This Method Helps You Get Cheap Car Insurance Rates All Over America!

Important notice to all drivers - If you are paying more than $35 monthly on your car insurance then you are probably wrongly overpaying.

 (photo credit: PRETECTED)
(photo credit: PRETECTED)
As of 2019, insurance companies are using a system that can save every American driver hundreds of dollars on their car insurance.
Now we don’t want to bore you with all the mathematical equations but there is an actuary method set in place with major carriers that can almost guarantee a reduction in your current rates. That means if you have a policy that was issued prior to April 1st, 2019, you are missing out on huge savings.
The most amazing part of this method is that it takes into consideration so many things you could apply towards big discounts:
 Possessing a driver's license for more than a year
 Age of over 18
• Being married
 Living in a qualified state
 Having kids
 Over 600 credit score
 Driving daily
 High School education or above
These are just part of a huge variety of separate reasons you can be entitled for hundreds of dollars off your policy cost. If you fit more than one description you can receive ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS! Now listen to this, if you live in a qualified Zip Code you will receive ANOTHER PRICE CUT! This is unheard of.
You can go to anyone of the online insurance marketplaces to find these new policies and switch over. Remember that you can almost always cancel your current policy for a full refund and replace it with a better one, save money and get better coverage.
We highly recommend you take full advantage of this newly gained information. We have seen that through the smart personalized matching system on, drivers have been able to find better policies and maximize savings. Good luck and remember to drive safely.