Dog Lovers: Know The Best Dog Foods for Boxer Breed Dogs/Puppies

Are you considering of taking care of a boxer? Here are some things you need to keep in mind so you would know how you can handle them.

Dog Lovers: Know The Best Dog Foods for Boxer Breed Dogs/Puppies (photo credit: PR)
Dog Lovers: Know The Best Dog Foods for Boxer Breed Dogs/Puppies
(photo credit: PR)
Boxers are breeds of medium-sized dogs known for its pointed ears, docked tail and compact face. This kind of breed is known to be athletic and very active.
They require at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Knowing that these dogs are very athletic, it is but natural to assume that they need a very good quality of diet so it can support their high-energy levels so they can be at their best!

Nutritional Requirements of Boxers

For inexperienced dog owners, they may find Boxers difficult to handle. But once you know how to take care of them, you will know that they are great companions and they are also very friendly.  The best thing about these dogs is they are very energetic so if you are an athletic type of person, you will get along well.
But take note, you have to ensure that they get enough exercise so you can keep their body healthy.  For you to be able to support their energy level, you need to give them diet that meets their nutritional needs. Boxers need high quality protein rich foods that will help sustain their stamina.
They also need dog foods that contains essential vitamins and minerals like Calcium, taurine and L-carnitine. Calcium helps maintain your dogs joint and bone health while taurine and L-carnitine are excellent choices for their heart health.

How to Choose the Right Food

Take note that boxers are susceptible in having food allergies. In this case, you should choose a food that does not contain any common allergens like yeast, soy, corn and wheat. You also have to be very careful in foods that contain artificial flavorings and coloring and other synthetic by products.
More so, boxers are also allergic to other kinds of proteins like chicken and beef, so you need to be extra careful in choosing the right foods for your dogs.

Helpful Tips in Shopping for Dog Foods

When you are choosing for a dog food, bear in mind that the nutritional quality of the product should be the first thing in your mind. Don’t let the price of the food be your determining factor in buying for your dog’s food.  You know very well, that cheaper priced dog foods have lesser quality ingredients that are why they are low priced.
Worst, it could even trigger allergic reactions to your boxers which will give you more headaches later on. A friendly tip, when you are shopping for dog foods make sure to check the AAFCO statement on the nutritional label. Don’t forget to check the ingredients too, as this is equally important! You should look if the product contains wholesome protein source as their first ingredient, if it doesn’t have any, then leave it.
Choose a product with this essential protein.  Ideally, boxer foods should contain at least 20% to 30% of protein plus additional vitamins and minerals.

What are the Best brands for Boxers?

There are lots of dog foods in the market. So you may end up, trying different kinds of product, until you find the one that works foryour boxers. Just bear in mind that there are a lot of dog manufacturers that technically offers the same kind of products but in different flavors.
There are times when one boxer may not be used to a specific kind of flavor, while the other may tolerate that flavor. It really depends whether your boxer is used to the specific formula of dog foods.
If you want to know the top picks for boxer’s dog foods, here are some foods that you can try out!

Royal Canin Boxer Dry Dog Food

⦿The Royal Canin Boxer Dry Dog Food is perfect for your boxers.  It helps maintain the ideal muscle mass with its precise protein levels.  It is also rich in L-carnitine and other essential nutrients.  
⦿Boxers are prone to cardiac sensitivity. So this product is best for these dogs because it contains DHA, EPA and taurine to help support and maintain normal and healthy cardiac functions.  It also supports cellular health with its exclusive antioxidant complex.
⦿The best thing about the product is that it features an exclusive kibble which helps Boxer chew their foods easily.  Kibbles are easier to pick up so Boxers won’t have difficulty in feeding. Boxers have brachycephalic jaw type with a short muzzle so this design is really catered to their anatomy.
⦿This is a best-selling dog food brand which contains high quality ingredients like pork meal and many others.  It is also packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients to support your Boxer’s energy requirements.

Eukanuba Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

⦿The Eukanuba Breed Specific Dry Dog Food is best for your adult boxers.  It features 3D Denta Defense System which is used to reduce tartar build-up.  It is also made of premium and high-quality animal based proteins to keep your Boxers strong and healthy.
⦿It also promotes lean muscles for optimal body condition.  This product contains natural taurine and L-carnitine which is very important to maintain a healthy heart. The product is formulated to support healthy hips and joints.
⦿Your boxer will surely enjoy their meal because it is not just healthy it also deliciously tastes for Boxers.  The great thing about this product is it is breed-specific dog food that is specially and scientifically designed to meet the nutritional requirement of your Boxer.
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Royal Canin
Breed Specific Boxer
Royal Canin 

Best foods for cute puppies!

Boxer puppies also need the same nutritional elements as the older boxers.  So you can ensure that they are in their best health, it is best that you stick with high quality protein and with low grain content.  More so, choose a brand that has a good reputation in manufacturing high quality dog foods. 
Products should be transparent in the actual content of their ingredients. Preferably, the labels should contain named meats that belong to their major ingredients.
Here is one of the best foods for boxer puppies that are very in demand for dog lovers.

Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food

Give your puppies the right kind of nutrition by feeding them this premium brand- the Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food.  This dog food helps support the muscle development of your puppies because of its high protein content.  It also has L-carnitine to ensure healthy heart.
The best thing about this product is that it supports your puppy’s digestive health by maintaining a balanced intestinal flora.  It also contains prebiotics which is great for their tummy.  It also contains taurine, lutein and vitamins C and Vitamin E to help support their natural immune defenses.

Don’t forget!

Don’t be in a hurry in choosing a food for your boxer.  Take time in looking into the ingredients so you can find the best and high quality food products.  It is very important that you consider the right formula that is best for your boxer.
If you find the right product, stick to it, and don’t anymore change it.  Jumping into other products is not good for your dogs.  It is better if you stick to the formula to ensure their optimum health.