Is Similarweb competitive analysis platform more accurate than Alexa?

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(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

If you've just launched a business and would like to know how well it's doing, the first thing to check is the level of competition. As a result, competitor analysis tools play an important role for companies of all sizes.

Luckily, there are a number of competitive intelligence tools that can provide a comprehensive analysis. SimilarWeb and Amazon's Alexa are two of the most popular players. Alexa has been the go-to platform for website ranking. However, it's shutting down while SimilarWeb is gaining traction.

Which one would you choose between the two competitive intelligence platforms as a matter of accuracy? Let's go over these platforms in great detail as we consider the aspects of systems' elements of precision and user-friendliness.

Difference between Similarweb and Alexa

  • SimilarWeb offers free services, whereas Alexa is a subscription-based platform.
  • Alexa is only custom-tailored for Amazon consumers, while SimilarWeb has more search engine optimization tools for different websites.
  • SimilarWeb has more accurate reporting, on the other hand, it has been reported that Amazon's Alexa has more errors.

Data AccuracyYou must have a data accuracy guarantee when using any analytic platform. Which one is more accurate between Alexa and Similarweb?


Alexa uses browser extensions to track consumer internet activity. The platform also gathers information from the websites that use the Alexa script. All of the information is used to get an Alexa Rank. That is why most people feel Alexa's data is less reliable.


Similarweb's crawler is capable of crawling 2 billion website pages every month. In addition, the platform monitor approximately 200 million devices spread throughout 190 countries. The extensive coverage is accomplished by fruitful collaboration with the local service providers.

That means Similarweb's databases are connected to thousands of websites.  There is also the practice of double-checking the data to ensure that it's statistically accurate. Similarweb's data is comparable to that sourced from Google Analytics. They are always reliable.

Generally, SimilarWeb offers more extensive data collecting and review processes than Alexa, making it more accurate. If you're looking for Alexa Rank, Alexa is a superior platform, but if you want deeper insight with high-end accuracy, run for the most trusted competitive intelligence platform out there, which is Similarweb.

The Best Alexa.Com Alternatives to Consider For Competitive IntelligenceApart from the case of data accuracy, you might have found out that Alexa is, in one way or another, your most preferred alternative to However, by May 2022, Alexa is shutting down. What will you do?

Luckily, Similarweb is currently the leading competitive intelligence platform ready to take over from Alexa. The transformation is supported by the statistics collected between the eight months of January 2020 and November 2020; Alexa experienced a drastic drop in the traffic (28% decrease) while Similarweb received a significant increase in the number of visitors going up to 40% within the same period. 

Soon things are changing, and you need to know the best alternatives that will still propel you to be at the top of the games. Now, let's look at some of the best Alexa alternatives you need to consider for your competitive intelligence strategies.

#1.  Similarweb

Similarweb is the most trusted competitive intelligence platform that analyzes the website's traffic, audience, and interactions. Major companies such as Google and eBay use Similarweb. Therefore, because the top-rated and most popular websites use Similarweb, you can consider it the ideal tool for your company. It will help you gain accuracy in search engine optimization and pay-per-click services under a very tight budget.

#2. Semrush

Semrush is the only tool used to monitor multiple traffic channels to particular keywords and referring sites. It also gets the GA-style engagement data such as pages per visit, bounce rates, and average visit time across several devices.

Like, Semrush tracks traffic and interaction data across several devices in different geographical areas. The outcome is compared side by side with what the top four competitors have.

#3. Serpstat

Serpstat is a low-cost alternative to Alexa that offers information about a competitor's organic and sponsored traffic. However, unlike Similarweb, it does not provide you with a comprehensive traffic plan. For example, you can't examine the traffic rivals get from each channel - organic, social, paid, and the referring sites.

ConclusionAs Amazon's Alexa is anticipated to face extinction in the near future, Similarweb is here to stay. With the other emerging competitors like Semrush and Serpstat, Similarweb is still the most trusted digital intelligence platform that has enhanced the ability to learn and interpret your competitors' traffic sources. In addition, it helps in keyword searching and alignment.

Similarweb has a free website-ranking API that is intended to help Alexa customers. Amazon's decision came out after the Similarweb platform had been the leader in sourcing quality and accurate data for business insights. Therefore, for more accurate data and long-term reliability of your business, choose Similarweb competitive intelligence platform.

This article was written in cooperation with SimilarWeb