A closer look at the journey and resounding success of Wally Sajimi

 (photo credit: WALLY SAJIMI)
(photo credit: WALLY SAJIMI)
Countless entrepreneurs began their careers in one direction before shifting gears and building their businesses. There are multiple reasons for this, such as saving money to bootstrap your enterprise, building a network, gaining more business experience, or waiting till your idea is ready for launch. While this is true for most, entrepreneur Wally Sajimi simply walked away from the 9 to 5 grind.
Sajimi has an impressive resume having worked for Morgan Stanley, the United Bank of Switzerland, and Salesforce. In 2016, he decided it was time to establish his own business. That year he founded Endorsify, an influencer marketplace that paired content creators with paid endorsement opportunities and helped brands pricer creator user-generated content. In June of 2020, Endorsify went through an asset sale  to Her Campus Media. Since the business assets included over 10,000 female creators and influencers, this was an ideal transaction.
In November of 2018, Sajimi’s technical ability merged with his creative passion for music and fashion to launch Nietzsche Labs. This is a developmental endeavor focused on building apps, websites, forums, and e-commerce ideas. Fashion brands turned out to be the perfect clients for Nietzsche, followed closely by musicians. Sajimi wanted to make a foray into the digital world, but this time, with his own name instead of behind another brand.
Today, Sajimi’s clients include fashion labels like Nasaseasons, PsychWorld, Young Thug’s Spider Worldwide, and Cactus Plant Flea Market. One of Sajimi’s favorite projects was stepping up security for Cactus Plant when their highly anticipated Air Force 1 Sneakers launched in October of 2020.
While the website had a strict limit of one pair per customer, they understood bots would try to scope up the inventory for resellers. Thanks to his thinking outside the box and technical skills, Sajimi programmed the shipping cost to be $1,000,000 for any transaction that had more than one pair on the sneakers. The tactic worked.
As for the music world, artists connect with Sajimi for his unique touch to make ideas come to life digitally. Nietzsche Labs has worked with names like A$AP Mob, Cinematic Music Group, G4 Boyz, and many more.  
Another interesting tactic Sajimi utilizes is to maintain a little mystery when it comes to his work. He keeps his clients anonymous and does not discuss projects until they launch. As the work coming out of Nietzsche Labs has a very characteristic look, people tend to recognize it immediately. Honestly, it eliminates the need for any advertising since the product speaks for itself.
As for a word of advice to up and coming entrepreneurs, Wally Sajimi places a lot of emphasis on an innovative approach, not rushing things, building a strong team, avoiding overexposure, and placing persistence above timing. By thinking your business through and surrounding yourself with talented people, you will be off to a good start. If you continue learning and implement a dynamic business model, you’re on the right road to success.