Best Dog Food For Huskies: Don’t Give your Dog Underrated Foods!

You wouldn't think it but Husky dogs only require a small amount of food however there are many things to bear in mind when choosing the dog food for your Husky.

best dog food (photo credit: PR)
best dog food
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You won’t have difficulty in feeding Siberians Huskies because they only require a small amount of food.  Even if they look bigger, their size has no bearing in their feeding. This breed have a high metabolism, so if you give them little food, it will usually last longer. Siberian huskies in ancient times were trained to travel for long distances.  They even work with carrying a light load and they were only given a small amount of food.

Unlike other dogs, huskies are disciplined when it comes to their feeding.  Dogs like Beagles and Labradors will eat whatever you put in their plate which usually leads to obesity. But when it comes to Huskies, they watch their food intake very carefully. Here are some of the distinct and interesting characteristics of this breed:

⦿ If they feel full, they will no longer eat.

⦿ If they do lots of activities and exercise, then they will consume more than the regular feeding.
⦿ If they are inactive, they consume lesser amount of foods.

Huskies know their body’s behavior.  If they eat too much, they will gain more weight.  If they gain weight, it would be difficult for them to shed some pounds.An overweight husky has shorter life expectancy than the healthy dog.

Peculiar Personality Whilst Eating:

Siberian Huskies have very interesting personalities.  These dogs are known for their notoriously stubborn personality. If you distract them while eating, they may have the tendency not to go back to their foods.

There are many possible distractions that could put your Husky off to their food:

⦿ They easily get bored if they eat the same kind of food for a long time.

⦿ Giving them individual taste biscuit.
⦿ They have a very good food memory. If they feel sick after eating a certain kind of food, they will not eat it again.

A friendly reminder, if you’re feeding them makes sure not to leave their food behind for longer hours.  If food is there for some time, then your huskies may not like to eat it anymore.  They easily get bored on that food and it will stop them from eating it.

How to Feed your Huskies Properly?

There’s some debate concerning how to properly feed your huskies.  Some says that it is better to stick to one dog food while other say it is okay to consume variety of dog foods.  Nutritionist believed that as per the dog system, they become healthier if they stick to one dog food which is complete with all the necessary nutrients such as proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Switching dog foods is not advisable because it can trigger an upset stomach.  But others believe that dogs are scavengers, so they can also thrive on different variety of foods.

When it comes to huskies, they are a naturally born to be curious animals that are easily bored with usual foods. So when you decide to take care of husky, you may need to add some variety in the dog food by adding vegetables or different meat while maintaining the same basic feeding. This will give them a new flavor without you actually changing the dog food.

What to do if you’re Husky get Bored in their Food?

⦿ If you notice that your Husky is getting bored with their food, you can try to add some ingredients. You can add vegetables, different kinds of fish, raw mince and many others.  Adding large amounts of cheese is not a good idea because it can cause some digestive problems.

⦿ But you can add a few amount of cheese if you really want to try out.  But only in very small amounts because it can cause some serious stomach upsets. If you think that your huskies enjoys a mix of different ingredients in their meal, then you can keep it that way to keep them interested.
⦿ But it is not recommended that you change their meals abruptly.   Like for example, if your husky likes to eat 1 cup of the dog food, you can reduce it to ¾ cup and add at least 50 grams of fish or chicken mince.
⦿ If you really plan to change your food’s diet, it is very important that you do it slowly like one to two weeks.  It is best if you take a bit and then add some new every day, until they are fully adjusted on their new diet.
⦿ When you are planning to take care of husky, it is important to know what the dog used to eat before they come to you. In that way, you can gradually change their foods from what they used to eat and on what you are planning to fed them.  This same principle applies for both puppies and older dogs.

There are lots of possible foods that you can give to your huskies.  There are many commercial foods to choose from.  Or you can also add some homemade, raw, cooked, bones and many others.

But there are some foods that are not suitable for huskies whatever their age, these are:

⦿ Cooked bones

⦿ Onions
⦿ Large amounts of dairy
⦿ Prunes, Grapes, and raisins

Feeding Tips: Recommended Brands for Huskies

If you are looking for the best-dog food brands in the market, here are some of the top picks online:

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food provides a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  It also contains healthy garden veggies and wholesome whole grains.  Huskies love this brand because of its tasty lamb that provides the essential amino acids that they need in their daily activities.  The products also contain whole grains like brown rice, oats, and barley which supply the needed amount of carbohydrates so they can sustain their energy.

This premium brand also contains nutrient-rich vegetables like garlic, sweet potatoes and carrots.  It does not contain any by-product meals like soy, wheat, corn, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is a natural dog treats! This is a popular brand because it is 100% grain free, and it has balanced and completes nutrients that your dog needs every day.  It also has protein focused nutrition that provides delicious premium proteins like turkey and chicken which is combined with real veggies and essential vitamins and minerals.

Dog breeders love this product because it contains premium and all natural ingredients without any artificial ingredients. The product is proudly made in the USA and backed up with a wellness guarantee.    

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

The Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food is a best-selling premium dog food brands. In fact, it is the first in rank when it comes to the most sought after dog food brands in the market today. It is made of real roasted meats which are supplemented with fruits and veggies.

It is also great dog food for all life stages. When it comes to quality, this brand is one of the best.  It delivers natural antioxidants to keep your huskies healthy and strong. It also adds venison meat and roasted meats for great flavor that your huskies will surely love! The product is also packed with digestible proteins and antioxidants.

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