How To Lower Your Car Insurance Rates - Top Secret!

Today I will explain exactly how to reduce your current insurance rates in a way that everyone can accomplish.

 (photo credit: PRETECTED)
(photo credit: PRETECTED)
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Everybody thinks that there is a huge mystery regarding how insurance rates are being generated and about the best method to get lower rates for the same policy. That couldn’t be any further from the truth! 
I will let you in on the insurance industry’s biggest secret, of how to pay less for the same policy while getting the best coverage. I'm doing this because I believe that people should be better informed and be able to make smart financial choices and save money. You (the consumer) should have the power to decide and pay less.
So this is what you need to know: Insurance carriers change the prices of the same policy very often. Now you might ask yourself “why is that so important to know?”. It’s crucial to understand because it means that I can almost guarantee that if you go to any insurance marketplace right now you could be able to find the same policy you have now for a better price.
Think about airplane tickets. Don’t you hate when you took the time to order them months in advance just to figure out that the same ticket is much cheaper now? That is a complete waste of money. And that is happening everyday as you do not get a cheaper version of your current insurance policy. It’s like buying an overpriced plane ticket over and over again EVERY MONTH.
It is extremely important to know that in certain states, the change in rates can be even quicker and the price drops for the same policy could occur on a bi-weekly basis. One of the ways you could find out how much you could save right now is with the personalized policy finder on
Please remember: Even if you already have insurance, you can almost always cancel your current policy with no fee and be reimbursed in order to purchase your newly found better policy.