Photostick Reviews - Is The Photo Stick Worth Buying?

The photo stick unbiased reviews & comparisons, Thephotostick instantly backs up all photos and videos stored on computers and mobile device.

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Do you run out of storage space for your photos and videos sometimes? If you do, you might have considered keeping them in a separate flash drive. Now, flash drives can be kind of expensive and unreliable, and then transferring the files on the drive can be a hassle. You may not even be able to find all the files you are trying to transfer.
The Photos Stick sets itself up as a solution for these kinds of problems. I am going to give you an unbiased review for this product that may help you with your purchasing decision.
What Is the Photo Stick?
The Photostick advertises itself as a powerful storage device for photos and videos. It’s meant to store your photos in a safe and secure place for all of your treasured memories and your work, and the manufacturers say that it can even find photos for you. If so, then you don’t have to search for them yourself- a lot of the work is already done for you. This is great news, if it is true, and I’m going to cover this claim for ThePhotoStick as well as the other aspects of this product to help you understand if it might be a good buy.
How Does the Photo Stick Work?
This isn’t a complicated device to use, and in fact it is designed for simplicity. Using the Photostick is as simple as plugging it in to your computer’s USB drive and then following the onscreen instructions. It’s not complex, by any means, and most people don’t even need to read the instructions that come with this Photo Stick. They can typically figure out how to use it just by following the instructions on their computer screen.
Because the memory stick finds the files for you, you don’t have to go looking for them. It does a lot of stuff automatically, making it even easier to use than most other kinds of memory sticks on the market today, which is why this particular kind of memory stick is so popular.
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Pros and Cons of ThePhotoStick
Let’s talk about the good things and bad things associated with the Photo Stick and see how they measure up.
 Finds files all on its own
 Saves files securely and safely
 Works very fast so you will be done transferring soon
 Compatible with most operating systems and computers
 Designed to be super simple to use
 Affordable, competitive price, with even better savings if you buy multiple sticks

 You can only find it online for sale
 May not be compatible with older systems
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Photo Stick Customers Reviews
What are customers saying about thephotostick and how it works for them? I have read a bunch of Photo Stick reviews, and the majority of them have only positive things to say about it. You get the occasional odd one that says that the Photo Stick was not compatible with their device or that it didn’t find all the files for them. Most of them, though, are positive reviews, saying things like the Photostick worked very fast, was easy to use and kept their photos completely safe for a long time.
What can be very helpful is to find a PhotoStick review from someone who has been using it for a while. Their experience with the product can tell you a lot about how well it may work for you over the long term.

Should You Buy ThePhotoStick?
You may be wondering if this product is for you at all, and there are some great reasons to choose this kind of memory drive over others.
The Photostick is designed for people who don’t know where all their photos are on the computer, as it can seek them out and transfer them for you, saving files you had previously lost.
It is also a good choice for people who want safe storage, as it can protect the files from computer viruses, from power outages, water damage and more. The kinds of things that could damage your computer or lose your files won’t really affect the Photo Stick. You can keep it with you and have your files protected from theft or data loss.
The Photostick is also very portable and versatile. You can use it on practically any modern computer (as well as those that are several years old) and move it from one computer to the next. So, if you want to take your files from school to work to home again, the photostick allows you that convenience and mobility.
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What Is the Photostick Mobile and How It Works?
I also want to mention the Photostick mobile here. That’s the Photostick that is made for iPhones, iOS operating systems and Android phones. It works on tablets and smartphones both, working with all the major manufacturers and their devices. You need to use the Photo Stick for iPhone if you have an iPhone or iPad. You cannot simply use the regular Photostick that is made specifically for PCs, computers, and laptops. The two of them are not interchangeable.
So, there are two different kinds of Photostick products, each for a different range of devices. The photos stick mobile works on mobile devices- specifically smartphones and tablets. The regular Photostick that I am reviewing here is going to work for laptops and for PCs, or any kind of computer, really. Make sure you order the right one from the device you plan to use it with.
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Does The Photo Stick Work Fast?
If you read just about any Photo Stick review, you will see that this product works quickly. People are attesting that the PhotoStick can transfer thousands of files in just minutes, which is blazingly fast. You don’t get that kind of speed with other devices like this, so that’s a big advantage of buying the Photo Stick.

This device manages to find the files for you too, which can save you so much time. It can work in the background as you are doing other tasks on the computer, finding files so that you don’t have to spend all that time finding them yourself. In that regard, it’s very quick too and a great time saver.
How Many Photos Can You Retrieve and Save With Thephotostick?
There are three different sizes of Photo Stick that you could buy. The basic one offers 8GB of storage, which is enough for most people and can store up to 3,500 photos. Bigger photos and files take up more space, as do videos, so this number is really just an estimate.

If you go with the 64 GB Photostick, though, then you can enjoy storage space for up to 30,000 photos. That’s more than most people will ever need, but there is an even bigger option for people who take photos as a job or a serious hobby.
That would be the 128 GB Photostick, which stores as many as 60,000 photos. You may never use up all that space, and that’s an impressive amount of storage for a single memory stick.
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 Where Can You Use It?
A lot of people will use the Photostick for personal use, like storing their photos at home. You can also use it to transfer photos from one school computer to another, which is ideal if you don’t own a computer and often use your school’s computer lab or library.

Some people will use the PhotoStick for work, taking photos and other files from their work to home and back again. The mobility this product gives you is very helpful and convenient, allowing you to use the Photostick anywhere.

This stick works on Macs, laptops, PCs, and other home computing devices.
What Files Can the Photo Stick Find?
I mentioned that this memory stick is very versatile, and it is designed to find and store a large variety of files. It can store most types of video and photo files, including MOV, MPEG4, JPEG, PNG, TIF, PDD, PSD and more. So, you can transfer, find, and store Photoshop files, streaming videos, photographs and more with the photostick.

Once you transfer these over, you can access the files in their original format. They won’t have changed at all and will still be in the same format for you.
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How to Run ThePhotoStick?
Simplicity is the name of the game with the Photostick. It is designed to be as simple as plugging it into a USB port and then clicking “Go” from the popup window. The product finds files for you, but you may need to manually find certain kinds of files that it is not set to find on its own or change the settings on the Photostick to get it to look for specific file types.
Does ThePhotoStick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?
While the Photostick is a powerful tool that uses some interesting software for its function, it doesn’t need to download any of that software onto your computer or other device. Everything needed for the Photostick to work is already on the device, and it doesn’t require a download or even an internet connection to work.

You don’t need to worry that harmful files will need to be downloaded onto your computer or that the PhotoStick will need some extra space to work. It clears up space for you and helps to transfer files over so that you have more room, never leaving behind any software on the computer for you.
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Does The Photo Stick Work with Your Device?
Let’s take a quick look at which devices the Photostick is compatible with. It works with all Mac systems that have an operating system of 10.6 or higher, so most modern ones work fine. It also works with the majority of Windows OS, including XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8 or 10. Anything newer than that made by Microsoft should be compatible as well.

Make sure you check your device to ensure that it is compatible with the Photostick. Most modern computer will work fine, but if you have a computer that is really old or that uses a nonconventional operating system, you should check to ensure that the Photo Stick is compatible with it before buying one.
What Is the Price of Photostick?
This is a budget friendly product for those wanting memory storage. It isn’t designed to be super expensive and out of the price range of most people, so the manufacturers have priced the basic 8 GB Photostick at $34.99. You can actually pay less per Photostick if you buy multiple ones at once, so keep that in mind.
If you want the bigger Photostick- the 64 GB one- that will cost you just $49.88.
The 128 GB one will be $79.99.
Keep in mind that there are some knockoff PhotoStick products available made by other manufacturers hoping to piggyback off the Photostick name. The best Photo Stick is the one made by the original manufacturers, so be careful about where you buy yours from and who is making it. Be sure you get the original for the best performance and value for your money.
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Final Verdict
The Photo Stick offers great value for consumers looking for safe, dependable storage for their photos. If you want to ensure that your photos will be protected from memory loss or from theft, then ThePhotoStick is a great way to store them.

Because it finds files on its own and doesn’t need a lot of input from you, it is a very convenient device and one that is easy to use. Its compatibility with so many devices, and the ability to take it with you anywhere you go makes it versatile mobile.

These are the kind of qualities you want to look for in a top tier memory stick, and Photo Stick has it all. That is why I am recommending you give it a try if you want a high quality photo storage device. This one is so simple to use and is trusted by industry experts and consumers alike. Plus, the price is very affordable, so it’s a great deal for you.