Muama Ryoko Review 2021: Is this portable wifi worth it?

Muama Ryoko review

 (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
For most households and offices as of today, wifi has become an integral need for the smooth running of everyday life. This is even more observant especially now that there is a pandemic and most people are now forced to work from home, attend meetings from home via virtual platforms like zoom and a host of others. 
It can be very frustrating to deal with signal drops daily while trying to work. You wouldn’t want to be logged out from an urgent meeting due to poor network or even wait for hours for downloads that should ordinarily take seconds to complete.
Well I’m sure that you’re here because you have been searching for a convenient, efficient, cost effective means to up your signal and network coverage game.
Luckily, you have come to right place. We would be talking about the all popular muama ryoko wifi that has been trending in a lot of countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and even India as far back as last year August.
In this review, our experts take a critical look into all that concerns this product and if indeed it is worth your money. Are you ready?
Let’s dive on in.

Muama Ryoko Review

Muama ryoko is a portable 4G wifi. It is compact, can fit inside the pocket and serve as an excellent router. This portable 4G WiFi simply works by creating a mobile broadband hotspot connectivity without having a physical fixed line in place. It provides you with a private WiFi connection after transforming the 4G Signals it gets. 
It is quite small and therefore be carried around to any location of your choice. You don’t have to get connected to it only when you are at home. Once within its range of connection, you will get unwavering powerful 4G signal that handles any internet task with seamless ease.

What are the features of Muama Ryoko

  1. Hot blazing internet speeds: Unlike what is obtainable in some other WiFi devices, the muama ryoko device provides fast internet speeds of up to 150Mbps. This speed assures that you can download whatever you want to download with the speed of light. You don’t need to wait for hours to watch or stream your favourite Tv shows or even spend so much time in your local café just because you’re making use of the WiFi
  2. Large device connectivity: Unlike some WiFi device that allow only up to 5 device connections, the Muama ryoko 4G wifi allows up to 10 devices. The sweetest thing about it is that there will never be a reduction in internet speed. You can connect your laptop, phone, smart TV tablet and anything that uses the internet and still enjoy fast internet 4G speeds and steady signals.
  3. Size: The muama pocket wifi is very small in size. It can easily enter into the pal, of your hands or even your pocket. It was made for person who want to enjoy very fast WiFi services even while moving around. It is very portable. 
  4. Secure Internet connection: It is very common to hack your personal details and information while making use of a public WiFi. However, in the case of muama ryoko, you don’t need to be scared as it as a secure network connection. You cannot lose your information or even get your data exposed to sources that you do not want.
  5. SIM Card and 4G LTE coverage: The muama ryoko router comes with a SIM Card slot and even an FLEXIROAM SIM which has an automatic 500MB allocation if you decide to make use of that SIM. However, if you do not want to make use of the FLEXIROAM SIM, you can make use of any other SIM of your choice.
  6. Battery life: It has an extended battery life of about 12 hours once charged to full capacity. So, if you’re the type of person who needs active Wi-Fi in places where power is not stable, this pocket Wi-Fi will do you well
  7. It iscompatible for use in more than 38 countries including the United States, Australia, Germany, Ireland, India, United Kingdom, South Africa and a host of other countries.
  8. It comes with a one-year warranty which can be extended to 3 years if you pay an additional fee
  9. Design: It has a very sleek design. It is light in weight and comes in a regular shape. It’s design makes it quite attractive to the eyes while its shape and size make it not to be noticeable while slid in the pocket or any bad.
  10. Automatic Power OFF and ON feature: When not in use, to ensure that you have more battery life, the device shuts down automatically. This saves you battery life when it is idle and means that you do not need to charge your router every single time.
  11. QR CODE scanning connection: To connect to your muama pocket Wi-Fi, you can simply do that by scanning the QR code that is displayed in its screen. You could also connect by searching for its network on your connecting devices Wi-Fi settings. 
(photo credit: PR )(photo credit: PR )

How do you use Muama Ryoko Pocket WiFi

It is very easy to use this pocket Wi-Fi. But for the sake of courtesy, we will explain it all here to allow persons who may have difficulty learn how to do it here.
Below are the steps:
1. If you want to make use of the FLEXIROAM SIM included in the package, you will have to download the FLEXIROAM X app on your device. It is compatible with android and ios operating systems. 
2. Register and login to the app. Verify your account by clinking on the link sent to the email address that you must have provided while registering. 
3. Next, make use of the Link starter pack function that you will find when the FLEXIROAM X app is running and open in your phone. SCAN the barcode behind the SIM to get it activated. Once this is done, you can now enjoy your free 500MB data.
4. Insert the Sim CARD (if you do not want to make use of the FLEXIROAM SIM, kindly note that Step 1 to 3 does not concern you in any way. Just kick off with step 4) to the Muama Ryoko Wi-Fi and turn it on.
5. To connect your device to the pocket WiFi, you can press the WPS button on the side of your Wi-Fi. This displays a QR code on its screen. Scan this code using your mobile device to be connected and it connects automatically. You can also search for your Wi-Fi device on your connecting device and connect to your pocket Wi-Fi from there
6.You can manage the settings of your muama pocket Wi-Fi by using the web interface . This interface gives you the ability to set and change the password of your WiFi if you want to restrict its access to only you or a few persons. You can also reduce or increase the number of persons who can connect to your WIFI using the interface I just showed you.
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What are the PROS and CONS?  (Muama Ryoko Review)
Every product in the market today that has pros will have cons. And because we always want to guide you to the truth, we will be letting you know of the following pros and cons of this product.
1. They are small and have a very sleek design
2. They are very affordable
3. They have provided internet speeds of up to 150mbp
4. They have an extended battery life of 12 hours
5. They are compatible with different network providers
6. They are equipped with an auto turn off feature that preserves the life of your battery when your device is idle and not in use
7. They give you the freedom to connect to 10 different devices and still maintain internet speeds
8. You can connect to this Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code on its screen or even using the traditional method of searching for your WiFi name from the connecting device
9. It can be carried about easily.
1. The available on this Wi-Fi is very limited. This is because of how fast it has been trending and the limited products that were produced
2. For now, it comes in white and black colours. I feel they could’ve added more colours to it. However, these colours aren’t bad in anyway.
Due to the current pandemic sales are online only. 
(photo credit: PR )(photo credit: PR )

What makes Muama Ryoko review

Muama is produced by a company ames UAB Ekomlite. They are located Gedimino g 45-7, LT-44239 Kuana, Lithuania. Their support system’s email address is You can also contact them on +19169999025. 

Where can you buy your muama pocket wifi?

Just like we have always made mention, we expect that all purchases be made directly from the manufacturer of this product. All you need to do is to enter their official website and make your purchase. Why do we encourage this?
Well, when you purchase from the manufacturer, there are a lot of things you will save yourself from. First, you will have save yourself from giving your money to online scammers. Secondly, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that accrue to persons who purchase from the manufacturer.
What are these benefits? First, discount promo, one-year WIFI warranty and then a 30 day money back policy. All these are the things you will enjoy if you get from the manufacturer. 
Their website is secured and encrypted with 256-SSL system that makes sure that all transactions are safe and properly secure

What is the price of Muama ryoko

There are different packages for this product. One unit of this pocket Wifi costs 89.00 Euros. Two costs about 177.00 Euros, three costs 265.00 Euros. All these prices are as a result of the ongoing 50% discount offer currently placed on the product. We cannot tell when prices may go up again but we are certain that the promo will end very soon.
Persons who want to make purchases using the USD can also do so as the system is automatically integrated to make currency conversion for dollars to Euros seamlessly easy.


How do I change the passoword and username of my muama ryoko WiFi?
Instructions regarding this are in the user’s manual. However, to ease things for you, do the following. The default username and password of this WiFi are boldly written on the label of this WiFi. The label is located on the inside of your device once you pull off its battery. To successfully change this username and password, use the interface From there you will see options to make any change of your choice.
How many devices can connect to this WiFi?
You can connect 10 different devices to this WiFi and still enjoy seamless fast WiFi speed. You can also limit the no of connections when you use the web interface.
To which device can I connect my muama ryoko portable WiFi?
You are free to connect muama ryoko to your smartphone, smart TV, laptop, tablet, personal computer or any device that makes use of an internet connection to work. It is compatible with every internet using device.
What do I do if my muama ryoko stops working?
If your device is on and is not working, restart the device and check the level of mobile data that you have left in your network provider. If all these come out positive, check for your network signal to see its strength in your area. 
Can I make use of muama ryoko with my local internet provider’s SIM Card?
Of course, you can. It is compatible with all 4G SIM Cards
(photo credit: PR )(photo credit: PR )

Customer review

I used to go to the café to get connected to the  public WiFi located there even when I didn’t have the energy to do so all because I didn’t have good WiFi strength in my yard. However, the story has been quite different immediately I got this muama WiFi. I now have fast WiFi everywhere I go. I take it along with me to the office and do not even bother so much about the WiFi placed there. Muama changed a lot for me.
Perter- I was particularly happy with its speed of delivery and the fact that this product works very fine. I make use of 3 different network providers and muama is very compatible with the 3 of them. I love it
Since the pandemic started, I now work at home more that I used to. My job needs a super-fast internet connection. For the records, I’m a youtuber. At first, I was sceptical since the device was too small to do such wonders. However, I decided to give it a try. Afterall, its was very cheap. To my utmost surprise it became a winner for me. Get yourself a muama. Ive used mine for like 5 months now.  Peace
Muama ryoko just came on in time to save me from all that I passed through when I used my local wifi company. It works very well, and the best part is the fact that I can connect more than 5 devices and still enjoy fast internet speed. I also love the QR code feature in it.

Conclusion on muama ryoko review

If you need to up your game as regards good WiFi signal, speed and strength the muama ryoko is indeed a good one to get. 
We believe that virtually everything now is in your favour. All you need to do is to make sure you purchase from the right source which I have said is the MANUFACTURER’S WEBSITE.