63 Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas [Updated Oct. 2022]

Employee appreciation day gifts (photo credit: PEXELS)
Employee appreciation day gifts
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Corporate Christmas gifts can be challenging to select, whether you’re giving them to a client, coworker, or employee. If you’re having a tough time coming up with fantastic corporate Christmas gift ideas, check out these 63 ideas below.

Amphy gift card (Credit: Adcore inc)Amphy gift card (Credit: Adcore inc)

1. Guided Meditation

Work can be stressful, especially during the holidays. Help them unwind with a meditation class on Amphy.

Scented Candle (Credit: Amazon)Scented Candle (Credit: Amazon)

2. Scented Candle

Fill their homes with the holiday spirit by giving them a scented candle.

Pen (Credit: Amazon)Pen (Credit: Amazon)

3. Luxury Pen Set

If you have a small team or just one person to buy for, consider getting them a luxury pen set.

Mug (Credit: Amazon)Mug (Credit: Amazon)

4. Personalized Mugs

Get a personalized mug for each member of the crew. 

Christmas throw (Credit: Amazon)Christmas throw (Credit: Amazon)

5. Christmas Throw

Share that warm fuzzy feeling with a holiday throw blanket.

Amphy life coaching gift card (Credit: Adcore inc)Amphy life coaching gift card (Credit: Adcore inc)

6. Personal Development Course

Help them grow their soft skills and enrich their lives with a personal development course on Amphy.

T-shirt (Credit: Amazon)T-shirt (Credit: Amazon)

7. Best Team Ever Shirt

Remind your team how important they are to your success with the best team ever t-shirt. This is one of the best employee gifts for Christmas.

Succulent (Credit: Amazon)Succulent (Credit: Amazon)

8. Mini Succulent

Remind your colleagues that there’s always room to grow with these mini succulents.

Notebook (Credit: Amazon)Notebook (Credit: Amazon)

9. Persoalized Notebook

Office Christmas gifts don’t have to be impersonal. Get them a personalized notebook to remind them how unique their contribution is.

Lunch cooler (Credit: Amazon)Lunch cooler (Credit: Amazon)

10. Lunch Cooler

Make sure that no one in the company has to brown-bag their lunch with a lunch cooler. 

11. Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

Help them check a few names off of their list with a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card.

12. Potholder Set

Help them fill their table with an adorable Christmas-themed potholder set.

13. Chocolate Box

Sweet treats are always welcome during the winter holidays. Try giving them a chocolate box.

14. Wine Tumbler

Give your coworkers their own wine tumbler to remind them to enjoy the season.

15. Motivational Keychains

Boost office morale with these motivational keychains.

16. Best Team Ever Coffee Mug

But your staff know just how important they are with the best team ever coffee mug.

17. Name Plate

Each employee is unique. Get them a nameplate as special as they are.

18. Coffee

Help them stock up on their favorite blend during the holiday season with some coffee.

19. Cell Phone Tripod

Give the staff the support they need with a cell phone tripod.

20. Lotion and Soap

Get your coworkers a lotion and soap gift set.

21. Bluetooth Speaker

Make their holidays memorable with a Bluetooth speaker.

22. Virtual Tour

Send your coworkers on the trip of their dreams with a virtual tour on Amphy.

23. Bath Bombs

Give them a relaxing spa night at home with a bath bomb.

24. Gingerbread Kit

Who knew corporate Christmas gifts could be so sweet? Try getting your coworkers a gingerbread kit.

25. Christmas Ornaments

Give them something new to add to the branches with a Christmas ornament.

26. Harry and David Meat and Cheese Box

It’s easy to go overboard with the sweets. Try a Harry and David meat and cheese box instead.

27. Charging Cable

Stay connected with your team by giving them a charging cable.

28. Planner

Help them get organized and never miss another meeting with a planner.

29. Mouse Pad

A luxurious leather mouse pad will surely give their desks a nice touch.

30. Pen Holder

No one enjoys chasing their pens around. Get them a pen holder so that they never lose their ink again.

31. Shot Glasses

Don’t forget to send out the invites to the corporate Christmas party along with their Christmas shot glasses.

32. Recipe Book

Get them a recipe book filled with all of their favorite flavors.

33. Zen Garden

Give them a space of rest with a Zen desk garden.

34. Starbucks Gift Card

Help them make it through the day a little easier with a gift card to Starbucks.

35. Jacket

Don’t let those chilly winter mornings get the best of your employees. Supply them with a jacket.

36. Reusable Bags

If your office is environmentally conscious, get your coworkers some reusable bags.

37. Christmas Socks

Help them stay toasty warm with some festive Christmas socks.

38. Beanie

They say you lose most of the heat from your head. Prevent this from happening by getting your office some warm beanies.

39. Snow Globe

Snow globes are the epitome of Christmas cheer.

40. Funny Calendar

Make every day of the new year a little unique with an funny calendar.

41. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have proven health benefits. Supply your coworkers with an essential oil diffuser.

42. Hand Warmers

Chase away the chills with some hand warmers.

43. Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t look forward to a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day?

44. Scarf

A scarf is an essential accessory for bundling up against the cold.

45. Assorted Fruits

Not all sweet treats have to be candy. Get the office some assorted fruits.

46. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Keep your coworkers from getting distracted this year with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

47. Motivational Book

Remind your team how awesome they are with a motivational read.

48. Bottle Opener

That bottle of wine isn’t going to open itself. Help them get the job done with a bottle opener.

49. Cutting Board

Get a cutting board for those who know their way around the kitchen.

50. Barnes & Noble Gift Cfard

Knowledge is the greatest gift one can give another. Get them a Barnes & Noble gift card.

51. Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Make their every day a little easier with a Wi-Fi smart plug.

52. Festive Tablet Sleeve

If your coworkers or clients are enamored with their tablets, get them a tablet sleeve, especially for the occasion.

53. Texting Gloves

Invest in some texting gloves because no one likes taking their gloves off just to say “okay.”

54. Massage Rollerball

Give them a leg-up with a massage roller ball.

55. Pocket Tool

Make sure you’re clients and coworkers never need to rip open a package with their teeth again. Get them this pocket tool instead.

56. Cool Desk Lamp

During short winter days, help your employees get some much-needed light with a cool desk lamp.

57. Cord Organizer

A court organizer is a simple but useful gift.

58. Silk Pillowcases

Give them a quality night’s sleep with a silk pillowcase.

59. Laptop Sleeve

Get them a laptop sleeve that’s as cool as they are.

60. Yoga Mat

Help your employees start the new year with a new great habit and get them a yoga mat.

61. Umbrella

Cold rainy days won’t last forever. In the meantime, get your coworkers an umbrella.

62. Assorted Popcorn

Popcorn is a classic gift that is sure to please.

63. Digital Photo Frame

Gone are the days of tacking up dozens of family photos. Get them a digital photo frame instead.

Christmas Is a Time for Giving

The most important thing you can give clients and coworkers is appreciation. Couple it with any of these Christmas gifts, and they’ll surely be grateful for the entire year.

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