocked from being added to your body, you start seeing results, fast!

How to Use Metabo Matrix

The creators of Metabo Matrix claim you should take one capsule 30 to 60 minutes prior to eating a meal. Drink the capsule with at least 8 ounces of water and take the capsule at least twice per day. The manufacturer also claims that “consistent use for 90 days will yield optimal results.” Also, combined with a healthy meal plan and moderate exercise you may see an increase in fat burn.

Start Scorching Your Unwanted Belly Fat Today!
Stop feeling unhappy with who you see in the mirror and get back that feeling of confidence and increased energy! In no time at all you will start to see a slimmer healthier you that loves who she is and is proud of how she looks. Start losing that unwanted belly fat quickly and naturally today!