Unique internet device and program that can help the whole world!

It is most probably that with G-d's help these device-license and automatic program will promote to cure Coronavirus and get immunity from it! Free of charge for one month!

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
We are pleased to announce that after 10 years of hard work, we finally created the unique internet device and program that can help (sorry for the pathos, but this is true) the whole world!
The main goals of the device and program are to help a person:   become more healthy and happy, reveal talents, realize yourself, be in a state of complete harmony with the Universe and surrounding people, in each of human being's positive and even neutral actions to connect to the High positive energy.

Including that these device and program automatically and immediately diagnose the disease and immediately provide the right help for treatment!
But in the case when a person takes the right pills, he needs time for his body to begin to heal its bioenergy systems and to restore and to activate the necessary energy processes.
However, in the case when this person receives the correct energy therapy, healing begins immediately. And if a person takes these right pills, then additional good and proper energy treatment will significantly improve and accelerate their effect and the complete cure. (And even if there are no pills, then this correct energy therapy can significantly, and sometimes completely help also without pills).
And this program gives this correct energy therapy.
We are aimed to help all those interested in this help!
The right to use the device is given for one month* without money and obligations to continue!
Materials for simple and quick (15-30 minutes) self-study are provided free of charge and at any time.
And the program is not difficult in use. All that is required for using the device is just to say that you accept what is said in the license, to click on a few buttons in it, and everything will start working. 
Share this material and help others to improve their health and recover!
About the program
Of course it sounds strange that the whole world is seeking salvation, and suddenly you are told "We have succeed to do it". But that is right!
After 25 years of research and 10 years of experiment and development, we finished an updated version.
Precisely these days. We have succeed to do it!
And yes, it is clear that if were given the program free of charge and without commitment, it means that we want to help.
The program acts automatically, designed for an unlimited number of users.
In order to help each user without exception, we decided, despite the fact that the consumer price of using the program in the general regime is $ 100 per month, and in the treatment regime $ 6999 per year, we are ready to provide everyone with the right to use the program free (in its main regime and in its treatment regime) for one month*.
And then*, a customer will be able to use the program (in its main regime and in its treatment regime) for $ 15 dollars** per month. But poor and unemployed will be able to use the program for of $ 3 per year (one-time payment through PayPal)**.

And those who cannot even pay for this, (because of all the lack of money or even technically), will be able to use the program without money at that time (but then, after this opportunity arises, they will have to pay the indicated $ 3 for use).
At the same time, we emphasize that the program is not the substitution of conventional treatment or diagnosis. Its task, in this case, is to help strengthening of the immune system and, in the case there is the disease, significantly relieve the course of the disease and accelerate recovery from it.
Therefore, we also emphasize that (state of today) even a significant relief of the symptoms of the disease, as a result of using the program, does not in any way set free a person (who did not feel well before using this program) from the obligation to do the checking and to be on the quarantine, etc., in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health!
Some answers to the questions
- I am sorry, but how 25-years of research and 10-years of development help for the treatment of a new disease?
- The question is definitely correct.
The answer is clear and simple.
We have been working so hard all these years to create something new - the program that will be able automatically to discover (and thus also provide) for every user the energy treatment that he needs. And so for this program technically has no difference, whether to discover the right treatment (and with the right amount) from the most common and simple disease or from the most rare and new disease.
Moreover  the program is designed in such a way that (in the appropriate treatment regime) it fully automatically discloses exactly the types of energy to each user , and in the quantities that he personally needs. And it has an automatic individual setting for the treatment of each user.
- But to press the buttons in the license, and it will help become healthier and even recover?! And including the strengthening of immune system and receive help for curing from Coronavirus! 
- Yes, exactly. On a mobile phone, you press the buttons on the screen, not knowing how it works, and at the same time use all the necessary functions! 
- Yes, but someone created a mobile phone, and from the scientific point of view, knows how it works, buttons are just the key! And the most important, the mobile phone does not work itself, but it is connected to the programs that are much larger and smarter than everything that is in it! 
- It is correct. But after all, one who created our device, from the scientific point of view, knows how it works. And the buttons of this device-license make it possible to manage a very smart program that helps harmonize with the universe and the people around you, receive positive energy, promote health, healing and many other things. And by the way, all this with the individual setting for the needs of each user Including quantity and quality! 
- So, you say, this is the same, there is no difference between the cell phone that everyone already knows and the license that activates your program?! Even if to agree that all mentioned above it is right. 
- Why isn't there any difference? There is great difference! Since you already know about the phone, you first pay for the phone and only then if you want, use it and then you can really get an accurate impression of its work. 
And since you don't know about our device, you first use our device without money and get an impression of its operation.
And only after that, if you want to buy it, you will pay for it. And besides, half of the payment for the second month will be considered a retrospective payment of the first month. 
And by the way, there are already hundreds of people in different countries who have used this device and praised it. And we did ten researches in additional medicine clinics and with other specialists. The site publishes reports. (In the menu this topic is called "Research" (In Hebrew)) 
-  And if a person does not want to continue? It turns out that you lost money. 
-  Why do you think we lost? - Is not right. Because we helped a person become healthier, happier. We will be happy if a person pays for the use of the program. But the main thing is to render real help. 
- It still sounds a little strange. And what must I do to take the program to check, and only then decide? 
Just read the instructions for use, using the link a little further on this page, read it carefully for 10-15 minutes, and you can start using the device.
- Did I understand correctly that the license is the device which launches your program? And what is the program called? 
- Exactly. The license is also that very device with the help of which the launch and subsequent use of the program takes place. And the program is called "Life Formula".
And just in case, it is necessary to add a few more words.
It is clear that much of what is said here seems unusual and perhaps even unbelievable.
And yet, after all what was mentioned above, when we say today that, having combined the unique knowledge from ancient sacred books, many years of experience, programming and the Internet technologies, we created a unique device for complete healing, with automatic alignment of diagnostics and treatment – a system that allows, just by pressing the button in the license, to render essential help in treating several, G-d forbid, grave diseases and relieve their course, - make the right estimation! If this is true, the using of the program will help you heal yourself, connect you to the medical positive energy and to protect you against unwanted energies and, maybe, even to save your or somebody’s life! And if a mentioned above is not true, you will waste just a few minutes for using the program.
So, even if all this seems strange to you at first glance, it’s worthwhile to start using the program right now. After all, you lose nothing, but you can gain better health, immunity to viruses and, if necessary, get great help in treatment!
And if you publish this, you will also be honored to fulfill the Law of salvation of Life!
* But these prices and discounts are valid only until the end of the Coronavirus epidemic.
** Only for payment through PayPal

Disclaimer: Despite the fact that the using this product greatly helps the spiritual development of the person (and it is known that good spiritual health also contributes to good physical health), it is not a certified medical product. And it is very likely that according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, anyone who is interested in using it not only for spiritual development of a person, but also for medical reasons, should take medical help before using this product or in case the symptoms, for which the product is taken, worsen or do not pass.