What Is The Best Standing Desk?

If you have a work desk, you obviously need a desk chair. Or, perhaps you don’t. Standing behind a desk may be a better option for a long day’s work.

Standing desk review (photo credit: PR)
Standing desk review
(photo credit: PR)
Office workers do their work at a desk, but there is no rule requiring that they sit down or that desks must be chair level. In fact, too much sitting can potentially lead to health problems. On the other hand, standing while working means that workers move more, which can reduce the risk of some health problems. Because they are growing in popularity, consumers have plenty of options when it comes time to purchase a standing desk. Before looking into which type of standing desk is best, let’s look at the top three reasons to buy one. 

Improved Energy and Productivity

Sitting all day can lead to feeling tired and drained. Some people grab a pick-me-up, like a cup of coffee, while others get up and move around to wake up. Workers who stand at their desk tend to avoid the energy drain that comes from sitting too long. Instead of being tired, unable to focus on their duties and taking longer than necessary to complete assignments, standing workers have more energy and remain more alert and focused. Because of this, workers who use stand-up desks are often more productive. Some may find themselves completing assignments faster than when they sit and work. 

Better Health

Sitting for long periods is bad for the heart and is also linked to type 2 diabetes due to inactivity causing the body to produce too much insulin. The insulin overproduction may contribute to colon, breast, and other cancers. Prolonged sitting can also lead to blood clots and weight gain. Research shows that people who stand and move more have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other medical problems. Standing at a desk also increases circulation, improves posture and balance, and reduces back pain.

Weight Control

Slumping in a chair slows calorie burning by one third. Add the time spent sitting in front of a TV or driving and the lack of calorie burning adds up. While many think the solution to sitting all day is to hit the gym or go for a jog, research shows that working out does very little to combat the effects of day-long inactivity. Standing, however, is quite beneficial. By using a standing desk, the amount of time sitting decreases, which reduces the risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle and engages the use of muscle, which burns more calories. 


Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Manual Hand Crank Base, Black

★★★★★ ★★★★★
Choosing to stand and work rather than sit is a great decision, but which stand-up desk is best? A great option is the Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Manual Hand Crank Base from Ergo Elements. Its adjustability is one of its best features. During set up, choose a length between 40 inches and 66 inches. Once the base is in place, adjust the height whenever a different elevation is needed by using the manual hand crank. At its lowest level the desk base is 27 inches high, and at its highest level it is 45 inches tall. 
These variations allow consumers to choose a desk elevation that works best for their height, giving them the flexibility of choosing to sit or to stand. Some experts say the best option is to combine the two so that users may easily switch between sitting and standing, an option that is easily accomplished with the Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Manual Hand Crank Base from Ergo Elements.

What We Like

  • ⦿ Height is easily adjustable 
  • ⦿ You can increase the height by 18 inches
  • ⦿ Allows you to switch between sitting and standing quckly & efficiently

Things to Consider

  • ⦿ Not the most appealing to the eye (but it's practical!)
  • ⦿ Some may not be interested in the option of standing, so then, remain sitting!

Why We Recommend It in a Nutshell

Elevating the desk base is easy and takes less than a minute to go from the lowest to the highest level. The desk is sturdy, assembly is easy, and the hand crank is removable. While moving up or down, the desk can support up to 200 pounds. The desk base does not include a desk top, but can accommodate desktops between 40 inches and 84 inches long and between 25 inches and 36 inches wide. 

Making the switch from a sit-down desk to a standing adjustable one is not hard, but it make take a few days for the legs and feet to make the transition. In the end, choosing a desk like the Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Manual Hand Crank Base from Ergo Elements means choosing to a healthier lifestyle.
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