How To Get A Girlfriend This Month: Proven Strategies That Actually Work

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As an entire generation becomes engulfed in what is now being called the digital age, dating is becoming more and more difficult for everyone when in theory it should be getting easier. Both men and women are finding it increasingly difficult to find partners to share their lives with, but it is especially true for men. It is estimated that over 30% of men between the ages of 18-30 are virtually sexless, and that number is only trending upwards. Because of this, use of pornography and services such as OnlyFans has skyrocketed in recent years, leaving men of all walks of life feeling emotionally and spiritually unsatisfied. With each passing year, an increasing number of men are turning to the internet in order to find the right guidance that would help them achieve the ability to obtain one or more girlfriends whenever they please. With the right guidance, virtually every man can get a girlfriend. Let’s take a look into what that entails.

Why Some Men Fail At Finding A Girlfriend

Perhaps the biggest issue with some men today is that they often blame women for their own shortcomings or inability to get a girlfriend. These men make claims such as “all women are gold-diggers” or “women are too picky”. The fact of the matter is that things are the way that they are and complaining/pointing fingers is not going to change anything. Humanity has evolved the way it has over recent years (for better or for worse) and you must evolve with it if you wish to find a girlfriend. You aren’t going to change female nature and if you truly want to learn how to get a girlfriend, you’ll need to just accept that women are the way they are. As they say; don’t hate the player, hate the game. And you must learn how to play the game if you wish to succeed.

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The first component that you must understand on your journey to finding a girlfriend is that the main thing you should be focusing on (and the only thing that can help, really) is bettering yourself as a man. There are definitely a few tricks and strategies you can use to improve your game nearly instantly and you should absolutely utilize them whenever possible, but the core principle is to better yourself as a man. Whether that means getting in shape, making more money, learning how to speak more coherently and tell better stories, or just exude more confidence around women - it’s something you must get done. Even if you are excelling in every category of manhood, if you are in a position where you are finding it difficult to get a girlfriend - there is probably something missing from your game (it could be as simple as you not knowing where to look). This is why I recommend watching this video to truly learn how you can go about getting a girlfriend.

Watch Below To Learn How To *Actually* Get A Girlfriend

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Improving Yourself As a Man In Order To Get a Girlfriend: Step By Step

As we just went over, the best way to go about getting a girlfriend is to better yourself as a man. Once you are able to build yourself up into a high value man, it will no longer be a matter of finding a girlfriend, but rather a matter of picking the girl you like best. It is often said that the top 20% of men share 80% of women on dating apps and in the real world - your goal is to enter that top 20% of men (and ideally use one of the better dating sites). Let’s go over how you can do that.

The Physical Aspect - Fitness & Hygiene

This is the most basic and raw element of bettering yourself as a human being. At our most fundamental layer, we as humans are looking for other people which we are physically attracted to first and foremost. That means being in shape, having your hair cut/arranged well and often, taking care of your grooming (no unibrows), smelling nice, having a bright smile, minty breath, etc. It does not matter how well you excel in other categories; if your hygiene is not on point, it will kill any potential sexual attraction that a female might feel towards you. It is for this reason that you must absolutely be clean and take care of your hygiene at all times if you’re looking to learn how to get a girlfriend soon.

Being Able To Provide For/Take Care Of A Woman Financially

Many men will take this the wrong way and think that as a man, you must be rich in order to attract a woman because some of these men are under the illusion that all women are gold diggers when this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a big difference between being rich and being financially stable. As a man, you must be able to afford to pay the bill on all dates, have a decent apartment, buy a decent wardrobe, pay for transportation, pay for the occasional holiday/vacation, and just be able to take care of a woman's needs from a financial perspective. No woman wants to be with a broke man and if you cannot afford to sustain a decent quality of life and are a full grown adult, you will have a much harder time finding a girlfriend. One of the most attractive qualities a man can have is ambition and determination; an inability to pay for a decent quality life often shows a lack of ambition/drive. 

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Having A Good Personality, Sense of Humor, And Ability To Tell Stories

This alone can take you very far in your journey of finding a girlfriend, and that’s why we recommend watching this video to learn how to have game. Now, obviously becoming a funny individual is not as straightforward as building up your bicep muscles (there is no personality gym you can attend), but there are definitely ways of improving your personality and sense of humor. Usually, people do this by putting themselves in as many social settings as they can. Once you are around people for prolonged periods of time, you will begin to better understand how certain people react to certain things, what they find funny, what they find interesting, etc. The biggest mistake some men make is that they do not expose themselves to enough social situations and this hinders their ability to be personable, funny, charming, and attractive to others. In order to improve your personality, you must talk to more people (men and women) and put yourself in more social situations.

Having A Sense of Style

While being stylish and wearing nice clothing is definitely important, it is probably one of the least important things from a very general perspective (clothing can only take you so far if you do not have game/money/nice body etc.). You do not need the most expensive or flashy clothes, in fact that stuff can be a turn off for a lot of women. You do however need clean clothes that fit you well - that is probably the most important aspect of style overall. Find out what kind of clothes look best on you and make sure you are always wearing the right size. If you must, consider hiring a stylist to help you look better. Generally speaking this is the easiest one to take care of, so make sure you do it quickly and early so that you can focus on more important matters.

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Learn To Exude Infinite Amounts Of Confidence

One of the things a lot of men struggle with is their inability to exude confidence. As we all know, confidence is one of the most important parts of attracting members of the opposite sex but it is especially true from a mans point of view. The great thing about confidence as it pertains to picking up women is that it doesn’t even necessarily need to be real confidence - you just need for the person you’re speaking with to believe it’s real. Exuding confidence is done through the words you speak and tonality, but it is also done through your body language. You must always have great posture, speak slowly and loud enough to be heard, look directly in their eyes (avoid looking away first), and give off the vibe that you could care less about receiving her approval. There are many different parts of exuding confidence but those are the main things to take care of. Confidence is undeniably one of the most important ingredients, if not the most important.

How To Find a Girlfriend: Where To Look

Some of our readers might feel that they have already built themselves into a high value man, but they are still struggling to find a girlfriend. While it may be true that you are already a high value man, part of achieving that feat fully is being able to attract women wherever you go. That means when you’re going shopping for groceries, going to your place of work, getting errands done, and even online. With that being said, it is possible that you may not know where to look, so let’s get into where and how you should position yourself to find a girlfriend.

Best Online Dating Sites To Find A Girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend Online

Let’s face it - most dating apps suck. The saturation of men is too high, which is why we still recommend AdultFriendFinder as the best overall online dating site. Odds are you have already tried online dating as most men have. Some people say that online dating is more difficult than dating in real life while others have found the opposite to be true. One thing is for certain though - if you want to increase your chances of finding a girlfriend, you must incorporate the online aspect into your game as well. Refusing to join an online dating site is leaving too many options on the table and that is not something you should want to do. Can you get a girlfriend without ever signing up to an online dating site? Sure, but it may be a lot more tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. You need to be prepared to look a lot longer and harder if you want to not use dating apps at all. It is true that dating apps are probably quite a bit more competitive than real life would be (there are far more men using apps like Tinder & Hinge than there are women, which makes the marketplace extremely competitive for men) but if you know how to make the game favor you, the odds of finding not just one, but multiple girlfriends skyrockets. Read this review to learn why AdultFriendFinder is the best online dating platform.

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Your Pictures Are Everything

Here’s something you probably already knew - the photos you have of yourself on dating apps will determine 90% of your success. The reason most men struggle on dating sites is not that they are unattractive, but that they do not know how to have pictures taken of them that makes them look attractive to women. Yes, looking good is obviously important but generally speaking women are less visually-oriented than men are. This is why it is possible for a gorgeous woman to date an uglier man (albeit, who usually excels in other areas) but you will almost never see an attractive man dating an uglier woman. 

You must take pictures that convey the kind of man women are looking for, and typically women are looking for men that are funny, charming, sociable, adventurous, and ambitious. Pictures with kids, pets, and travel are always good. One or two pictures in groups are also fine to show that you are sociable, and don’t be afraid to post some pictures with other women as well. Try to avoid having too many up-close selfies and low-quality pics. On dating apps, you must always be testing multiple photos and in different orders to optimize for the maximum amount of success. Don’t hesitate to ask women in your life for advice on photos as well.

Texting A Girl Online

If your pictures and profile are on-point on dating apps, you will have some matches begin to trickle in and you must know what to say. At this point, it becomes a matter of getting these girls to meet you in real life. Remember that at any given point, a woman might be matched with/talking to dozens of men (or more), this is why you must act fast. Do not wait too long to text her. You must always aim for progression which means getting the conversation off of the dating app and onto texting/messenger app ASAP. After an initial conversation on the dating app, go for the phone number or Facebook/Instagram. If at this point she refuses to give you her contact information, you must stop feeding her attention and move on to the next target (women will almost always give their contact info to men they are serious about, so if she refuses to move the convo off of the dating app she is most likely not serious).

Once you obtain her number/Instagram, you must continue to aim for progression. The goal here is to get her on a date; do not hesitate to set up a date within the first day or two of talking. If you do not act fast, she will forget about you and her inbox will pile up with messages from all of the other men trying to get the same thing as you. Now, this doesn’t mean that you must not get to know each other at all through the app because that is totally fine (and expected, actually). Just don’t fall into the trap of talking with her on messaging apps for days on end without setting up a date because at some point she will get bored and move on. Create easy and fun conversation for 1-2 days before setting up a date.

Getting A Girl On A Date

If all went well through the text convo, you should end up to the point where you are asking the girl out on a date. When meeting a girl in person for the first time, it’s important that you go for something quick and that is a low investment of time like a coffee date at lunch. This is because neither of you *really* know each other, or if you’ll even like how she looks in real life. That’s why you must keep it simple - so that either of you could walk away within a matter of 30 minutes if you choose to. Do not ask her if she would like to come out on a date - ask her what her schedule is and just set it up. Women are led by confidence and you must display confidence even when setting up the date.

Once you are on the date, try to avoid talking about yourself too much. One of the best ways to make people like you is to let them talk about themselves and ask a lot of questions. Pay attention to everything they’re saying and build on the subjects that interest them. If you sit there and all you do is talk about yourself and your passion for collecting lego sets, the date will go downhill fast. Find out what she’s interested in and build on common interests to make the date go well. Do not be invasive, but definitely make her and her life the focal point of the conversation.

Depending on how good your game is, you might be able to seal the deal on the first date. Most men are not this good however, and you’ll need to resort to another couple of dates to sleep with a girl (which is totally fine). If all goes well on the first date, continue talking to her through text and try setting up another date within a few days, this time in a night setting. Dinner can work although it is a bit formal - a better option would be going out for drinks. Alcohol obviously makes people a lot more comfortable so going to a bar or nightclub setting is always a good option when meeting a girl on a second or third date. If a girl agrees to meet with you on a second/third date in a night setting, she is definitely interested. At this point it is your duty to make the interaction slightly physical/sexual as to not get friend zoned. Men enter the friendzone when they make a girl comfortable but are too afraid/hesitant to make the relationship physical.

Avoiding The Friend-Zone

This is one of the most crucial parts of getting a girlfriend, so pay attention. If all goes well with your interactions with a girl, there will come a point where you will either become the man in her life or you will be added to her list of male friends. This usually takes place on the second date although it can also take place on the first. If you just meet with her and the only thing you do is talk and do not make your sexual attraction to her noticable, then you are just meeting like any other friends would and she will then begin to classify you as a friend. Start out with compliments (lips, hair, body are a good place to start) and then progress to physical contact. Touch her hand - if she responds positively to that you can then begin to touch her arms, her thighs, and her waist. If she continues to respond positively, you can continue to escalate to kissing and touching other areas. If she does not respond positively, back off for a bit and give her more time to become comfortable with you. Do not become a friend in her life though - make your sexual attraction to her clear.

How To Find A Girlfriend By Picking Up Girls In Real Life 

This is something that happens a lot more rarely these days, but it still does happen. Trying to get a girlfriend by just hitting on random attractive girls in the street obviously takes a lot more cojones than texting a girl on tinder, but it is significantly more rewarding. It is more rewarding because in 2 minutes of talking in real life, she can feel more comfortable with you than she would in a full week of texting on Tinder. So while it’s easier to just text a girl you met online because the rejection aspect is not as strong online, it will be much more difficult to get a date out of her than it would be if you went up to her at a coffee shop. But again - going up to girls in the street and asking for their phone number takes a lot more balls than matching with girls on a dating app does.

If you do go down this route, there are some other advantages as well. One of the big ones is that you will know for sure whether or not you will be attracted to a girl, which is not always the case online (there are plenty of catfish out there, makeup/angles can also bump a girl up 1-3 points above what they actually are). There’s also the advantage that you might be able to sleep with her from the get-go if it’s a nightclub/bar setting. The disadvantages are that you will have no idea if a girl has a boyfriend before speaking to her, she might be more inclined to turn you down if she’s with her friends, she might be in a rush, or she might not feel comfortable with being approached in general. Good places to approach girls are: in parks, at the mall, walking on the street, in nightclubs, and other venues. If you’re a pro, you can even approach girls that are working such as bartenders at a bar or waitresses at a restaurant. Remember, approaching girls is a lot more nerve-racking to do than texting one, but it can also be significantly more rewarding if you pull it off.

Pay Attention To The Little Things, Because She Certainly Will

One area that very men mess up in or don’t pay attention to is their attention to detail. Women are not like men; they notice and pay attention to extremely subtle things that the vast majority of men don’t pay attention to. This includes things like: the length of your fingernails, how clean your shoes are, how long you hold eye contact, how you speak to staff, and many more things. Women can analyze the tiniest aspects of your life. This doesn’t mean that you should panic and overthink everything - but it does mean that you should be mindful of the fact that she will definitely be paying close attention to the kind of man you are and how you carry yourself. If you like her to leave with a good impression, make sure you carry yourself like a man who has his sh*t together (or better yet, become the man that has his sh*t together).

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

If you are serious about getting a girlfriend, you will get rejected no matter how good you look or how on-point your game is  - it’s just part of the process. The question should not be “how to avoid rejection” because that is simply impossible. The real question should be “how to deal with rejection”. The way you deal with rejection is by understanding that her turning you down has nothing to do with you or who you are as a person. You are no less (or more) valuable because of the interaction. Too many men let rejection discourage them which is part of the problem; once you understand that rejection is just part of the game in the same way that having the other team score points in basketball/football is part of the game, things will become a lot easier.

Bottom Line: Learning How To Get A Girlfriend Is One Thing: Getting A Girlfriend is Another

You can only learn about what needs to be done to court a woman for so long before you need to actually put it into practice, and to feel confident going into the situation you must know the secrets that top-tier alpha males know. Although it’s important to follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ guide that works flawlessly for 100% of the male population. The reality is that if you want to attract a woman into your life, you will have to be yourself and attract her naturally. The best thing you can focus on as a man is bettering yourself as a human and doing all you can to become a high value man. That means looking your best, feeling your best, and being the type of man that all people want to be around - men and women. This takes time and effort but the end result is extremely rewarding. 

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