Keen Psychic - Safe or SCAM Psychic Reading Site?

Keen Psychic, Real Psychic Readings or Fake? Honest Review On Keen Psychic Now offers 10 Minutes for just $1.99.

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What is Keen?

The biggest challenge that one faces after deciding to go to a psychic is to find who would be the best fit to solve our problem. As there can be situations where the individual has no visible signs of distress but must have been going through a lot from within. In this situation finding the best suit for the person turns out to be important, but since not all the psychics are not available together for one place, it becomes a very difficult task. But with the introduction of various psychic reader services online, this is no longer a problem.

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Keen is a platform which introduces a person with a list of professional psychic advisors, sessions with whom can provide psychic readings enabling the person to obtain a deeper understanding of the past, present and future. One can gain clarity on various aspects like love, relationship, career, family and many more areas that might be troubling any individual by providing readings, tarot readings, astrology advice etc. Connecting with the advisors of the platform helps people combat adverse phases one might be going through and aid them land into a better state of mind. Keen lets one engage with the advisor through phone call or chat system being charged per minute which ranges $ 1.99 to $ 19.99+

One can go for a psychic nearby, so why keen?  

One must be wondering, if they can approach nearby psychics then why prefer keen? This is a legit question to come across but there are various reasons you would want to prefer a keen psychic over the ones that live in your demographic area.

Keen is a trust-worthy site functioning since 1999 and claims to have provided 35 million readings till now. All the advisors are highly experienced and one can view review ratings of all the advisors who are a part of keen before entering any sessions with the advisor. Availability of over thousand of advisors helps the seeker choose from the wide range, read about the advisor which would help them figure out the persona of the advisors, review their ratings and the amount they charge per minute. One may connect with an advisor who might be the best fit, who could assist them to find a way out of the hustle-bustle one is stuck in while at the same time is fitting the budget criteria. 

If a person is new to keen, one should try the first three minutes criteria advantage to get the best of the website. The services of keen are available for 24/7/365 freeing the person from being time-bound if one goes to see any nearby advisors. Phone calls or chats are preferable over meeting in person when a person is stuck in such a state because while meeting the person might not be able to open up so well as they would over a phone call. 

One doesn’t have to be conscious about their appearance and body language while conversing over phone or chat but these factors would surely concern many while seeing a psychic face to face. Any such factors can make them nervous and anxious. And any person who isn’t able to pour their heart out, will not be able to get the best benefit.

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How can one use keen?

To avail, the services of keen one can get started by signing in or by registering (if already signed in). By clicking on the ‘get matched now’ option, one would be directed to the page with few questions. Firstly one is questioned how the person is feeling that day, the next question asks about areas one has to talk about with the advisors for help, this would enable one get in touch with the advisors that best suits his/her needs. The following question pops up asking about if one is looking for any specific skill in the advisor. The site then asks how a person would like to listen to the advice i.e. would one want it to be direct without sugarcoating anything or by telling everything maintaining a gentle tone.

At the end the site enquires about the name and birth-date of the person seeking help, this is an optional question as it depends on the willingness of the person to fill in details. Clicking on the next options presents a list of keen psychic advisors that might best suit the person. 

The person is then provided with the freedom to choose any of the advisors from the list so provided; who they feel would be able to understand their situation better. A customer can either choose to have a conversation over a phone call or chatting is even an option that is available to them. The charges are done on a per-minute basis.

Types of keen psychics reading services

Keen has a lot of psychic advisors range providing various services are connected on the

platform such as:

Financial Outlook:

The psychic advisors available on keen can help one deal with financial tensions. They might help in bringing up the financial aspects that one’s life would come across such as jobs, salaries, and even businesses. They can give you advice about how your future looks in this particular aspect and how you should move on with it. 

Love and Relationships:

The psychic advisors can assist one to know about their love life. They can surely help one overcome the negative effects one might have come across due the relationship that you might have been in or any upcoming family or love life related incidences that may occur.

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Spiritual Readings:

For a balanced and calm head keen psychics are a perfect choice. One might find themselves in a better state once connected with the advisors.

Tarot Readings:

The advisors might help one get a deeper understanding of their past, present and future through 78 tarot cards.

Astrology Advice:

The keen psychic advisors also provide life advice by seeing the person’s birth chart and make predictions accordingly. These astrologers can help one be cautious about the shortcomings that might come their way in the future.

Life Questions:

Get to know about the big decisions one must take for their lives to a positive turn. Approach the advisors to save yourself from any such havoc.

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What We Like Most About Keen Psychics?

Keen is a go to platform for availing various advisory services, as it helps the person get advice from the experts in the subject area, be it tarot reading, online psychics reading, financial advice, life question, any kind of relationship issues, etc. Not just provides expert guidance but gives its customers the option to choose as to from a group of experts, whom would the customer prefer to take advice from.

And this is not it, allows their customer to take the first three minutes of trial that helps the customer to establish a bond of trust and dependence, which increases the customer satisfaction from the platform. Hence explaining the large number of users of the website to avail the fantastic services they have been providing since 1999. The customer feels safe and believes that the psychic readers are completely reliable and provide life altering pieces of advice.

Drawbacks Of Keen

When comes several qualities, there come some lags with it, so is it in the case of It’s providing amazing advisory services to its valuable customers, but it’s all online. As the entire platform runs online, this makes the new users a little skeptical about using the services.  Also there is no personalized connection between the user and the customer which makes it a little hard for the customers at times to speak all they have in their heart, which is very important. 

There is a common notion among the people of being scammed by the company, again mainly because it's online and because you cannot see the reader sitting in front of you. And last of all is that not the entire nation knows how to use these online services, only a certain segment of the  population are very comfortable with the technology, so this again turns out to be a problem. Thus, we can say it's mainly a problem of it being online, but if the process is well followed then it’s safe and  user friendly.

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Reviews and customer satisfaction

Reviews turn out to be extremely crucial for the customers to establish trust with the company and check the authenticity and quality of the services provided by them. For a company to grow and attain growth a company needs to have a very strong and positive customer base. So is the case with keen, and it seems from the website that they have been using this facility to market themselves. 

As the website mentions all the psychics available with them, along with it the website mentions about the area of speciality of that psychic and that is not it, the website also provides added information like from the year they have been providing services, the rating that is provided to each of them from the customers, the total reading each of the psychics has provided and how many people have given then a review. This brings about a lot of clarity for the customer to establish trust. This is not it, the website provides every customer for the first 3 minutes free and in those three minutes, the customer has the space to choose whether to continue or not. This gives a lot of space for the customer to develop trust or attain a level of satisfaction to continue with availing the services.

Along with it, has a strong customer support services where customer can raise issues like billing inquiry, contact trust & safety, general support, fair play, etc. keen psychic customer service is available at 877-533-6435 which operates from Monday to Friday for 12 hours everyday i.s. 6 AM to 6 PM and on Saturday and Sunday one can call from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Pacific time).

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While availing the services at keen the site asks for information like your name, username, email address, telephone number, current and previous mailing addresses, credit or debit card or PayPal account information, payment address, other financial account numbers, social security number or tax identification number, driver's license number or another government-issued identification number (or a copy of your driver's license or another government-issued identification card), date of birth, time of birth, birth location, login, PIN, password, account preferences etc. To be sure that the personal information one provides is not being misused, one should take a look at the privacy policy the website follows. One can take a look at the same by going to a keen psychic website, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the ‘Privacy’ option to have a glance at the same.

From the website, we can very easily find some customers testimonials, which prove that the website works well as one of the customers named Stephanie R. said: “During times when I have been happy, frustrated, sad, any emotion fathomable, I have always been shown the light by gifted advisors on this priceless site." Likewise, there are a few more one can find there. These testimonials prove the credibility of the site and ensure that the site is not fake at all.

Final Verdict- is Safe?

Keen is a trustworthy platform helping people for more than two decades now. The people in need can avail assistance from their expert advisors depending on the issues they might be facing. One can seek spiritual readings, psychic readings, relationship advice, tarot reading, astrology advice etc. The various testimonials available on the website ensure that it’s a reliable site and connecting with the advisors can guide them way out of the situation, one might be stuck in. The psychic love readings allows list customers to choose from the varied list of advisors to take advisory services, and from the customer reviews and way it's presented it's sure safe to use the platform.

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