Photostick Mobile Unbiased Reviews, MUST Read Before Buying

Is the Photostick Mobile the Best Choice for Phone and Tablet Secure Storage? Must Read Our Unbiased Review Before Buying.

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One of the constant struggles of smartphone owners is the lack of space. It seems like we are always running out of storage space on our iPhones and Android, because we need room for new apps, more photos, videos, and files. There is a constant stream of new content to see and download, and space is always at a premium for most smartphone users.

Photostick is a name you may recognize as a flash drive photo storage option, and while you may be familiar with it as a storage product for PCs, laptops and computers, the Photostick Mobile is designed specifically for portable devices- namely smartphones and tablets.

This Photostick Mobile review will help you better understand what this device does, how well it works and if it is a smart purchase or not.

We Explain the Photostick Mobile

Anyone who has ever run out of storage space on their phone knows the value of external storage. There are memory cards and various devices that can attach to the phone or insert into it to provide more space for storing photos, videos and other kinds of files.

The Photostick Mobile is made for storing video and image files, and it does so a bit differently than most other kinds of phone storage options. It actually finds the files for you, and you can then take those files, stored on the Photostick mobile product, and move them to another phone or tablet. You can also just keep them separated from the phone, as safe storage that can be taken anywhere.

A lot of people will simply use this Photostick as a backup device, keeping their files stored apart from the phone so that in case of flooding, water damage, hacking or a phone virus, the photos and other files will be secure and not be lost or damaged.

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How the Photostick Mobile Works

We mentioned a moment ago that the Photostick Mobile can find your photos, and you might be curious how this works. Once you insert the product into your device and then start it up, the Photostick will begin searching through all of your storage. It will look in every folder and find every file that it is compatible with, collecting them to be transferred over to the Photostick.

This is an automatic process, so you don’t have to go sorting through different folders to find the files you want to transfer. Photostick will look for video and image files of all kinds- even those that are stored in the wrong places. It can find files you thought had been lost, locating them and transferring them for you.

It doesn’t transfer multiple copies of the file, so you maximize your space by only getting a single copy of each file

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The PhotoStick Mobile Pros and Cons


  • A simple and easy to use storage device
  • Stores tons of photos and videos at once
  • Automatically locates files for transferring
  • Works with many kinds of smartphones and tablets
  • Affordably priced so that most people can get one


  • Cannot be found in retail stores

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Customer Reviews for PhotoStick Mobile

One way to gauge the effectiveness and value of a given product is to look at what the customers are saying about it. They often have insights that professional reviewers might not offer, helping you get a practical look at a product before you buy. So, what are the customer Photostick Mobile reviews saying?

Customers over on Amazon noted that this product sorted through their files quickly and left out duplicates, only bringing over a single copy of each file. Reviews praise how fast the device works and how easily it works with their phones and tablets. They love how compatible it is and how simple it makes the entire data storage process.

Most reviews for the Photo Stick mobile are positive, with good things to say about the value and quality of the product, as well as its speed and ease of use. There are some negative reviews scattered here and there, though, with reviewers saying things like the device didn’t carry over all of their files or it wasn’t compatible with their device. Some of these problems can be attributed to not following the instructions for the device or not changing the settings on the Photostick to get it to look for specific file types. Overall, though, customer Photostick mobile reviews are mostly positive.


Is the Photostick Mobile a Good Buy?

We want to talk briefly about the value of this product, and we think it is important that you get a good deal for your money and that you don’t overpay based on the kind of features you are getting from the product.

With thephotostick mobile, the quality seems to be very high. This is a product that many people use for years and trust that it will store their data securely. It goes further than other data storage devices for phones and tablets, offering you powerful features like automatic file searching as well as compatibility across a multitude of devices. Not all data storage products for mobile device give you those kinds of benefits. It’s up to you to determine if the Photostick mobile is a good choice for you personally, but it definitely offers a lot of value that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Is the Photostick Mobile a Good Choice for You?

Now, let’s consider how this device might be right for. Not everyone needs a Photostick mobile, but it is a good option for anyone who has a tablet, iPad, or smartphone. It provides some great space-saving capabilities, clearing up space for anyone who is running out.

It is also a great safe storage option, so if you are worried about losing your photos or your phone, then you can have everything safely backed up on the Photo Stick.

It’s a great option for anyone who has lots of photos to transfer and store but who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time doing moving all of their files. Since The Photo Stick Mobile works automatically, it saves you time and does a lot of work for you, and you can get your photos and your videos transferred quickly.

How Quickly Does The PhotoStick Mobile Work?

We all want technology that works fast, right? No one likes a slow computer or slow download speeds, and Thephotostick mobile delivers there with incredible speeds. It can find and transfer thousands of photos in a short time. Many customers have reported having thousands of photos moved to the Photo Stick in a matter of minutes, which is really fast. So, not only does this device find the files for you, but it transfers them at a speed that is incredible.

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How Many Photos Does Photostick Mobile Retrieve and Store for You?

You can store thousands of photos on a single Photostick, but exactly how many thousands can you store there? Let’s take a look and see what the storage capacity is for this product.

The basic Photostick mobile is an 8 GB drive, and that will hold as many as 3,500 photos. That’s at the upper end of its capabilities, though, and if you have larger files, obviously, you won’t fit as many of them on the Photostick. Video files are larger than photos, so you will fit fewer of those, but this small device still holds a ton of files for you.

If you go for the 16 GB Photostick, then you can store up to 30,000 photos at once and take them wherever you go. The 128 GB Photostick stores as many as 60,000 photos for you.

Where Photo Stick Mobile Can Be Used

This versatile device can be used on your work phone or personal phone. What many people will do is take photos from their work phone and then transfer them to their home phone.

Another way to use the device is to take photos stored on one phone and move them to another. So, if you are replacing your phone with a new one or you want to move files to your spouse’s phone or a friend’s phone, then this device allows you to do that effectively and quickly without losing any files in the process.

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What File Types Is It Compatible with?

The Photostick Mobile for iPhone or Android can find a bunch of different kinds of files. It finds most types of video and photo files, including JPEG, JPG, MOV, VID, GIF, and PNG. The device may not automatically find all of these files for you, and you might have to go into the settings menu to get it to search for specific file types for you.

How Easy Is It to Run?

Using the Photo Stick Mobile is as simple as plugging it into your phone, pressing the “GO” button that pops up and then allowing it to automatically find files for you. they can transfer over quickly, and in minutes, it will be finished. That’s it!

One of the key features of the Photostick mobile is its simplicity. It is designed to be simple enough that even people who are not very technically minded can use it without a lot of help.

Will It Need to Download Anything to Your Phone or Tablet?

No, you don’t need to download software or a field to your device with Photostick. It  works automatically and includes everything it needs, so no downloads are required. The Photo Stick for iPhone doesn’t need any compatibility update. It will work already with most any iPhone or Android device, including iPads.

You won’t need to worry about making space on your phone or tablet for the Photostick, since it has not files to download and no app for you to install. Everything required for operation is already provided in the device, and nothing has to be installed for it to work flawlessly.

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How Much Will You Pay for Photostick Mobile?

The Photostick Mobile Android or iPhone device is just about $50 for the 8 GB version. If you want to get a bigger one that holds more photos, you will have to pay more. Also keep in mind that you can save money by purchasing more than one Photostick mobile at once.

The Photostick mobile will not always be this cheap, and the price varies based on where you buy it and what time of year you buy it. Right now, the sale price is under $60 with most online retailers, but that price may not hold. The original price was $100, so make sure to take advantage of low pricing now while it is still available.

To Buy or Not Buy? The Verdict

When it comes down to it, the Photostick mobile is an excellent value. It is recommended by professionals and by customers alike, and you would be hard pressed to find any negative Photostick mobile reviews online.

This product stands out for its quality, compatibility, and its features. You can find other storage devices that might be cheaper and that may hold more photos, but to find the photos for you automatically and to do it so well is pretty rare. That is why we heartily recommend this product for anyone who wants to save some space on their phone in a way that doesn’t put their photos at risk.

Photostick mobile offers very secure storage, keeping photos and videos safe from file corruption, hackers, viruses, water damage and more. If you are worried that you might lose photos that are precious to you or that you need for your hobby or your work, then you should be storing them on a safe backup device like the photostick mobile. It allows you to transfer photos from one phone to another easily and not have to spend a long time looking for photos. There isn’t another device as convenient as this that is priced so affordably, so that’s why we recommend it.

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