Top 7 Portable Pizza Ovens Available Today

Pizza night is one of the most exciting occasions for any family. Preparing your own pizza has also become a popular alternative to delivery or takeout.

Outdoor Pizza Oven (photo credit: PR)
Outdoor Pizza Oven
(photo credit: PR)
 Unfortunately, pizza ovens aren't quite represented on the market the way they should be. Most people still believe that Pizza ovens cost thousands of dollars and are bulky, heavy structures of brick that are difficult to purchase. This is not the case, however, as portable pizza ovens provide an easy way to bake a pizza on the go or right outside in your backyard. Let's take a look at the seven best reviewed portable pizza ovens on the market right now.

The Pizzeria Pronto- $299

Reviewers of this product have consistently noted two important aspects of this oven- its function and versatility. The Pizzeria Pronto is a simple device that connects to any propane tank in order to heat its interior up to 700 degrees. This allows for a pizza to be fully baked within 10 minutes. It's optimal for a creative cookout with friends and family. It comes with a standard heat control knob to control the temperature of the oven for a variety of crust results.
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Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven- $250.

The Camp Chef was built with the singular goal of mirroring the functionality of brick pizza ovens. It has a metallic exterior with double iron interior plates that are controlled by separate knob settings on the exterior. This allows the machine to make artisan-style pizzas at a rate of about 15 minutes each.
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Camp Chef Italia Accessory Oven- $119

This Pizza oven is small in frame and has a dome shape to mimic traditional pizza ovens. Reviewers enjoy the fact that it has a full ceramic interior that allows it to brown the perfect crust for every pizza. It is ideal to use when baking mini pizzas or a medium size pizza during a cookout or dinner party. Its double iron interior lets your pizza cook smoothly at a rate of about 20 minutes.

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Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Oven- $179

The Cuisinart CPO-600 oven features a detachable cordierite stone that offers the quality of a brick oven pizza with the convenience of a portable grill. Customers enjoy its cooking speed, as 15,000 BTUs work to fully bake your pizzas in as little as 5 minutes, while high air temperatures regulate an even temperature throughout the entire oven. They also enjoy its easy assembly and slim design that is compact and lightweight.
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North Atlantic Imports Patio Oven- $395

This oven is a professional grade cooker. 60,000 BTU's provide an ultra-fast cooking time and a rotisserie motor rotates your pizza to cook it evenly across its entire diameter. Customers rave about its push button igniter, which instantly sets the perfect cooking environment for your pizza. All of the electronic parts are battery powered; however, the frame of this oven is that of a full size grill. Therefore, it is portable throughout a city or park, but not for long-distance trips. In this case, you sacrifice some convenience in order to get extra features that other ovens lack.
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Pizza Oven/Grill- $270

The Mr. Pizza oven is must have for anyone wanting the functionality of a full-sized brick oven. A selling feature for this oven compared to its rivals is the fact that it functions as a full grill, allowing you to switch from a pizza oven to a barbecue that can cook 20 burger patties at a time. Users enjoy its double rack system that provides a larger cooking area.
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Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven- $1,300


This is by far the most industrial pizza oven on our list. While mildly portable, the Pacific Living oven offers a complete array of customizable options for endless possibilities to your pizza creations. It includes a wood chip smoker box for additional flavor that you can employ at any time. A clear view window allows you to watch as your pizza is baked in a 16,000 BTU interior, which is suitable for pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter. Once again, this is a model that sacrifices most of the portability of other models, which is important to consider.


With a bird's eye view of what's best on the market today, you can be sure to make the proper decision regarding your family's baking needs. If you want a fully functional and fully portable device, we suggest the Cuisinart CPO-600. If you plan to minimally move your oven, then we recommend the North Atlantic Imports oven.

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