Tips and Tricks to boost your profile on Instagram

Instagram (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
Instagram has become a worldwide sensation. There are more than 800 million monthly active users on Instagram. Anyone who wants to promote their products, profile or advertise any creative art work, can choose Instagram to market themselves and increase their fan base. If you have high budget, you can hire a social media marketing company to do all the stuff for you. But a newbie in business or an upcoming model, actor, producers who do not want to spend thousands of dollars hiring marketing agencies can follow various tricks and tips described in this article and strongly recommended by us.
 How to become famous on Instagram?
We will explain you step by step procedure to optimize your Instagram profile. This will help you gain more followers on Instagram and become popular. These are proven techniques, followed by marketing gurus to promote their content on Instagram. Even the social media marketing agencies will do the same for you. If you have less time and more money you can hire a marketing agency else if you want to save thousands of bucks you can follow these techniques to become popular.
1. Instagram Profile Name: Select the profile name which is same as your real name or something catchy. Write a short bio or description so people can know about you. 

2. Post Catchy Content: This is the trick part and very hard to do. This requires some creative skill sets. You need to know about some photo and video editing tools to make your content catchy. Learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Spark to Publish Higher Quality Images.

3. Use Hashtags: Search hashtags properly for your content and use as many hashtags as you can on your posts.
Pay attention to what's trending, both on Instagram and around the web. If a trend features one or more hashtags, be sure to use those when you write captions for your posts or curate content. 
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4. Buy Instagram Followers: Suppose you owns a restaurant and you have very good chef. People search for restaurants and see your restaurant on Instagram. You have only few hundred followers but your competitors have more than 100K followers. Obviously people will be more attracted to the Instagram profile of your competitors and will follow them. This is true for other professionals also. Whether you are business owner, artist, model or an actor you need to buy real Instagram followers every month or two so your profile grows naturally.
You may not want to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing agency but believe us every marketing agency will buy followers when you hire them. Agencies follow many techniques and this is the major one.
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5. Time your post: Initially post 4-5 times a day, at different time so you can see which the best time when you get maximum engagement. After a month you can 2-3 times a day or even once a day.

6. Engage with audience: One of the most effective ways to get noticed on Instagram is to engage with people. Always respond to people and commenting on their images, you'll gain regular followers who appreciate your natural (non-promotional) engagement. Browse your brand's followers on Instagram and start engaging the most relevant people, especially influencers. 

7. Follow and Unfollow:  This is important, you need to follow people related to your niche. Keep a watch on influencers, bloggers and marketers. Follow them, show engagement on their posts and come into lime light. You need to follow and unfollow these people regularly based on your requirement.