The 5 Best Panasonic Massage Chairs Reviewed For 2018

Make your body happy with a relaxing massage chair this year!

5 Best Panasonic Massage Chairs  (photo credit: PR)
5 Best Panasonic Massage Chairs
(photo credit: PR)
With your busy schedule you never seem to find the time to pamper yourself. First you have to make an appointment and hope there is an opening that fits into your schedule. Next you have to drive there and hope that you don’t get stuck in traffic because you only have a one hour window to work with in the first place. Last, by the time you pay for gas and the initial appointment, not to mention the lunch you missed, your spa treatment suddenly doesn’t seem like relaxation. That is why you should consider a Panasonic massage chair for your home. Imagine, a hot bath and a massage just before bed. You will be able to sleep better than ever and you will feel like a new person in the morning. The following are five of the best Panasonic massage chairs for 2016:

1.Panasonic EP- MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair from Panasonic: $6999.00 , Amazon

Put your whole body into this chair for the feel of an authentic massage therapy treatment just like you get at the spa. This heated chair will massage everything from the soles of your feet to the back of your neck, even your hands. From air inflation to rollers, this chair offers you the choice of five different settings; swedish, stretch, shiatsu, lower back, neck and shoulder, and a manual back setting. This chair works for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and will fit people of all sizes comfortably. A great chair to help you relax when you need a good night's sleep. 

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2. Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRATM Massage Chair: $3749.00, Amazon 

This chair offers advanced quad- style massage technology for your whole body. You can enjoy a shiatsu, swedish, stretch, deep or quick massage, or enjoy any one of the eight manual settings; shiatsu, swedish, stretch, knead, grasp, junetsu ultra knead, tap, full or regional massage. The chair features four memory settings to fit the height of each family member. It is suggested to pay attention to the DVD that is included with the chair because it will help to educate you on the features of the chair. With the exception of a heat option, this chair is equipped with all the features you need to give you a relaxing massage.

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3. Panasonic Epma70Kx Black Massage Chair: $5168.00, Amazon

After a long day at work this chair will be a blessing to you. Think of it as massage therapy in your home with you in charge of all the controls. You can choose to massage your hands and arms, your shoulders, your calves or your hips and thighs. Stretch your pelvis, thighs and buttocks. Imagine a massage with your favorite television show and a beverage in your hand, what more could you ask for? The price might seem a little steep, but when you think of how much expense you pay the professionals, the chair will pay for itself.

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4. Panasonic Leather “Urban” Massage Chair with Chiro Mode 9EP1285KL: $1200.00, Amazon

This refurbished chair is as good as new, and the price fits in perfect. The four pre-set options give you the results of a professional massage therapist and the eight manual settings give you the extras without the charge. The special chiropractic mode is a special treat after a powerful workout. The convenient remote will allow you to adjust the settings while you are reclined back without having to move again until you wake up, that is how relaxing this chair will make you feel. Imagine the costs you can cut with the purchase of this chair.

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5. Panasonic EP-MA10KU Urban Collection Full Body Massage Chair: $2061.91, Amazon

This chair works well for people with back injuries or fibromyalgia. Enjoy a lower back, neck and shoulder, swedish or deep massage. If you are looking for a more intense massage try the five manual settings that include kneading, roll, tapping, neck knead or neck shiatsu massaging.
Although this chair does not offer a memory feature, it does adjust to different heights and sizes. This lightweight chair offers voice controls and will prove to be just what you need to get your body moving with more flexibility. 

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Massage therapy is a popular form of treatment for back and muscle ailments, not to mention the relaxing results of the therapy. Having a massage chair in your home is a positive investment, after all, it will pay for itself in the end. The Panasonic massage chair reviews prove to be very positive with the five chairs above all achieving five stars. The comfort, settings, and design of the chair bring in rave reviews plus the warranties and customer service that is provided by Panasonic. Add a Panasonic massage chair to your decor this year and feel better about yourself mentally and physically.

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